NBA Free Agency: Lakers One Of Many Interested In Jordan Crawford Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="156"] The Los Angeles Lakers are basically in a holding pattern for the time being until Carmelo Anthony makes his decision on where he wan [new_royalslider id="156"] The Los Angeles Lakers are basically in a holding pattern for the time being until Carmelo Anthony makes his decision on where he wan Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency: Lakers One Of Many Interested In Jordan Crawford

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The Los Angeles Lakers are basically in a holding pattern for the time being until Carmelo Anthony makes his decision on where he wants to play next season.

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Whether or not he chooses the Lakers, the team will need to fill out the remainder of their roster this summer, and according to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, one option could be unrestricted free agent Jordan Crawford:

Crawford spent most of last season with the Golden State Warriors, being traded there after starting the season with the Boston Celtics. With the team adding Shuan Livingston to their guard rotation, Crawford doesn’t quite fit there anymore.

The Lakers have already lost two of their top guards from last season as Jodie Meeks has agreed to a deal with the Detroit Pistons, and Jordan Farmar will join the rival Los Angeles Clippers. Crawford could help to ease the loss of them as he is an excellent scorer, especially off the bench.

Crawford is also an excellent option as he could come relatively cheap. If the Lakers are fortunate enough to sign Carmelo Anthony, they will not have much money left under the salary cap so players like Crawford would be perfect.

As is the case with most free agents the Lakers are targeting, there is a lot of competition as the Bulls and Mavericks are closer to championship contention at this time than the Lakers, which could be a major selling point.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • rik

    hes like a smaller nick young. nick young is probably the more consistent player and slightly better defender due to his solid physical tools. nick young is also able to play the small forward position unlike crawford who is 6’4 while nick is 6’7.

    • TheZuluNation

      Nick is definitely the better scorer/shooter, but I think Crawford might be the better defender tho and more athletic. The Lakers do need a backup guard especially if Bazemore leaves.

  • Badazztj12

    I think they looking for him to play backup sg/pg because he does have ball handlng and pg skills

    • TheZuluNation

      Yup I agree

  • Dimack

    Do you not want Melo? Cause that’s how you not get Melo after Jordan Crawford talked shit about Lala

    • SirHambone

      Did not know that. Cannot even look at Crawford.

    • Tune

      I remember that, I don’t think it was proven he said anything about his wife. Seemed more like he was just talking trash when they won.

    • TheZuluNation

      That was KG too also, wasn’t it?

  • LakerSpartan117

    He has ball handling skills, but he was inconsistent shooting the ball from deep with GS last season.

  • GOD Chri$$$


    • Guest

      whats up lol

  • Isaiah Leon

    No thank you

  • rival

    Wow that’s going to be like the 5th Jordan on the teamteam and still no melo

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      If only Farmar had stayed…

      PG – Jordan Farmar
      SG – Jordan Clarkson
      SF – Jordan Crawford
      PF – Jordan Hill
      C – DeAndre Jordan

  • joe23

    Melo sign with the Lakers.

    • nasty

      You’re an idiot bro

      • snakebite32

        haha..nice shot bro!

  • Mitch Need My Advice

    Yeah Mitch put this team together 5 straight championships.

    PG Steve Nash
    SG Jordan Crawford
    SF Kobe Bryant
    PF Luke Walton
    C Robert Sacre

    Smush Parker
    Kwame Brown
    Andrew Bynum
    Devin Ebanks
    Darius Morris
    Adam Morrison
    Kevin Garnett
    Jermaine O’Neal
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Rasheed Wallace
    Manny Harris
    Steve Blake

    • snakebite32

      D league contender..lol

    • Al Haldie

      What a waste of time you are..

  • JohnSmith00

    Waiting on Carmelo….

  • LAK3R4LIF3

    Lakerland is waiting…..in the mean time, the real JORDAN air that is…..well he’s making some aggressive moves trying’ to steal hayward from the jazz…..hurry up melo!!

    • comrade24

      I hope they do get Hayward from the jazz

      • TheZuluNation

        Too late. He’s gonna either sign w/ Charlotte or end up back in Utah if they match Charlotte’s offer.

  • Hank

    Poor guys waiting on Carmelo.Ya my guess is he gets out of New York.It seemed like he was hating playing for the Knicks and he couldn’t wait to bolt to another team.Knicks suck and playing with Kobe and Julius Randle+Pau Gasol is way better than being stuck on a terrible Knicks roster.

  • Evan

    Carmelo looked miserable playing for the Knicks.

  • Grey Goose Moose

    Carmelo hates Jordan Crawford i think?Didn’t they have a big problem over a thot?

  • Lakers4Life

    Once LeBron joins our ranks and Melo follows, it won’t matter who we get

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Give it up. They both want to get paid; they’re not teaming up in LA.

  • wardrobe99

    its funny how the media keeps saying lakers are not close to contention for a championship the spurs didnt have all that great of a team and won i think thomas,kobe,melo,Randle,Gasol
    is better than
    and green.with that lineup and our rooks along with young and some other pieces like a vet with d and offence we can be the champs

    • Tune

      Not really, Spurs had no real star on their team. The difference is every game a good amount of players contributed in double digits or some would go off like Green and Leonard.

    • DKWTTY

      If those guys could get along and put egos aside, most definitely. I think they would probably fail the first year like the Heat did then win the next year though.

  • rosalynrmanuel

    my Aunty
    Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • Nunca-Bravo

    I’m a Celtics fan browsing thru, and I can tell you Jordan Crawford is a baller and a good decision maker who can fit in as a very nice 6th man. He is not afraid of the big moments and is a willing passer. His reputation of being a Nick Young type player is all wrong. Jordan is a baller for real, and I loved him on the Celtics.

    He is a SG/PG with great passing.

    • TheZuluNation

      He really thrived in Boston. When he was w/ the Wizards he looked really lost and didn’t have any type of direction (rightfully so). I think Crawford would be a nice fit for the Lakers at the backup SG role depending on what happens with Bazemore.

  • Spade

    From Melo to Jordan Crawford.

  • comrade24

    This article is the biggest fucking joke ever. Does no one remember Melo and Crawford getting in each other’s faces when he was in Boston and Crawford said to him “this dude fucked your wife”? Yeah, Melo and him would work out great. #badchemistry

    • TheZuluNation

      That shit happened like – what – two years ago or somethin’? I’m sure Melo is over it already.

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    I just hope they sign someone here soon because slowly all the good free agents will be gone I just hope melo comes to the lakers or makes his decision because this waiting game sure is getting old and im tired of hearing all these rumors and speculation I just want someone to sign soon.

  • Derek Clark

    Basically the same player as Nick Young. I’ll take Swaggy P.

  • Edy

    This is pass beyond frustrating and I’m gradually getting fuckin tired of seing lebron and melo all over sports news ,can we please just move on Mitch lets sign a coach and start picking up pieces all ready

  • elebrond

    Kupchak Forgive Melo … Search G.Monroe, I.Thomas and P.Gasol w/ T.Ariza …. that is our team … and finished with Money for Next Summer

  • number1lakefan

    jamal crawford yea jordan crawford nah

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