NBA Free Agency Rumors: Thunder Express Interest In Signing Pau Gasol Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="286"] UPDATE 7/2/14 (4:00 PM PT):The Thunder are apparently very serious about bringing in Gasol, emerging as the front runner for his serv [new_royalslider id="286"] UPDATE 7/2/14 (4:00 PM PT):The Thunder are apparently very serious about bringing in Gasol, emerging as the front runner for his serv Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Thunder Express Interest In Signing Pau Gasol

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UPDATE 7/2/14 (4:00 PM PT):The Thunder are apparently very serious about bringing in Gasol, emerging as the front runner for his services according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:


Once NBA free agency got underway on Tuesday, Pau Gasol became one of the biggest names available along with LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kyle Lowry. Although there’s been no indication as to what kind of offers Gasol has been receiving from teams, plenty of suitors have come forward.

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Gasol let it be known that he wants to contend with the next team he plays for and isn’t as concerned about money in contract negotiations. One team that won’t be able to offer Gasol much, but will offer a chance to compete is the Oklahoma City Thunder and it appears the team is interested in the veteran’s services, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Before hitting the free agent market, Gasol admitted that he hasn’t ruled out returning to the Los Angeles Lakers next season. Gasol’s priority moving forward is competing for a third title, but will consider the Lakers mainly due to the presence of his longtime teammate Kobe Bryant.

As for the Thunder, Oklahoma City is looking for the final piece to the championship puzzle and Gasol may very well be that piece. Kendrick Perkins may be done in a Thunder uniform and Gasol would be a considerable upgrade at a discount price.

Gasol took to Twitter on Wednesday saying the following about his options in free agency:

Although Gasol’s best days in the NBA are likely behind him, the Spaniard could help a contender get over the hump next season. The Miami Heat are another team that inquired about his services along with the Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors.

With no shortage of options, Gasol is great position to dictate terms and end up in an ideal position. The Lakers want the two-time NBA champion to return to Los Angeles, but only time will tell if the veteran center will be back or head to a better situation elsewhere.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • jeremy

    pau as a thunder that would give them the big they need but as a laker fan in the west no no no dont go there

    • jeremy the pedo man

      jeremy, you look like a rapist a child rapist or somethin man. ha

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  • Badazztj12

    For a moment I thought it said Pau has agree to a deal with OKC. They would have cream us if we met up during the season

    • vdogg

      they may cream us anyway

      • Badazztj12

        Last year team held there own against them. No faith in Lakers I see

  • Daryl Peek

    In other news the Rockets did Jeremy Lin completely dirty posting banners recruiting Melo in Jeremy’s #7 Jersey? WOW!! LOL

    I guess Lin is truly outta there…

    • Badazztj12

      Could we trade nash for Lin and then they amnesty him?

      • Daryl Peek

        Nope. Amnesty was already used on Metta.

        • Badazztj12

          I was talking about the rockets use it on Nash, not us on lin

          • Daryl Peek

            Oh, that wouldn’t work either as only players on roster pre the new CBA can be amnestied

          • Badazztj12

            Well we maybe can still get Lin, and Nash maybe could try to get a championship with Nash. Lin wouldn’t be bad for us

          • pulpolnapulitiko

            lins contract is very high. not worth his game and itll just eat up more of whats left with our salary cap space

    • DKWTTY

      That’s what he gets. Don’t forget he was one of the Rockets players laughing it up with Dwight when they were mocking the Lakers fans for chanting “Howard Sucks”. The Rockets don’t even value him and now he’s all in his feelings. That is hilarious.

    • Zimmeredge

      Good to see dp around LN.
      I don’t Know if lin is outta here but that won’t make it up for the rockets to get melo imo. They either have to sign and trade with the knicks and sacrifice but lin and parsons so they will ultimately loose depth or trade him for draft picks only. But who wants j lin for 8m dollars against draft picks.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      They’ve been shopping that bum ever since they stole him from the Knicks.

