NBA Free Agency 2014: Lakers Expected To Meet With Carmelo Anthony Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] Over the past few weeks, the rumors have been running rampant about the Los Angeles Lakers and the master plan to land both Carmelo A [new_royalslider id="160"] Over the past few weeks, the rumors have been running rampant about the Los Angeles Lakers and the master plan to land both Carmelo A Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency 2014: Lakers Expected To Meet With Carmelo Anthony

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Over the past few weeks, the rumors have been running rampant about the Los Angeles Lakers and the master plan to land both Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James in NBA free agency. Although a stretch to say the least, GM Mitch Kupchak and company will try to make an impression on Anthony this Thursday, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

The Lakers will have a considerable amount of cap space at their disposal this summer and intend to use it if they can lure in the big-name players. Anthony might be the most realistic of the two biggest names on the free agent market for many different reasons.

Not only does Anthony have a home in Los Angeles already, but the superstar is as close to Kobe Bryant as any other player in the league. Anthony and the five-time NBA champion have been close for quite some time and that will almost certainly factor into the decision by the free agent forward.

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If the Lakers are able to bring in Anthony, there’s a good chance Pau Gasol will follow. The three stars along with rookie Julius Randle could prove to be a force to be reckoned with if the team is able to surround them with the right role players next season.

So even though it may be a long shot for the Lakers to sign Anthony, anything is possible with a sit down scheduled with one of the best in the business. Kupchak has pulled off miracles in the past and might have another if able to convince Anthony to help right the ship in Los Angeles alongside Kobe.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • VillainKing

    I hope the Los Angeles Lakers have this roster:

    PG: DeAndre Kane/ Jordan Clarkson/ Steve Nash
    SG: Kobe Bryant/ Kent Bazemore
    SF: Carmello Anthony/ Nick Young
    PF: Julius Randle/ Ryan Kelly
    C : Greg Monroe/ Andrew Bynum/ Robert Sacre

    Head Coach: Lionel Hollins

    • vdogg

      you think kane is really going to be that good?

      • VillainKing

        That is why I’m hoping that he step-up in this summer league..

      • Zimmeredge

        Imo it´s that he’d be good, it only that we won’t have much money to recruit anyone else after bringing back Pau and l’urine melo or lebron. So we need good players on the cheap. Deandre is very experienced. So he better perform well this summer. There’s a contract and roster spot at stake.

    • Chad

      I have been a Lakers fan for over 30 years now and i have never seen Mitch Kupchak land a superstar free agent.Lets recap Mitch Kupchak started his job as Lakers GM in 2000 they never signed nobody as a free agent worth mentioning up until 2004 when he signed a washed up Karl Malone and a declining washed up Gary Payton that didn’t pan out and they were both gone after one season in the Purple And Gold.Then he signed Smush Parker once they left that was laughable.

      After that Mitch got Derek Fisher to comeback from Utah and that was a good free agent signing but not a All Star signing.The biggest and best signing Mitch Kupchak has ever made was the signing of the unpredictable Ron Artest yes that was a risky signing because of the temper of Ron but it worked out.Then after that Matt Barnes and Steve Blake were signed to the Lakers again solid journeymen but not superstars or All Stars.

      Nick Young was his most recent big pickup but he might leave after just being in LA one season.Mitch has always done his best work in trades that is his strong point and maybe he lacks communication skills or he is not good at sales pitch to superstars IDK but something is preventing top free agents from committing to the Lakers.Maybe Mitch is not a good negotiator or just a bad GM.

      I think he is a great GM because he makes great one sided trades for the Lakers and he is good at drafting,i hope Mitch finally hits a homerun in free agency this off-season so he can no longer have this hanging over his head of not being able to sign a superstar free agent it will add to his legacy as a GM.It will mean he did everything in his career even adding a superstar free agent something Jerry West did when he signed Shaq in 1996.Buy LeBron a brand new Hummer a Yellow Hummer and filled with cash money and he will sign.

    • Thomas Klein

      More like
      PG Nash, Marshell, Clarkson or Farmar
      SG Kobe, Henery, Bazemore
      SF Carmelo, Nick Young
      PF Randle, Hill, Kelly
      C Gasol, Sacre

      All on two year contracts or less except Carmelo and Randle so we can go after Love next year.

      • VillainKing

        Marshall Big NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    • comrade24

      i just read that Bulls are pessimistic about their chances with Melo!! Good news for us!

      • Badazztj12

        They do have doug who is a great scorer

    • DeAndre

      RealGM Poll
      Which team will Carmelo Anthony sign with?Knicks 26.7%
      Bulls 36.7%
      Rockets 7.5%
      Mavericks 5.7%
      Lakers 13.9%
      Heat 4.4%
      Suns 3.0%
      Other 2.2%

      Total votes: 1557

      • Adrian Hunter

        All I want and think the Lakers need is a team led offensively by Kobe, melo and Nick young. Every other player Lakers sign should be known by their individual defense first, those who take pride in locking down the opponent and also those who hustle like it’s the last game they’ll ever play. The head coach will need to lead them to play team d but they already have the key ingredients to win.

    • comrade24

      If anyone hasn’t heard the Fucking Pistons just signed Jodie Meeks. Here we go. We’re gonna dick around for a few weeks waiting on Lebron and Melo while every other team is signing our players and the FA’s we could have gotten.

      • independentbynature

        That’s my concern too,comrade.The realistic FAs will be gone by the time Jimmy and Mitch wake up from this pipe dream.We’ll be stuck with what’s left.I have a bad feeling about this plan and no confidence in our FO.We’re lucky that Byron is waiting on them or we’d have no coach,either.

