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NBA News: Adam Silver Says NBA Age Limit Change On The Table

New NBA commissioner Adam Silver may be on the verge of making some drastic changes after taking over for longtime commissioner David Stern. Although it’ll take some time to make these changes, Silver seems intent on altering certain restrictions and increasing revenue to take this league to the next level.

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One of those changes appears to be the minimum age limit in the NBA. Currently, the minimum age for a player in the league is 19, but Silver wants to bump it up to 20 according to BasketballInsiders.com:

Silver said the 20-year-old minimum age was “something we had on the table” in the last round of collective bargaining three years ago, “and when we compromised on a deal well into what should have been our season we agreed to ‘park’ certain issues and return to them, and age limit was one of them.”

The age limit cannot be changed until NBA owners go back to the table to potentially discuss a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by opting out of the current deal. This won’t be possible until 2016-17, but it’d be safe to assume that it may happen.

Silver believes that changing the minimum age helps college basketball as well as the NBA:

“It’s my belief that if players have an opportunity to mature as players and as people for a longer amount of time before they come into the league, it will lead to a better league,” Silver said. “I know from a competitive standpoint, that’s something as I travel the league I increasingly hear from our coaches, especially, who feel that many of the top players in the league could use more time to develop as leaders as part of college programs.”

It’ll be interesting to see if changing the age limit in the league becomes the main reason for an opt-out of the current CBA deal. Although there’s no telling at this point if another new CBA is on the horizon, changing the age limit definitely makes a case for talks to start up once again in 2016.
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  • SincerelyCS

    Will be interesting.

  • LAL918

    Technically, Silver is correct on the age limit change. If anyone here recalls or even cared about last year’s draft class, a lot of scouts are saying it was the weakest draft class because most of the players we see were NOT NBA ready. Take a look at Anthony Bennett, the #1 pick from that draft class. From the looks of it, he is slowly coming out of his label of being a draft bust but for the past few months, it looked like he really was a dud. If these college basketball players would stay in another year in school, this will mold them to be NBA ready.

  • jwickabdurrahim

    I think it could help improve the game. Not every draft is going to have an Andrew Wiggins or Kyrie Irving or Jabari Parker or Derrick Rose. Some drafts are just gonna have Anthony Bennett…no offense to him….

    • kobe24

      I mean there are potential superstars in every draft, MCW or Trey Burke (albeit still on the fence about him)

      I still just don’t understand why Anthony Bennett was picked as no.1 however I think if he plays 1~2 more years hes gonna be good, lot of potential undeveloped

    • Daryl Peek

      I would venture to say Wiggins and Parker are not of the ilk of a Rose or Irving til proven and those guys have yet to prove their Kobe or LeBron. Pre-draft hype has gone way too far off the ranch in usurping experience.

      It took Kobe 4 years to mature and many believe he would’ve been better suited to be more of a team player if he’d gone to Duke or Carolina and been groomed under coach K or Dean Smith. Phil Jackson and Craig Hodges often say that’s the difference between Kobe and MJ as team leaders.

      • gm jack

        Kobe won title 1, year 4 NBA. (Year 0 NBA)
        Kobe won title 2, year 5 NBA (Year 1 NBA)
        Kobe won title 3, Year 6 NBA (Year 2 NBA)
        (If Kobe Went to College)

        Most players take another 2 to 3 years to develop in the NBA any way, so the Lakers 3 peat from 2000 to 2002 is out the Window.

        I have only seen 3 players that come out of College and made immediate impact. Magic, Bird, Jordan. The rest it takes 2 to 4 years to develop after college as well.

        As a fan, I want to see talent on the NBA floor ASAP.

        • Daryl Peek

          Damian Lillard, Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem, Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell, Isiah Thomas, ETC…

          Players from the pre high school era were much more fundamentally sound when they turned pro. This is a proven fact and the pressure to live up to the hype derails many a young prospects straight out of HS.

          Good college coaches prep HS phenoms for the team game aspect of the game by making them humble themselves for the good of the team. That rarely happens on the pro level as it’s set up for superstars to shine as individuals on teams at this level. Coaches know they are tied to elite talent and will be fired before a player is cut. Not so in college. Coaches run college programs. Elite talented players run the NBA.

          • gm jack

            “Damian Lillard, Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem, Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell, Isiah Thomas, ETC…”

            None of these are Magic Bird, Jordan caliber. (There will be Controversy).

            After Magic Bird and Jordan, then, comes Kobe and Lebron.

            And, I do not particularly like to talk about pre 1980 as those players were at a different time and era.

            This is a fact, those athletes were not as fit and strong.

            The science of diet and kenisiology for aesthetes was lacking in the 60′s and 70′s. Another word, those players before the 80′s might have talent, but, because they were less fit and athletic you could not compare them to today.

          • Daryl Peek

            No one is Magic or Bird and no one will every be but these players have all made an immediate impact and are clearly much more mature and NBA ready due to the college grooming. This is the point.

