NBA Free Agency 2014 : Lakers Among Teams Interested In Trevor Ariza Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="156"] Trevor Ariza was one of the key components to the Lakers championship run of 2009. Now there seems to be a possibility of a reunion b [new_royalslider id="156"] Trevor Ariza was one of the key components to the Lakers championship run of 2009. Now there seems to be a possibility of a reunion b Rating: 0
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NBA Free Agency 2014 : Lakers Among Teams Interested In Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza was one of the key components to the Lakers championship run of 2009. Now there seems to be a possibility of a reunion between the two parties.

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According to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger, the Lakers are one of a number of teams pursuing Ariza this off-season:

The addition of Ariza would be a huge pickup for the Lakers. Defense was a huge issue for the team last season and Ariza would give the team a legitimate defensive stopper on the wing.

Of course, with the Lakers, everything is on hold until Carmelo Anthony makes his decision on where he will play next season. If he were to come to the Lakers, the team would be unable to give Ariza the amount of money he is asking for.

The Lakers will have some serious competition as the Cavaliers are building a good young roster, and continue to pursue LeBron James, while the Mavericks can offer a lot of money to Ariza as well.

The Washington Wizards are also very interested in bringing Ariza back as they feel they are very close to contention in the Eastern Conference after a solid playoff run last season.

The Lakers said they would go all-out in the off-season and that is exactly what they are doing. Even if they strike out on the big stars, they seem to have other plans to bring in some excellent players regardless.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • AK

    Lets see very injury prone, past his peak, and wanting 11 mil a year? no thank you

  • LakerSpartan117

    I would want him at maybe 8 mil a year, but definitely not 11 mil a year. Would rather sign a cheap SF if we miss out on Melo. Wait until either 2015 or 2016.

    Maybe make a run at Lenard (although Spurs will match anything) or Jimmy Butler. Durant in 2016!!!

  • young kobe

    I would rather have deng.

  • TheTruthKills

    Ariza will get 8 million or more per year. Might be a little out of our price range.

  • gungoesbang

    Overpaid big time. A lot of free agents are getting WAY overpaid.

    • Al Haldie

      There are no more $ 500.000 FA that are worth their salt…

  • Gary

    No way he is looking for way too much money.McRob just got paid big $ by Miami.

    • BULL

      hahaha u crazy he got the mid level didn’t he?

  • Al Haldie

    I believe it was KEN BURGER FROM CBS THAT…. WROTE THIS,, ..Mitch K said they are going all out this yr– So where are all these Guys that they have got for the LAKERS -have I been sleeping, I don’t think so .

    • roseducanna

      MITCh focus many good players but i, .see nothing he can.Right now LAKERS no coach , rooster gone KAMA, FARMA , MEEK may be next is GASOL and BAZEEMORE.

      • rival


      • jim2

        The Lakers will not make the playoffs this year because of this waiting. All good FA’s will be gone before Mello makes a decision.

  • Yo Mamma

    I wouldn’t have paid him this much when he left the Lakers back then, definitely not paying him this much now.

  • Daryl Peek

    People need to come to grips with what Kobe said in defending his contract extension. Most want to undervalue players given the new CBA and owners playing the take less to win theme. Ariza and any other free agent should do just as Kobe said and get as much as they can, and fans need to stop buying what the owners are verbally depreciating.

    • Daryl Peek

      BTW, LeBron is in agreement with Kobe and that’s why he said Wade is getting the Kobe deal and is flexing on Riley and Arison right now.

    • Redemption Rain

      Agree CBA was designed by greedy butthurt owners like Dan Gilbert, there was a time when LA can out bid any owner because the Buss Family was willing to spend and the other owners were not too eager in giving their stars more money. However, living in this new CBA era, we have no choice but to watch how we spend or else we suffer from it. Kobe could actually help the Lakers win again off the courts by convincing the players union to earn as much money as they can. NO CAP SPACE. I would gladly have a NBA lockout again if it means we can get rid of this CBA.

      • ian

        Well those players are wealthier than majority of us anyway. How can people just earn millions if dollars and still think he’s underpaid . there are way more serious issues in the world right now. Even if the players donated half of their earning, they are still rich than majority of people on the planet.

        • Redemption Rain

          Missing the point. Its not about us. The NBA is a business mans’s wet dream. Unlimited Earnings Potential, the NBA is one of the few sports industries that actually has a cap space, hell it is quite possible that Sterin left because the majority of the NBA commissioners (team owners) wanted him out because he favor big markets WAY too much, now you have Adam Silver lining up the pockets of greedy owners by using the a salary cap meaning players make less .

  • Lakers Fan

    Ariza is looking for a big pay day, which is something the Lakers are not looking to give to anyone outside of LeBron or Melo. Although Ariza is a former Laker and a good defender/3-point shooter, I wouldn’t give him this much money. Not that he is not worth it, but because our team has many holes that need to be filled. We still need a center, SF, PG, and cap to build a competent bench. Ariza will cash in with somebody, but I hope it’s not the Lakers due to bigger needs with the roster.


