NBA Free Agency: Chris Bosh Signs With Heat ‘In A Second’ If LeBron Stays Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="156"] The rumors continue to circulate around the NBA about where Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James may ultimately land in free agency. The [new_royalslider id="156"] The rumors continue to circulate around the NBA about where Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James may ultimately land in free agency. The Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency: Chris Bosh Signs With Heat ‘In A Second’ If LeBron Stays

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The rumors continue to circulate around the NBA about where Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James may ultimately land in free agency. The Los Angeles Lakers have become major contenders to land one or both superstars this summer, but the Miami Heat and New York Knicks are still considered the favorites.

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One or many players whose fate hangs in the balance while Carmelo and LeBron weigh their options is two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh. The perennial All-Star has received considerable interest around the league, but will return to Miami if LeBron stays, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

“Bosh is back in a second if LeBron commits,” one league source involved in the dialogue told Yahoo Sports.

With Dwyane Wade more than likely staying put in Miami and Pat Riley desperately looking for players to upgrade the current roster, LeBron staying with the Heat seems to be a very likely scenario. It could be argued that there simply isn’t a better situation for LeBron outside of Miami, but the league’s best player is taking his time and exploring all options.

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Bosh returning to Miami in the event that LeBron re-signs with the team makes sense. Although Bosh is looking for a max contract, much like LeBron, it seems clear that the veteran forward is more interested in winning at this point in his career.

Winning two titles and going to the NBA Finals in all four years with the Heat, Bosh wanting to stay in Miami isn’t all that surprising. The versatile forward may not get paid what he believes he’s worth, but potentially being the favorite in the Eastern Conference every single year is something that many players would find hard to give up.
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  • Zimmeredge

    from my standpoint… the big three is done playing together. riley is in a deep deep shit. bron putting pressure on the fo with his willingness to get a max contract but for only two seasons (what the hell lebron?). bosh and wade unwilling to make enormous sacrifice. all three unable to come to an agreement about their respectives wages. riley have to recruit talented guys to convince bron that the big three can win again if they stay together but he can’t do much on the market because he will only have more than 8m to spend. So basically he can say bye bye to deng ariza, gasol and all. and players won’t sign because there is no guaranty over the big three coming back together (and winning again) because of the previous arguments. Riley is in a nasty situation.
    and let’s not forget that bosh want more weight on offense so NO! bosh is not signing in a second if lebron comes back, he is not lebron’s little puppy. he is a free agent and does not wait over lebron to make a decision to take his own decision. the stupidest thing i’ve read in my life.

    • daphnewbowden

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  • GOD Chri$$$ #Depressed

    The big 3 are done winning titles if they get back together. Bosh has reduced to being a mediocre player, Dwyane wades knees can no longer hold up, and Lebron james would have to carry this team. Chris bosh poster only 16pts and with a mediocre 6rebs. Pau Gasol posted better numbers than Bosh last season and he’s older and not nearly as athletic as him, and being in a system that doesn’t fit him. I don’t care if you’re a 3rd option 6rebs is not acceptable for an ” all star ” center that used to post double doubles consistently, Bosh truly fell off. And wade’s knees will not be able to hold up much longer. And what key free agent is going to sign with the heat right now with no guarantee of the big 3 to return. They would have a minimal amount of cap space to use. I can’t believe bosh would be willing to take a 2-5m paycut just to ride Lebrons coattails. Nearly every free agent would have to take a paycut to play with the heat and that’s not appealing to the younger F/A’s. If the heat do manage to get to the finals again i doubt they’d even win with the west being stacked. The east is longer a free ride to the finals assuming rose stays healthy. With the new CBA, I don’t think the league can have 3 superstars on a team and be a successful team. The heat managed to do it before the CBA and they were lucky. But it’s alot hard to maintain now, and you watched the heat in the past 2 years struggle because their role players lacked. If Riley can get it done good for him, but it’s going to be nearly impossible

    • Zimmeredge

      chris bosh played out of his confort zone. we did not have any system on offense. he made the best of it by being a simple role player.
      if you put him in a team where he can express his full talent as a second option on offense he will rack up 22/10 stats per saison.
      i agree with most of what you said. big three is done.

      • GOD Chri$$$ #Depressed

        If he’s playing out his comfort zone this team/position doesn’t fit him. You’re right he would be a great player as a #1 or #2 option. But 22/10 might be a little too much, that’d be sticking him back in his prime numbers as a #2 option when he was doing that as a #1 option in TOR. more like 18 or 19 ppg with 9rebs? If you’re a starting center getting paid what 17m? 6rebs is not acceptable whether you’re a role player or not. There are plenty role playing centers in the league and they are able to get 9-10 rebs a night. He shouldn’t be playing center in the first place. He should be at his true position PF, the heat need a real big man down low and not out of position mediocre bosh.

        • Zimmeredge

          heat does not care about rebound, they care about putting pressure on the opponent’s offense to generate TOs. they really don’t care about rebounding the ball.
          bosh is still 30 so he is still in his prime and he is not a center he is a big pf with size and length. he said to the press, many times, that he does not want to play at c position but because there is nobody in miami able to do it and because they need him to that he is playing at this position. it stretches the defense on offense and allow bron and wade to penetrate in the paint.

      • tbone

        I agree, this falls squarely on Eric Spolestra’s doorstep. He has failed to maximize the offensive talents of Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. They are basically figuring out a way to score on their own. The pressure should be on Spolestra to come up with offensive measures to utilize Wade and Bosh.

    • Tune

      I wouldn’t agree, I blame Erik for making Bosh the 3rd wheel. Bosh should’ve been the 2nd go to guy this season.

  • TheLakers

    Chris Bosh keeps on being labeled as super star is an utter insult to the legends.
    Bosh is not in the same breath as Karl Malone, KG, Dirk Nowitzky, Tim Duncan, or even Aldrige from portland.
    Can someone explain what makes him a Star when he scored zero points in game 7 last year of the finals and grabbed 5 rebounds and averaged 13 ppg.

    Odom used to do that in his sleep coming off the bench.

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