      • pulpolnapulitiko

        lin is just a one hit wonder lol

  • Lionel

    Pau Gasol is ring chasing from all reports.Hell ya GTFO and win some rings Gasoft.Sign and trade his bitch ass gain some assets he is not coming back.Only a dumbass would think he is coming back.We’re 2 years from being 2 years away.

    • J Taylor

      Are you just a negative person?
      Pau will probably come back, DESPITE the great offers from OKC, Miami, and Chicago.
      If Melo signs in LA, we might not be 1 year away, otherwise we’re 1 year away… If he doesn’t we’re only 1 year away.

  • Lionel

    We’re 2 years away from being 2 years away.Pau is gone make a sign and trade.

  • fuck nash man

    So it was a good move for Lakers to hold on tight to Pau during trade deadline since they were unable to get a 1st round pick back.

    If OKC, Bulls, and any other teams that are over the cap, that wants Pau, the Lakers can get pick(s) back in a sign and trade.

    Lakers do not have to take back salary if the other team has a Trade Player Exception (i.e. Steve-lazybum-Nash trade).

    FYI. OKC has the Kevin Martin TPE to use in a sign and trade. Just give a future 1st to the Lakers.

  • Rio

    OKC wants Pau well it’s going to take a Sign And Trade to get him unless Pau is willing to play for the Veteran Minimum.REGGIE JACKSON REGGIE JACKSON!!!!

    OKC Must send REGGIE JACKSON in any trade that happens if not keep losing in the Second Round or WCF.Otherwise never win a championship.OKC needs legit low post scoring in the worst way possible and Pau Gasol is top 3 low post scorer.

  • Badazztj12

    I guess Pau may leave. Sources say that OKC is the frontrunner for him

  • LakersHeatBeef

    If Carmelo Anthony really wants Pau Gasol back then we will keep him for sure and then Julius Randle is no ordinary rookie,he was the #1 High School Player in the Nation up until Andrew Wiggins moved to the USA and he ended up #2 High School Player and Jabari Parker was rated #4 by Rivals anyways then Julius Randle carried a young Kentucky team to the NCAA Finals if anyone knows Carmelo does that shit is hard to do for real and then he is second all time in NCAA history for most Double Double games in NCAA history for a freshman and he is NBA Ready and is in the top 3 for Rookie Of The Year Predictions.

    Julius and Pau Gasol and toss in a now healthy and more motivated than ever Kobe Bryant and i can’t understand why Carmelo would say no as he has input on our new coach most likely and he has a house in LA LA and he is a BFF of Kobe Bryant.Also the wives LA LA and Vanessa are tight.It’s so for real and Carmelo knows Mitch is legit.

    The Buss Family has represented the Lakers as owners for 30+ years led by the late Jerry Buss and now his wonderful kids carry on the Lakers rich tradition.Also the Lakers have enough space after Carmelo to add a decent player top play Point Guard maybe Mario Chalmers.

    Lakers Got A Legit Squad With Carmelo Anthony

    PG Mario Chalmers
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Julius Randle
    C Pau Gasol

    Pick any Coach Carmelo Anthony wants.

    • J Taylor

      q) Who writes a BOOK in a comments section?
      a) LakersHeatBeef

    • eli

      I don’t know about Chalmers he’s weak

    • nlruizjr

      Isaiah Thomas over Chalmers !!!!

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    I haven’t looked it up, but I wonder what the Thunder’s cap situation is right now. I think they can clear about $9 million by amnestying Perkins, but I think they’re over the cap right now.

  • Gerald Reyes

    If Pau Gasol is set to go, can Lakers Sign and trade him to get assets? This way Gasol can get money and go to a contender team (no cap space).

    • J Taylor

      Only if Pau agrees and is willing to participate.
      He’s a free agent.

  • LakerDev

    Although I’d like him back, if we add Melo or Lance, that would make the Thunder an even better team. Pau’s post game w/Durant & Westbrook? Wow!

