NBA Free Agency Rumors: Lakers Among Teams Interested In Caron Butler

NBA Free Agency Rumors: Lakers Among Teams Interested In Caron Butler


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The majority of the free agents on the open market won’t know what the future holds until LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony decide where they’ll be playing next season.

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One of those players awaiting his fate in free agency is veteran forward Caron Butler. According to Sam Amick of USA Today, Butler is receiving interest from three teams:

According to a person with knowledge of his situation, Butler has serious interest from the respective conference champions, the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, as well as the rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of free agency talks.

Back in 2004, the Lakers acquired Butler as a part of the blockbuster trade that sent Shaquille O’Neal to the Miami Heat. Butler joined Lamar Odom and Brian Grant in Los Angeles, but didn’t stick around for long with the Lakers trading Butler to the Washington Wizards in 2005.

Butler has bounced around the league ever since being traded by the Lakers playing for the Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma City Thunder.

At 34, Butler might have to settle for the veteran’s minimum which would work in the Lakers’ favor. Although Butler seemed to enjoy his time in Los Angeles, becoming close friends with Kobe Bryant in the process, the veteran will have an opportunity to contend immediately in Miami or San Antonio.

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Once the dust settles following LeBron and Carmelo’s decision, Butler could be a veteran that ultimately lands in Los Angeles, but it might be hard to pass up on returning to Miami or playing for the defending champs.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Jim213

    Ramona Shelburne‏@ramonashelburne
    “In a surprising twist, OKC has come on strong with Pau Gasol, and described as a “frontrunner” for the Spaniard.”

    • Lakers Fan

      Pau Gasol would be the missing piece to the Thunder’s puzzle. They would have their scoring post presence in Gasol, and they would have their defensive specialist in Ibaka. That’s what Gasol needs. A defensive player to make up for his defensive short comings. You then have a starting lineup of Westbrook, Jackson, Durant, Ibaka, and Gasol. I think that would be great for OKC. At the same time, if we lose Gasol and miss out on Monroe I don’t know where they will get a big man from. Sacre is not a starting center, and Hill will likely get a bigger contract offered to him elsewhere. I’m hoping they have a backup plan in place.

      • meep

        he no gasol or monroe but there is Andray Blatche

        • Lakers Fan

          I hear he is possibly going to New Orleans. In all honesty, we are set on Melo right now. We won’t sign any other players until Melo makes his decision. By then, we don’t know who will be left to sign.

          • meep

            at that rate our center would be something like kaman or Okafor with sacre as the back up.

          • Mark

            Actually OKC is over the salary cap, so if they want Gasol it’s likely in a sign-and-trade. Pau for Perkins (has an expiring contract and can fill in at C for a year) and Jackson (our PG of the future?)

          • Tune

            If we can get Reggie Jackson that’d be huge in my opinion, he’s definitely an upcoming player. OKC was first seed while he was the starting PG and he started in the playoffs putting up good numbers. Perkins might work out since he’s mainly a defensive anchor which can work with Randle’s potential shortcomings. Offensive isn’t our issue, defense is.

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      • independentbynature

        They might have to resign Kaman if all the other bigs are gone.

      • LAK3R4LIF3

        He’s not going there….I don’t think so. I have nothing against Oklahoma City, I’m sure it’s a great city…. But it’s still Oklahoma c’mon the city of Los Angeles has so much to offer……but then again if he wants to bore his ass over at OKC then by all means.

        • meep

          is it about the city or about winning and thunder right now have a better chance of winning. kd seem to love the city and he lived in seattle before they move

          • LAK3R4LIF3

            It’s about his jersey hanging from the rafters…..he won 2 already , he’s got money and it’s about being a Laker no matter what…..and you stick with it. KD has no choice, he was drafted.

        • DKWTTY

          Well he lived in Memphis. I’m sure Pau wouldn’t care, he’s not the partying type. Its just his job.

          • LAK3R4LIF3

            He was Drafted by Memphis and had no choice. He lives in LA now & I’m sure it’s something to be considered and not to be taken for granted…..L.A is L.A no matter how you slice it.

