NBA Free Agency Rumors: Lakers Express Interest In Chris Bosh? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="156"] The two big-name free agents that have been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers over the past few weeks have been LeBron James and Car [new_royalslider id="156"] The two big-name free agents that have been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers over the past few weeks have been LeBron James and Car Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Lakers Express Interest In Chris Bosh?

The two big-name free agents that have been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers over the past few weeks have been LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Although it may be a stretch for the Lakers to land both or even one of the two, another big-name has surfaced that might be more attainable.

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According to ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard, the Lakers are interested in free agent power forward Chris Bosh via Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

With Bosh recently opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat, the perennial All-Star is officially a free agent. Although many believe the Heat’s superstar trio of Bosh, LeBron and Dwyane Wade will stay intact, there’s a chance that Bosh does try to head elsewhere with the prospect of making more money.

The Lakers’ chances of landing LeBron and or Anthony don’t seem all that high at the moment, but bringing in Bosh might be a more realistic option. Bosh was set to make over $20 million next season and the year after with the Heat. Los Angeles likely wouldn’t sign him for that much, but anything is possible if the franchise can’t lockup their top two targets.

Other free agents linked with the Lakers early in free agency are Isaiah Thomas and Trevor Ariza. More names are bound to surface on throughout the week.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Jason Smith

    NOt a Bad plan B!!! you have to have a back up plan just in case Pau leaves

    • SueAltringhamlat

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      on the computer . see post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

  • ediveder

    PG – Lowry
    SG – Kobe
    SF – Randle
    PF – Bosh
    C – Gasol

    PG – Clarkson / Farmar or Marshall
    SG – Bazemore
    SF – Ariza
    PF Kelly
    C – Sacre / Gortat

    • http://batman-news.com Gregg

      really? your going to push our #8 pick out of postion already to SF.. and then sign Bosh, who is terrible. PLUS! overpay Ariza for ONE good year he’s had in the last how many? and then finish off with somehow pulling Gortat from Washington.
      you my friend are delusional. and you just way overpaid for that mediocre roster.
      heres mine..
      PG- Isaiah Thomas (5-7mil, much cheaper then Lowry/Bledsoe)
      SG- KOBE (obviously)
      SF- Chandler Parsons (can switch with Kobe if needed)
      PF- Randle
      C- Pau
      PG- Clarkson/Marshall
      SG- Bazemore ( hopefully we can get him back the kids a stud)
      SF- Deng (if he’s cheap enough, if not any player can really due)
      PF- Kelly (too much upside for the price. low rish/high reward)
      C- Sacre/Hill (if we can get Hill back of course, O-rebound machine!)
      this roster fits the budget to still have a big free agency splash this year and next year with enough cap room left over. depending on how well they work as a team will determine how they finish in the west. id say best case scenario 5/6th seed in the west.

      • Dayna Williams-Hunter

        Right!!!!! Exactly!!

      • Fan-Media

        I’ll take Isiah Thomas also. Can produce like Bledsoe and Lowry and can get him cheaper. Parsons is good. Can defend and run the lanes. Just wish he get a better 3 point shot or stop shooting them so much because he can get to the rim. Parsons on the floor will have another shot creater saving Kobe’s legs for the 4th quarter. That will give the lakers a solid line up.

        Isiah Thomas
        Chandler Parsons
        Julius Randle
        Pau Gasol

    • Shelton Cannon

      Randle can not play SF that would terrible. …lets leave him at PF and pick up a Center then you will have good playin big man that can be in rotation

  • jeremy

    if people like pau so much getting bosh instead if lakers cant resign pau lakers wont miss much. since i think pau and bosh are about the same player

    • Joseph

      Actually you are so wrong.Chris Bosh is a much better player than Pau.Honestly Chris Bosh is younger and a much better pick and roll defender actually he is the best pick and roll defender in the NBA and Bosh is a way more athletic player than Pau Gasol also Chris Bosh is a much better outside shooter especially from 3 point range than Bricklayer Pau.

      • jeremy

        i wouldnt let bosh shoot too many 3 because he only shot 33% from 3 and pau who not a 3 point shooter only shot what under like 20 3s all season. 3 point shooting not in pau game.

        • properdoesit

          he’s not a 3 point shooter to begin with. he can hit em, but thats not his shot. he is still more consistent than Pau.

      • J Taylor

        Technically, last year, Gasol had better stats in every category than Bosh. And next year, Gasol would be $10M cheaper.
        It seems your bias is clouding your judgment.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers just about contacted every player in free agency.They love star players.So hopefully the Lakers FO got a verbal commitment or two from stars.

    • jeremy

      well not everyone just some of the big names and bazemore who killed it with the lakers. he be the perfect back up to any SF.

      • J Taylor

        Bazemore is a SG. He’s too short to be a SF.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          He played mostly as a SF last season. 6’5″ is not that much shorter than the typical SF, and he is long, fast, and athletic.