    • J Taylor

      According to LA fans, Pau sucks, is washed up, and has no game.

      • LakerDev

        I’m not one who thinks Pau sucks. Yes, he has aged, but his skill set keeps him effective if used properly. MDA was too stupid and stubborn to use him correctly.

        • pulpolnapulitiko

          MDA is a suicide bomber, he’s the one that caused havoc in LA. players got injured and even kobe the toughest player in this dacade didnt escape his wrath.

  • J Taylor

    It’s sad….
    All the top teams in the league view Pau as a missing piece….
    Pau has better stats than Bosh last year — in ALL categories.
    And yet, in LA he gets no respect.
    If Pau listened to the fans he’d leave and get a ring.
    Instead, he’s loyal and will probably return if asked.

    • pulpolnapulitiko


  • rival

    I don’t hate you pau I just wish you had more balls (huevos, nuts, testicles) in case you don’t stay thanks for the two championships fucker couldn’t of done it without you

  • Boom34

    LMAO..I give it one month before Pau starts complaining that KD and Westbrook are taking 75% of the shots. Those 2 so ball dominant and I don’t see it changing much. Oh, and this doesn’t help the Thunder defensively at all.

  • MitchOnTalent

    Mitch On Gasol:

    “He has to work on the nuances of the game at 19-years-old. Pau is
    probably the most skilled big man that this game has ever seen. I think
    Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) would be up there with him, in terms of
    understanding and passing the ball and seeing the floor. So, I think
    they can complement each other.””

    This is why the Lakers are in trouble with talent scout. Mitch calling Pau “probably” the most skilled big man the game has ever seen. This is the level of talent judgment he has. If Pau is the most talented, then, where does, K. Malone, M. Malone, Kareem, Hakeem, Robinson, Duncan, Alonzo Morning, Shaq, Parish, Mchale, Bill Laimbeer, Patrick Ewing, Kevin Garnet, Jack Sickma, Dirk Nowitzky, and I guess, Mr. Mitch as he was a back for the Lakers in his day.

    • nlruizjr

      Father Time does funny things to the brain, he probably doesn’t even remember saying that !!!!

  • Tune

    This is honestly the perfect thing for Pau. Ibaka makes up for his defense, they gain a good post player, and can use Sef in starting lineup without worrying about KD and WB being only real offensive threats. Having Reggie as 6th man and developing Adams + Lamb with Collision would be a strong bench. If they keep Butler that gives them some veteran experience. As that point they’d need a player like Ray Allen to come off the bench as well and they’d be set.

  • Bruce

    I just hope if Pau leaves, pls just go to the Eastern Conference. POS Thunders try to pry him away so they can F**k with us, hell no!!

  • Lakers4Life

    Objectively, OKC would be a perfect fit for Pau. Ibaka there to back him up, with WB and KD at the 1 and 3. Seems like a pretty darn good team.

  • Super Girl

    Pau to live in OKLAHOMA vs Los Angeles? come on!! no comparison…. and Lakers have more money to offer- It is a given!!! DUH!!

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    If the Thunder want Pau, the Lakers should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER a S&T deal as they’re are various options that would suit both teams.
    The Thunder would happily do a Perkins + Lamb for Pau
    The Lakers would happily do an Adams+Lamb+PJIII+Collison+McGary for Pau
    I think a FAIR TRADE would be something along the lines of Perkins+Lamb+rights to Mitch McGary for Pau, though I’d really try to hold out for Steven Adams if I was the Lakers; I simply doubt the Thunder would even consider including him.
    - Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    If we can get STEVEN ADAMS from the Thunder in a S&T for Pau, we should do it … if not, let him walk, “stretch Nash” and go after Greg Monroe!

    Isaiah Thomas / Kobe / Ariza / Randle / Monroe … niiiiiiiiice!

    - Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”
    @Bryant T. Jordan

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