          • DKWTTY

            Yeah but he never made any mention of disliking the place. He still lives there part time I’ve heard, his family lives there as well. If it were that simple and a no brainer he would have re-signed with us already.

          • LAK3R4LIF3

            They probably told him to wait after the “Melo & Lebron” situation….if he bolts, most likely it’s the figures. He’s not a priority right now & if $$$ he’s after and not a chance to get his jersey retired someday well….i don’t know the latter means more than just $$$….imo

          • DKWTTY

            True true. They are saying he’ll stay if Melo signs. I hope this happens! Plus I hear OKC only has $5 million to offer him anyway. I think he’d take a paycut for a contender but not that much! He still wants $10-$12 million.

          • LAK3R4LIF3

            They need to break up that team OKC….KD & Westbrook, they don’t blend well together. If I were them I’ll trade Westbrook for Lillard.

      • DKWTTY

        Yeah great for OKC and TERRIBLE for us.

    • Zimmeredge

      Okc are over the salary cap they can’t give gasol a 10m contract. It´s a sign and trade for whom or what? Players? Player and pick?

      • meep

        center for center?

      • Jim213

        Perkins looks like the only one available to match salaries as he’ll be UFA in 2015 (expering contract) along with a second rounder.

        • Zimmeredge

          I’d like to get Perkins and a first round or second round and Jeremy lamb.
          Perkins + lamb for gasol + second round
          Or Perkins + first round for gasol.

          I like lamb. Lottery pick a couple of season ago. His numbers increased last season. He might be a good back for both guard position and he is a good shooter.

          • Jim213

            NO first rounder for Gasol IMO. But at best either Lamb or a second rounder along with Perkins. Have to charge for our services.

          • Zimmeredge

            Okc’s first are almost almost late first rounder everytime because they are high on the table every year. That’s why the first rounder. Always 20-30 for them.
            But because we lack depth at guard and center position i’ll go after Perkins plus lamb.
            If Perkins comes we will need to go big out of the bench. Like Hill and/or kaman plus Kelly.

        • Josh

          The Thunder can offer about $10 million if they amnesty Perkins and turn down their option on Thabeet.

          • Jim213

            It’d be cheaper tho they have until the 7/18 deadline. It’d be nice if the Celts amnestied Rondo but ain’t happening.

      • Tune

        If we can somehow get Adams or Reggie that’d be amazing.

    • cyborgspider

      If he decides to go, I hope the Lakers can at least do a sign and trade for Perkins and a young player or draft pick. He’s useless offensively, overpaid and a former Celtic, but we need someone to hit people. Look mean. Protect J30 and the other players. He’s an expiring contract and an enforcer… Better than getting nothing.

      • DKWTTY

        lol That is too funny.

      • Josh

        Does he hit people? I thought he just looked mean.

    • BULLY

      Sorry they can only give him mid level no chanceunless they trade or clear space

    • Dennis Jackson

      U don’t need Gasol in OKC, what they need is some muscle in the middle.

      • Jim213

        They need offense inside which Ibaka and Perkins can’t provide night in an out.

  • Guest

    Caron is a good role player, but he is 34. It would be better to bring in Melo, Deng, Stephenson, or Ariza

    • dice

      Caron is a very good player and can be had for a vet minimum… if we land Melo, Caron will be a necessity as a backup at the three. We let go of SwaggyP, plus, Caron can play the PF position, as he did at OKC subbing for Ibaka.

      If we land Melo, we can have a lineup of

      • vdogg

        where is julius randle?

      • hookedonnews

        PG Clarkson? Where are Nash, Marshall & Farmar? You don’t even know what Clarkson can do. Caron Butler? No. Time to get younger and forget about these guys who are only good for one year rentals. Haven’t heard anything about Hill, and Bazemore may get a better offer elsewhere. Julius Randle? Glad I’m not the GM. Wouldn’t want to try to right this ship with the expectations that fans invariably have. Not going to be easy.

  • meep

    so lakers are looking at players from the past to bring back.

    • LAK3R4LIF3

      That’s all they can afford…lol

  • roseducanna


  • A Fan

    NO. Dude disappeared in this past playoffs. plus, we have enough old guys on the roster with Kobe and Nash.

    • Tune

      Brooks barely used him

  • joe23

    tired of this rumors man, can we hear or put something real on the table too?