  • Conner

    Our FO should fly out to the spots these free agents are quit being lazy and meet these players in their homes or at a hotel just use the frequent flyer miles now is the best time.

  • jeremy

    anyone else think lakers should try and get jameer nelson. he no lowry but he a smart PG kind of like a fisher

    • LakersOverEverything

      No. Maybe 3-4 years ago

  • sena

    nooooooo,no dino bosh he is actually worse than pau.

  • Lakers4Life

    Once we get our hands on LeBron and Melo, we can think about Bosh.

  • Aaron

    For the love of God not Bosh. 4 years ago ya. Now he’s literally a spot up three point shooter wannabe.

  • Badazztj12

    He not getting no damn $14-16 million a year

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Something in that range is exactly what he’s worth.

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    I can’t wait for the “Woe is me” attitude to leave Lakers Nation. Never before in the history of this franchise have fans thought certain players were too good for us, that they were out of our league. We’re the prom king, and no player is too pretty for us!

    • J Taylor

      I don’t see any “Woe is me attitude”….
      I see that the fans reflect the same sentiments as the Front office..
      Mitch said, “We don’t over pay second tier players. We focus on superstars.”
      Building a team around overpaid second tier players is what Dallas does.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        Mitch says that and fans say, “Lebron would never come to the Lakers. Melo would never come to the Lakers. Nobody wants to play here because of Jim and Mitch. Blah. Blah. Blah.” Fans need to quit acting like the Lakers aren’t good enough for the top-tier players. Despite the 50 losses last season, the Lakers franchise is still the premiere franchise in the NBA.

        • jim2

          I disagree with you. Kobe’s $24M is a big problem and a mistake for the Lakers. Kobe must take a pay cut and the Lakers must waive Nash in order to contend. Basketball is a TEAM sport.

    • comrade24

      no kidding! i’m soooooooooo sick of all that shit.

  • properdoesit

    This would be a good come up for the Lakers. It’s often overlooked that Bosh is consistent. At times, he was the most consistent player for the Heat. He would definitely fill the scoring void that Pau left a long time ago.

    • J Taylor

      Scoring void Pau left?
      Do you realize that with 16ppg, and 9rpg he had BETTER stats than Bosh? People think that just because he’s playing out of position that he’s washed up.
      - I seem to recall a certain 36 year old PF in Dallas who was a top 3 player last year.

      • Zimmeredge

        Bosh has played out of position for two seasons now. Yet Pau, had all the Space he wanted in a depleted team last year. He was great and shine but he was alone. No Kobe, no major player. He was basically our prime option inside. While bosh is making most of his points from three or in the perimeter. His game has been zoned to fit ray, wade, lebron spots.
        If bosh was playing into a system where he is the second option after Kobe he would average +20 and +10 boards per game. He is not getting his touches. He défends well and play good team d. But he is a much better defender on stretch four like griffin or aldridge.
        Bosh playing in a decent game schème it´s 23/11. He can beat in so many different ways. He is a matchup Nightmare.

  • Dayna Williams-Hunter

    OMG NO!!

  • BULL

    might as well keep gasol.. wait I want GAsol! lol

  • Xavier Jones

    Personally, I don’t want Christina on the Lakers. I’ve always viewed him as soft and not especially a good rebounder. Let him stay in Miami.

  • wardrobe99

    we need to sign and trade Gasol to new york and they take nash contract we take larkin then go sign Hawes/ monroe/ariza/i thomas/ed davis or al forouq then fill in the roster with our rooks and a vet

  • AK

    Im not interested in this fruitcake were better off keeping pau

  • Mack


    SG-Carter or Ray Allen/Henry
    PF-Kelly/Trevor Booker
    C-Greg Monroe

  • coopaloop

    No. We dont want this fool. He is a 7 footer that cant rebound and instead of posting up shoots the 3.

  • Shelton Cannon

    Yo I want Swaggy P back fuck all these other players on the Lakers, that man can ball….pick up a

    PG.. J. Crawford or I. Thomas
    And maybe another off the bench
    Ariza or Deng if it can happen for cheap

  • ItsJake

    It seems like the Lakers are interested in every FA available! IMO waiting on LBJ (joke) and Carmelo is a big mistake, what happens when they say NO and rest of the FA’s sign elsewhere? Lakers management needs to wake up!!! Hire a coach already first.

  • Fan-Media

    Pau is and always has been a more superior player than Bosh. He’s multidimensional!!!! Played in a offense not fit for his game and still produced numbers last year while beating Bosh in almost every category. The best PF in the world. Pau all day!!!

  • Mark Pope

    Kupchak is a friggin’ idiot..putting the cart before the horse. Should have hired Hollins and now he’s gone..now he wants the crap Heat leftovers of Chris Bosh?? I bet Jerry West is laughing and shaking his head…..

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