            Kobe and Lebron are rare types but Kobe went through serious growing pains struggling with maturity and learning how to be a trusting teammate. LeBron is a natural team leader like Magic. Kobe really need a couple of college years IMO. One could say the Kobe Shaq fued may have been different if that was the case and that is what both Phil and Hodges were alluding to.

            Not all college coaches are good but the ones that are prep young stars and that is sorely missing in today’s game as too many are being cast as the next great thing too soon in the grooming process.

      • gm jack

        Wow, Kobe, has 5 Rings, and we are saying what if…………..

        • Daryl Peek

          Phil said what if. Take that up with him.

          • gm jack

            Phil has done a lot. But, he should be very lucky that he has 11 Rings because he coached two of the best player successively in the NBA. Not many coaches can say that.

            If Popovich had been with the Bulls, and then Came to the Lakers, I bet you he would have won the same, more, or one less.

            So, Phil should count his blessings he coached Jordan and Kobe.

  • gm jack

    Wow. Shock. Kobe, KG, Lebron would not be here today. And, who knows they might have been injured in College. This is horrible.

    Also, this is competing against someone’s making a living. It is illegal. There is no law in this land that you have to be 19 or 20 before you can start making a living.

    This is socialist communism.

    Next Law, you have to be 20 before you can attend University.

    • Andrew Tu

      Im sorry but statements like this make us pro-free market people look stupid. There is no government involvement at all here. This is a private company doing what a private company wants to do. Nothing is forcing the NBA to change. The Commissioner is doing what he feels is best for his company, rather than being forced by the government to do so. So, this is in no way socialism or communism.

      • gm jack

        Thanks for calling me stupid. But, you are denying and discriminating someone based on age. Is that not discrimination?

        A private company cannot discriminated based on sex, race etc. Is age one of those criteria?

        Please share! Any attorneys.

    • NBA Fan

      Some employers require a degree or a number of years experience to qualify for employment. No one questions that employers right to determine what the qualifications are for that job, that’s Capitalism in a Democracy.

    • Derek J. Toohey

      wrong bro to serve alcohol you have to be at least 18. so yes there are laws out there, that prevent you from working in places until a certain age

      • gm jack

        If they did that with other sports, Soccer, Tennis, etc. You would be loosing so many stars. Nadal has 13 Majors because he started early.

        Kobe crossed 30 000 points mark, he started early.

        Lebron has achieved so much because he started early and we as fans enjoyed him 4 extra years in the NBA. Same with Kobe. So the argument can go both ways. If you are good, It is good for the NBA. Last two Super Stars, Kobe and Lebron came out of Hi School!!!

        There Was Bird Magic and Jordan, then, the last two Super Stars are Kobe and Lebron.

        • Daryl Peek

          Each sport as privately owned companies has the right to set an age limit. The NFL requires a player not eligible til he has completed his second year of college. There’s no discrimination in that. If soccer and Tennis allow minors to become professionals that’s their prerogative.

          • gm jack

            It all comes down to Money.

            Kobe will have made $110 Million Dollars his last 4 years with the Lakers just one Salary. If he was in College, that money would go to the owners collectively.

            The owners just do not want to pay them and keep the stars in College longer so they keep more revenues.

          • gm jack

            Not all the owners are generous like Dr. Buss and Jeanie. This is a fact.

          • Daryl Peek

            You have a bit of a point there on the total career earnings theme but just as a HS kid has to go get training before he joins the workforce with a company via a degree required on his resume to obtain a job paying above minimum wage, so to does the NBA have the right to require their highly paid players have collegiate training under their belt when considering hiring a prospective candidate they feel is or isn’t qualified for the job.

          • gm jack

            Agreed. But, the point of keeping players in College is not development. 4 years of college at 30 or so games a year, is equal to one NBA season.

            You become a better player by competing with better talent not playing with college players.

          • Daryl Peek

            One NBA season for a young player not ready for all of that pressure can be so detrimental his career can easily be lost before it gets going.

            Keep in mind he is now paid to perform and is expected to do so on a very high level if he is a high draft pick. This is why we now have so many draft busts, players that never develop. Keep in mind most are being drafted by franchises that are bad and have been stuck in the lotto for years. There’s no set culture of grooming a prospect fromthe ground up in place most of the time. This is why they need to be ready, and why owners are more inclined to have them train in college as time is money on the pro level.

      • gm jack

        What does Alcohol have to do with Age of playing sports?

  • gm jack

    This is against the Free Market Economy of Western Nations. It is illegal.

    Nadal, Boris Becker, Monica Sales, M. Chang Won Major before they 18 years of age.

  • jr

    What about all the kids going to college that cannot go or get classes due to a kid in a sports program who will only be using the college for a year or 2 due the the age restriction. I say open to no age restriction. No fair to the kids that really want a 4 year degree.

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