NBA News: Carmelo Anthony Will Opt-Out On Monday, Become Free Agent Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] Since the start of the 2013-14 NBA season, it was expected that Carmelo Anthony would opt-out of the final season of his contract wit [new_royalslider id="160"] Since the start of the 2013-14 NBA season, it was expected that Carmelo Anthony would opt-out of the final season of his contract wit Rating: 0
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NBA News: Carmelo Anthony Will Opt-Out On Monday, Become Free Agent

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Since the start of the 2013-14 NBA season, it was expected that Carmelo Anthony would opt-out of the final season of his contract with the New York Knicks. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, Anthony will file a notice on Monday to become an unrestricted free agent:

With the addition of Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher, the Knicks are hopeful that Anthony will eventually re-sign with the franchise. However, a recent report had the All-Star leaving New York if he ultimately decided to opt-out of his contract.

Since the beginning of the season, Anthony has been linked to numerous teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and Houston Rockets. While the Lakers would have enough cap room to sign him this summer, the Bulls and Rockets are expected to make significant changes in hopes of signing the 30-year-old.

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For the Lakers, there have been conflicting reports over the last couple months on their interest in the All-Star forward. Although some feel that his game would not compliment Kobe Bryant’s, Anthony remains one of the biggest free agents to hit the market come July.

In his 11th season, Anthony averaged 27.4 points and 8.1 rebounds as the Knicks failed to make the playoffs with a 37-45 record.
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  • Jorge

    Frank Isola reported it first. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a Lakers Nation story.

    • ra

      going to Chicago (has better chance of getting through the East to a Championship, than the West).

      • Jim213

        Seems like Chicago would be Melo’s best option currently but looks like Phil’s opt in rather than out talk didn’t have any effect. Love, Durant, and Lebron would consider the Knicks down the road IMO depending on the team’s situation/expectations.

  • comrade24

    unless we’re somehow able to able to a top tier pass first point guard who can balance the offense and be the floor general, i don’t see Melo fitting in well in LA.

    • iEATcelticBabies

      maybe if the offense was the triangle again, Melo would take on shaq’s role, possibly…

      • comrade24

        That’s true, but will never happen. :(

    • J Taylor

      I do. Melo changed his game A LOT in the last 2 years to accommodate his coach and teammates. And did so a lot when he played in the Olympics.

      - He wants a ring and will do anything to get it. And, now that he’s 30, he’s a bit more mature and wiser.

      • comrade24

        you may be right. the thought of having two players (kobe, melo) who can command a double team would open the floor up for shooters. could be nice

  • Jorge

    I think he’d be great in LA. Two top-flight scorers who require double teams. I also think Melo, who many report to be one of Kobe’s closest actual friends in the league, may give more effort on the defensive end once KB24 starts kicking his tail a little. But I think he’s going to Chicago.

    • Ethan

      J.A. Adande reported minutes ago Carmelo could sign with the Lakers to keep an eye on Houston,Bulls,Lakers.Since Lakers have cap space and if they ever meet up it’s possible.

      • jay

        Yup ppl don’t understand Yea the bulls are good but um they don’t have a 5x NBA champion and16 NBA titles as a franchise I’m pretty sure that’s where I’d wanna go he goes there they keep the 7th pick draft a pg keep gasol at a lower price there’s your 3 scorers now u just surround them wit a decent bench they right back at the top of the west and he will work great with Kobe Kobe’s 36 and wants another ring and he’s been a passer the past few seasons if he gets melo he’s gonna get melo the ballbecause he knows melo is gonna score and free hI’m up to score easily so it will work out perfect besides his wife is gonna push for Cali shes a movie star and loves Cali everyone knows that

        • http://Worldstar.com ansr2787

          His wife is a movie star? lmao

          • iEATcelticBabies

            ok a reality tv star, take it easy mr. lmao, really not that funny ROTFLMAO….ROTFLMAO !!!!… ROTFLMAO !!! jk !

          • http://Worldstar.com ansr2787


  • TheTruthKills

    Off to Chicago he goes.

  • Dumbleavy


    • comrade24

      They would be a great fit i think, especially if Rose comes back healthy. They could definitely supplant Miami as the Eastern Conference status quo.

      • J Taylor

        Except, the Bulls have to gut their team to get him. And then, they have to stay healthy enough to be competitive.

  • Rory

    Phil Jackson couldn’t secure Carmelo.It’s portrayed as a major failed president stint if he leaves because i ever heard Phil say is Carmelo is the most important player and Knicks top priority and it’s must to keep him at all costs.Ugh what happened?Oh i am just saying the obvious call me captain obvious ya’ll.It was expected.Phil Jackson has his work cut out now,first Steve Kerr turned on his word now Carmelo is bailing out on the Knicks and Phil Jackson what’s next?SMH

    • Zen No More

      And Phil’s the one who publicly embarrassed Melo telling him to take less money, he thinks New York is LA that everyone will buy into his BS Zen philosophy, everything just backfires, the Knicks are a disaster in the making, nice job, Uncle Phil.

