NBA Free Agency: Carmelo Anthony To ‘Likely’ Choose Between Knicks, Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks might be the only two teams Carmelo Anthony is seriously considering at this point. -- Lak [new_royalslider id="160"] The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks might be the only two teams Carmelo Anthony is seriously considering at this point. -- Lak Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency: Carmelo Anthony To ‘Likely’ Choose Between Knicks, Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks might be the only two teams Carmelo Anthony is seriously considering at this point.

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Although no other interested teams have been told they are out of contention for Anthony, all signs appear to be pointing toward the Lakers and Knicks, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Apparently, Carmelo’s meeting with the Lakers on Thursday left quite the impact on the star forward. Most people believed that the Knicks always had the edge in talks with Anthony due to the $129 million they could offer, but it seems as though the Lakers brass left an impression that could ultimately have him landing in Los Angeles.

Carmelo is said the taking the weekend to make his decision leading most to believe a decision will be made by Monday. According to Stein, it could take longer:

At this point in time, it would be safe to say the Knicks are still the favorite to sign Carmelo. The superstar would make more money in New York and is already comfortable in his surroundings, but Los Angeles has obviously intrigued him.

Only time will tell if Mitch Kupchak and company were able to do enough to convince the superstar to go move from the Big Apple to Hollywood.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • LakerSpartan117

    Damn… talk about awkward in the bedroom with Phil and Jeanie!!! Hope everything’s cool with them after this is over. I still would love to have Melo on the Lakers, but I wouldn’t feel bad if he didn’t come to LA.

    As long as we have Sacre on our team, everything will be fine!!!

    • WAYNER

      I hope they break up cause i have the biggest crush on Jeanie Buss the hottest milf owner in the NBA today.

      • LakerSpartan117

        Nah man don’t hope that.. I kow she’s fine but Love should never be broken up…………….

        Unless its because of Super Aids!!!!

        • daphnewbowden

          Josiah . although Jacqueline `s stori is surprising,
          last week I bought themselves a Chrysler from having made $5060 thiss month
          and-in excess of, 10/k last-month . it’s realy the easiest-work I have ever
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        • Chaosmisfit

          Damn Canada and their super aids.

      • GOD Chri$$$ #Depressed


      • comrade24

        Hahahaha was gonna say the same thing!

      • Frank

        MILF???? She doesn’t have any kids. LOL!!!!

    • Julio

      Kobe And Carmelo were spotted eating at Mastros according to @Norman Golden.

  • Shutyouhole

    ….stop posting the same thing. and just post the result when you find out where he land…this is getting really annoying.

    • LakerSpartan117

      I know right!

    • Anthony Michael Lipani

      bro thats lakersnation for you … they do this every year all off season . half the rumors they spread themselves and just say “sources say”

  • GOD Chri$$$ #Depressed

    I feel great about our chances. LA is our town. Clippers aren’t ever gonna do shit with blake griffin and cp3. Let’s get #17.

    • LakerSpartan117

      Agreed mate!

    • rival

      The clippers got Spencer hawes so that his poster blocks our 2015 championship banner

  • rival

    Only thing left is what # he’ll wear

    • Yaya

      7 or 15 probably

  • Jim213

    Melo makes $8 mil in endorsements while in the biggest market (NYC). Given LJ is the #1 guy in the league he brings some serious dough. Durant makes $14 mil while in a small market and even D Rose (Bulls) reals in $19 mil in endorsements. Isn’t Melo a top 5 player?

    • LakerSpartan117

      Comin to LA will change that surely…

    • Lakers Fan

      I think playing for the Lakers in general will guarantee bigger endorsement deals. He knows that being paid 97 mil a year for the next 4 years, generating bigger endorsement deals, and possibly winning a championship is currently laying on the table in front of him. Not to mention his wife’s LaLa acting career and the possibility to get his son into acting(maybe in Disney shows or whatever lol). We’re offering him a lot on the business side of things, as well as the possibility of winning a championship. That sounds like a winner to me.