    • Josh

      Everything is rumors until July 10th.

  • rival almighty

    Caron butler lol not the news I been waiting for

  • rival almighty

    That’s how much we don’t care about Butler, everyone here is commenting on other shit not Caron Butler lol

  • Josh

    Worst trade in the history of all sports. Caron Butler for Kwame Brown. I’m sure everyone here blames Jim Buss.

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      But down the road No Hands Kwame play a huge roll with us he gave us Gasol and it was history from there to me it was a win LOL

      • Josh

        The Grizzlies took Kwame off our hands for us because we offered them picks and young talent. Two first round picks, Javaris Crittendon (lots of promise at the time) and some guy named Marc Gasol (DPOY?) Kwame was done as a Laker at that point.

  • ThaRealJVC

    As long as Westbrook and Durant are on the same team they will never win a ring.

    • Mark Pope

      I hope so….

  • Must Read

    Hey I have been watching butler he used to be good but after watching okc the guy lost it. No defence misses to many shots and slows the pace of them. I recommend greatly for lakers not to pursue Butler.


    Y butler? Wesley cheaper younger and can still learn

    • Tune

      Veteran’s minimum for a solid roleplayer is a pretty good deal.

    • marlou anthony lorica

      agreed with Wesley,and I like DEng over Melo,Deng is cheaper than Melo and play as good as Melo.PG;Nash,Farmar,Deandrea cane.SG;Meeks,Bryant,Clarkson.SF:Young,Deng,Wesley.PF:Randle,Kelly.C:
      Gazol,J.Oneal and 7’2 Tavares.

  • Mark Pope

    Kupchak and Jim Buss are screwing the pooch BIG-TIME in this strange off-season. We had the opportunity to hire a really good coach in Lionel Hollins only to see him now sign with the Nets. Now I hear old Caron Butler is a top FA target???
    My last glimmer of hope is that Kupchak at least calls Ettore Messina for a coaching interview and hires him. If Byron Scott is hired, this franchise is screwed for a LONG time.

    • $112966624

      Agreed. Messina should have been a top candidate for the head coach position. He can grow with the team and stick around for years to come. He’s a tactician and knows the game of basketball.

      • Mark Pope

        Indeed..he was a consultant during the Mike Brown era but, left due to coach in Europe full-time again. It hurt seeing Lionel go but, I heard Kobe didn’t like him…SMH!

  • LewisSmithJr .

    sign and trade gasol to okc in a package deal with nash for butler and adams if they are willing to give him up.
    sign Bledsoe and parson,farmar,henry,young,hill,kaman,drop kendall marshall he sucks and he shot is so easy to block(not nba ready) then we should still have money for eith melo or bro if they decide to come and if not bosh and wade will be open but we could just get some other small pieces IT is still out there sign him

  • Mark Pope

    LOL- Seems Kupchak is trying to right that horrible trade he did years ago- Caron for Kwame. I used to like Kupchak but, he’s fumbling around this off-season- sitting on his hands and throwing around questionable FA scenarios. I hope he can redeem himself and somehow hire a good coach ( not Byron, Rambis, or George Karl) and get Carmelo.

    I think it’s time Jeannie Buss give Jerry West a call and persuade him to come back to the Lakers in an expanded role. Maybe even offer him part-ownership.

  • westcoastLALakers4Life!!!

    sign coach: coach “k” or jeff van gundy
    get rid of nash !!!!


    man lakers shld sign this next year if melo and james are gone…

    drop nash gain 9mill more to the money we have …

  • Bruce

    No way, Butler is washed up, he ain’t the same Caron Butler when he was with the Clippers.

  • Lakers4Life

    Losing Pau might be troublesome, especially if he goes to OKC, but we’ll hang in there as long as we land LeBron and Melo. Wow, this is going to be a fun FA summer!

  • TimeisIllmatic

    I don’t know what is with the Lakers and aging veterans SMH…

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Pau to the Thunder in a S&T for Perkins (expiring contract) + Jeremy Lamb + PJIII + rights to Mitch McGary would be decent for both teams … I’d love to steal STEVEN ADAMS from the Thunder though!

    – Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”