      • Rory

        Phil Jackson reeks of manure after this summer.Next summer cap space will he get redemption?I say hell no.LBJ is either staying in Miami or coming to the Lakers or Cavs or some random team not Nerw York.Kevin Love will be untouchable by then as the Lakers or a team he gets traded to will sign Love long term.That leaves Phil with nothing but grief and misery for years to come in NY.

      • Tune

        His BS won a lot of championships.

        • LA King

          Now his BS translates to “failure” in management.

          • Tune

            How can anybody say he’s failed in management? He hasn’t even been there for a season. He has no control over the past mess. He needs to focus on rebuilding when the contracts expire.

          • comrade24

            That’s true. Stay the course Phil. Knicks will be one of the worst teams in the league if Melo leaves and Knicks will have a high draft pick and little to no contracts on the books after next season. Basically they’ll be in the position we are now.

          • Doug Fuller

            No they won’t be In the Same Position. We have Kobe still..

          • comrade24

            true. but i said they’ll be basically in the same position we are referring to the fact they’ll have almost no one under contract and a high draft pick. Yeah, we’re in a much better position now than they’ll be, but comparitively they’re similiar.

          • Doug Fuller

            I believe in Phil for obvious reasons. Bit of a rough start but he won a ring there as a player and he’ll probably add another as prez. Tough tough TOUGH job but he may be the only person capable…I agree Comrade,, let’s give him time and see what he can do.

          • Al Haldie

            It would be OK to say things about PHIL if you had an idea as to what you know not just a bunch of crap because you want some one to listen too you -your just {bull shit- no idea of what to hell is going on…

      • jay

        Um he already said he would take less money himself so that didn’t hurt anything he obviously knows no other team can sign him to a max deal but the Lakers and Knicks any other team he will have to take a cut regardless

  • dencio

    Lakers…..DO NOT GO AFTER MELO!! He might have some similarities to LBJ’s game minus the defense, passing, and the drive to be great. I’d rather go after Luol Deng or Evan Turner.

    • Raul

      Carmelo is a ball hog,Evan Turner is better option for the Lakers.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Deng and Turner? Are you kidding? The fans will never like those two! Not star quality.

  • Terry

    Carmelo Anthony is the player the Lakers need.Get on it Mitch.

  • jay

    Melos going to LA why go to chicago no one on that team has a title and a pg that can’t stay healthy you go to LA u team up wit a 5x NBA champion they get gasol back or bynum who said he wanna come back they draft a pg as planned get a decent bench they’ll be right back atop the west Kobe is smart he will let melo score to make it easier on himself to score and manage the game he can go to LA and basically build his own team with a proven champion to play with besides LaLa gonna push for Cali and if I retired I’d rather say I played with Kobe Bryant than derrick rose

  • jay

    Besides the Lakers and Knicks have the most money to offer the other teams would have to make moves to sign him anyway and he would still have to take less money just go to LA bigger market bigger city franchise made for winning champions choose yo own coach learn defense from one of the best and play with one of the greatest players ever get melo trade the 7th pick for a pg or draft one and there set melo Kobe gasol comes back and a decent pass first pg and they’ll be one of the best in the west because you not stopping both melo and Kobe

  • justsaying

    if we can get Melo, MCW, yong, and still have 7 m in cap, then we would be in good shape next year.

  • Edy

    I’m just confused I’m not sure which direction is Mitch going , and this moment I’m baffled that we haven’t yet hired a coach I’m not sure if this is part of getting caliber player like lebron or melo to decide to join the lakers and have their opinion on a coach .

    • J Taylor

      The team knows who they want, and may be working with him, but they won’t announce who it is until Lebron and Melo settle.
      - aka: Brian Shaw is the next coach, UNLESS a superstar comes to LA and vetoes the pick.


    Melo & Love will both be in a Lakers uniform this year… Wait for it!

  • sena

    when lakers got dennis rodman,garry payton,karl malone,grant or any other star like dwight howard not mentioned nash i think it shows that how we are an attractive team in the league.we could have a tough year but everyone knows that lakers is a team that can change everthing quickly.maybe melo maybe love or leBron this time.who knows??

  • Damon

    Sources say that melo is in L.A right Now n that gives my Lakers a better chance to gt him n gt a ring

    • J Taylor

      Melo and LaLa come to LA a lot….
      Let’s not make too much out of Superstars coming to play in Hollywood.

  • J Taylor

    I think it’s interesting that the Lakers are flying under the radar in this issue.
    Houston has almost zero chance. The Bulls idea is starting to look sketchy.
    It could leave NYC and LA as the last man standing.

    - If Mitch gets ANY superstar this year, another one will follow next year.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    Even God wishes he could come to L.A and mob with the LAKERS !!!!

  • mont 83

    I think he will b a gud fit in la kobe needs the help gasol needs to toughen up in da paint n give marshall a chance at pg he got da talent 2 b a great player in da league

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