  • Lakers Fan

    I see it’s a REAL possibility we can get Melo. Lol I have to admit. I didn’t think we would even be given a chance. That being said, we BETTER get Melo. All this time we done spent trying to get him here and losing out on other FAs, I’m hoping he chooses us. If it is really a 2-way race against the Knicks, he will sign with us given that we have Kobe, Randle, will re-sign Pau and sign a couple more players to complement them. Don’t know where the defense will come from, but let’s hope and pray they can put forth at lease SOME effort on the defensive end.

  • Yo Mamma

    Man if Lakers woulda offered Phil the front office job in LA, Melo woulda been on his way here already. The only thing Melo has to go back to NY is Phil and Fisher.

  • A40yrknicfan

    Knicks Fans says, “Please take high-scoring no-defense ball-hogging ISO-Melo out of NY asap

    • Jim213

      That will change down the road, motivation will do wonders for Melo. Something that didn’t workout with Dolan running things tho Phil will change that scenario.

  • A40yrknicfan

    Would like to see Kupchak build a team with two ball-hoggers who never took defense serious. The best thing Kupchak ever did for the Lakers were to hire coach Phil Jackson.

    • Nari

      Kobe Bryant is a 9 time all first team defense of player u sound real stupid stfu

  • Lakers4Life

    Once Melo joins LeBron as a Laker, we’ll be in for some more championships baby!

    • Dr. Rasheed

      Bosh moving to Rockets and Melo + LBJ in Miami…
      that is a possibility as well.

  • Truth B Told

    We sure miss Jerry West….I know he wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket….He would have a coach in place….What roll players we are keeping or adding…..This FO is all over the place…..What are you gonna put around your stars? What is plan B? Still scary in Laker Land.

    • Dr. Rasheed

      I can’t believe I am supporting the FO on this one (I dislike them for the blunder they made). But it is a learning experience for them and of course the TWC mafia :P
      NBA works differently and with time FO have to deal with new changed and adapt to new modification.
      Players now have more to influence then organization…

  • Lakers Dude

    Ya we are getting Carmelo Anthony.Lakers Anthony #7 jersey will be a hot seller.

  • Ethan

    Kobe Bryant+Carmelo Anthony+Julius Randle+Pau Gasol+Open cap space in 2016

  • LakersHeatBeef

    NBC Los Angeles @NBCLA · 7m
    Carmelo Anthony is strongly considering a move to LA, according to reports. @MarioNBCLA has details now on NBC4

    Carmelo Anthony will be playing alongside Julius Randle and they will form the best forward pairing in the NBA.Julius Randle is NOT getting traded as Carmelo is very impressed with Julius and loves his game and he said that remember ESPN reported that is one of the main reasons why he wants to come to Lakers also his close friendship with Kobe Bryant and also Pau Gasol returning is very important for Carmelo to sign with The Lakers.JULIUS RANDLE IS STAYING ON THE LAKERS!

    • dayton

      Randle +cash for love Martin. Book it. Thomas Kobe melo love gasol

      • AK

        delusional what cash?? you can only send cash off cap room

  • kiko

    Bob Mcadoo and jeff van gundy or george karl and mike woodson and mark jackson next new head coach LA Lakers right now

  • Bruce

    Pau Gasol currently dining in Beverly Hills along with Kobe and Melo, we will hear the big news these few days, Lakers expects Melo to sign.

  • alreybasco

    Go,,i like’d to see carmelo anthony wearing the purple &gold jersey and i like to see anthony playing with the best player in nba kobe’Black Mamba’bryant

  • KB24

    How about our defense? Nash,kobe,melo,randle,gasol all post players except nash

  • Dr. Rasheed


  • go spurs go


  • Jj

    This is why we needed phil to stay here! Phil should not be working to defeat the lakers. Dwight howard is to blame for what he did to the lakers , but I’m totally glad dwight left and we have cap space. Lakers need to just go over the cap and sign lebron and melo to max contracts! Time warner gave them billions of dollars for their t.v deal.

    • AK

      the cba does not allow you to do that unless you have bird rights on a player…..

  • Truth B Told

    Carmelo is not coming to LA…..Lakers need to be talking to other viable FA’s……..Ariz, Stephenson (both) even Bynum….Taking all this time and still getting it wrong is unforgivable….Not hiring Phil was a rush judgment move before….Hire Scott and get the next tier of FA’S that’s available Now…….

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