      • GetWititScrub

        … Did you see the deal the Pistons gave him?!? He just robbed a bank with that deal and there was no way the Lakers were going to offer him anywhere near what the pistons gave him.

    • SirHambone

      I applaud you V.K. I like that lineup! I believe Kane will surprise some people. He has game. Monroe and Randle would rule the paint!

  • Mitch

    Come and enjoy life in LA Carmelo.Lakers need Carmelo.Carmelo+Kobe+Julius!

    • Jim213

      If Melo comes to LA there may be a chance of luring Rondo down the road if he ever reaches FA. Friends who’ve expressed interest in playing for a team together tho the same can be said for Josh Smith and the Pistons.

  • Luke

    Eric Bledsoe is a player Bryan Colangelo thinks will be a great fit with the Lakers and Colangelo has inside sources within the Suns FO and he says that Eric Bledsoe is redundancy in Phoenix and the Lakers will likely get him since the need a Point Guard for the future since Steve Nash is nearing retirement i hope Colangelo is correct about the Lakers and Bledsoe.Carmelo Anthony is not coming unless Steve Nash is gone via stretch provision contract termination.

    Lakers 2014-2015
    PG Eric Bledsoe
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Julius Randle
    C Ekpe Udoh+Andrew Bynum+Chris Kaman+Robert Sacre

    • KwonGuerillaCross

      Bynum won’t get signed by any team. His career is over.

  • Alex

    Yes the Lakers made all the calls necessary tonight.Lakers are making big noise.

  • Beto

    Oh to be exact the Lakers have a 99% chance of signing Carmelo Anthony.

    • comrade24

      i wouldn’t say that, but i think our chances are much better than the pundits are saying

  • LosLakers

    time for mitch to earn his money.

  • Zimmeredge

    Team in the best position to acquire melo from a financial standpoint (after all it’s the only thing that matters, do you have cap Space as of right now or not)
    Knicks: bird rights

    For lebron, who’s willing to take a Max contract accordons to espn:

    Those two guys are rumored to take Max contract or something clause to the Max contract. Melo can take 129m in 5y with the knicks and bron can make around 110m in a 5y with the heat. They have to be Choosed by their franchise as their designated player if they wanna do so and after that they wońt be able do sign another Max player. Knicks wońt sign melo to a Max contract and bron getting the Max open doors to Chris bosh leaving the heat because has the skills, the stats, the talent and the fame to not take a major paycut.
    It’s a neck and neck for us. Melo is almost a sure thing at this point because we have the Space to get him asap and still be able to buil a team. Bron or bosh are long shots and it depends widely on whether to come to an agreement with their for or not.

    • comrade24

      i hope you’re right.

    • Thomas Klein

      Good analysis, most of the people posting completely ignore, or don’t know all the rules that go into the building of a team, you can’t just sign whoever you want in F/A. You need the cap space, or bird rights to retain your own player. You can exceed the salary cap only to re-sign your own players, not to sign F/A from other teams, that means most other teams that want LeBron or Melo, will need sign and trade deals, and have to completely gut a roster to get them, the Lakers don’t , and the Heat and the Knicks don’t because they have bird rights. Chicago might be attractive for Melo, but they would need to give up some assets to get him, they don’t have the cap space to just sign him.

  • Bo

    Carmelo Anthoy is a top 10 player in the NBA i welcome him on the Lakers.I think him and Kobe would do much better than him and Allen Iverson did in Denver years ago.Kobe is more of a passer than Iverson and Kobe is a 5 time champion that knows how to win as he showed when he let Shaq take his share of shots to win 3 straight championships.Also Carmelo is a great complimentary player for Julius Randle as they will work well together on offense.High scoring offense.

  • Sal

    Good lets sign Carmelo and LeBron and win more championships.

  • comrade24

    Just saw post on Bleacher Report: Bulls execs pessimistic about landing Melo. This is good for us!!!!!

  • Jim

    Pistons just delcined team option on chauncey billups.

    The lakers should move right now to reach a verbal agreement with chauncey billups to sign with the lakers.

    The lakers need a strong minded leader in the locker room that will be respected and is a high character guy. In my opinion this will be a great signing for the lakers.

    • comrade24

      yeah, let’s get older. terrible idea IMO

    • Spade

      He’d be better off as an assistant coach.

  • independentbynature

    I still have serious doubts about this strategy our F.O. has devised.While they are waiting on pie in the sky F.A.s like LeBron and Melo,all the more realistic F.A.s will be scooped up by less delusional teams.I also don’t see them paying the money it will take to get a Lowry,Ariza or Monroe.No one is going to sign for cheap.They can’t even make a coaching decision.I prefer Scott over Hollins anyway,but it looks like there’s no choice now.Jimmy Buss has seriously damaged the Lakers reputation,yet he acts like that isn’t so.I hope I’m wrong.but I see this playing out as a disappointing summer,with the F.O. doing little and saying wait until next summer.It feels like Melo or bust,with bust being a lot more likely to me.

    • Spade

      I’m concerned as well. A plan is only great if you have a stronger back up plan. The fact that LeBron is letting his agent meet with teams shows he’s not interested in leaving Miami. There are many reports that say Melo won’t join if it’s just Kobe and scrubs on the team. And then if you look towards the future Kyrie is off the market and Aldridge/Love soon will be. There goes 2015 before it even started.

      • independentbynature

        It seems like we’re the only ones concerned.Everyone else here thinks LeBron,Melo and anyone else we want is coming.I just don’t think so.We just lost Meeks,too.He wasn’t gonna wait for the Buss plan to develop.It all just looks delusional to me.I wanna be wrong,but I don’t see it.

  • Lyrica

    Los Angeles Lakers

    Sign With Lakers Carmelo Anthony July 3….

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