    I like Ariza but would pick Lance Stephenson instead, younger with more potiental and also high entertainment value. What it the world is holding up Melo? it’s now past 4 PM in NYC on Monday…. and what???? come on, lets get this thing figured out and get on with building the rest of the team…. GO LAKES

  • BULL

    9-11 MILL? OH NOO.. that’s too much .. might as well go after Lance and Parsons.. we can afford 10 mill each a year for them.. i want ariza back but not for 9 or 11 mill.. Gasol wants 10 mill and i know we not giving him that lol .. idk

    • Badazztj12

      We can go over cap for Gasol, but its just depends if Gasol wants to come back to the Lakers

    • Redemption Rain

      LOL I guess I’m the only, but I’m fine with 9-11. I think Lance would ask for more actually. Idk Ariza is a 3pt killer with exceptional defense. However, we helped him won a ring, he should take a pay cut :)

      • jim2

        Please remember that the dumb Laker FO is paying Kobe $24M/yr and we probably will not get much from him. The Lakers will not make the playoffs until Kobe and Nash are gone.

  • Badazztj12

    We might as well get Lance for 12 mil for 4 years since he has more potential and much younger. Kobe and him can switch between positions every night depending on the opp

  • Dennis Sapp

    sign melo to the max deal when kobe retires in 2016 make a strong push for Durant….I see this plan working for our next dynasty

  • rival

    If i had to choose from all these sf freeagents like ariza Deng and lance, I would take parsons.

  • Richard

    The Lakers really don’t need negativity or distractions next season. Every single player must be a mature adult and made aware of that so it does not become a issue at any time. Every player have to want to be here, be a positive influence, dedicated to improving the Lakers. Must know and do what it takes to win every game against every opponent on both ends of the court.

  • Sti1lmatic

    The Lakers should of picked up Danny Granger for 2yrs 4mil. I wonder how many more role players are going before we’re left with the Wesley Johnsons of the league.

    I’m hoping they make a run for someone that can help Kobe and win some damn games.

    • TheZuluNation

      Granger isn’t all that good anymore.

    • wardrobe99

      granger would have been a good pickup two years later from surgery he will have his legs back

  • Richard

    All veterans and new Laker players should know the importance of winning here and WANT to win for this franchise. They should be open to the prospect of giving SOME money back as needed, to get the quality of players the team needs to be very competitive for this and the following seasons.

    • Daryl Peek

      Giving money back for what? Why should a player line the pockets of billionaires at their own earning potential peril? Owners and FO personnel outlast the career expectancy of a player. Unless you’re a transcendent player of Magic/MJ/Kobe/LeBron, you’re not gonna make the kind of money you once were when you were in the league. I find it very interesting how so many folks have brought into this discount theme? If a player chooses that route of his own will cool but this pressure to take less to win is for the birds! Especially when you have folks calling players selfish for wanting to get paid.

      The players already conceded well over 350 million of potential revenue sharing (57% down to 50%) when they signed on to this new CBA. That number didn’t even include all of these cable deals and the franchise value increases teams will see going forward… but players (the ones who likeness drive jersey, ticket, ETC… sales, are supposed to take even more of a pay cut?

  • roseducanna

    Sign STEPHENSON 10Mils better ARIZA.

  • Sti1lmatic

    We should offer that kind of money to Deng. Ariza is not worth that price range.

  • TheZuluNation

    Rather go after Lance and Isaiah Thomas. Ariza is crazy to demand that kind of money SMH. The greed is real these days.

    • Redemption Rain

      I think 9 to 11 mill is cheaper then Lance, considering he turn down the Pacers for 44 mill 4 year deal. If Ariza is intrested in the team that help him won a ring he would be a steal for 9-11mill, also he can play SF instead of moving Kobe to SF because Lance would be a SG who is undersized for the 3rd spot.

      • TheZuluNation

        Yup true.

    • Bruce

      I rather take Thomas over Lance, much cheaper, prolly 5-7 mil per season for Thomas instead of 10-13 mil for Stephenson. Yes, Ariza is delusional demanding that kind of money, he prolly ends up signing 3 year 21 mil.

    • wardrobe99

      if Ariza wouldnt budge from that price yes i would rather have lance because of age. i think there skill set is the same thomas we should get no matter what his upside is good

      • TheZuluNation

        I agree. I like Thomas’ offensive game, but his defense scares me and his PG skills are still flawed. At this point, beggers can’t be choosers so we gotta roll with the best option available.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    The conversation shifts to Melo, of course. Everyone upset he’s yet to make a decision. Think of it this way: How quickly would you make a potentially career, and maybe life, altering decision just days after you were given the options?

    It’s only been a week. Yes, we’d like to get on to step two, whatever route that may be, but it’s good to see Melo not making an impulsive decision.

  • Roy

    Assholes in the NBA everywhere they all LeBron and Carmelo are coming to the Lakers but they won’t spill the beans since they want to draw ratings and get hits on their websites and they want to sell papers and get big radio ratings.It’s all a big money maker for the media and NBA.

    Those corporate big executives already know LeBron and Carmelo are signing with The Lakers yet they want to act like they don’t know or their is possibly other teams that are in the race blah blah bah all a plan to get money from advertisers and to build interest in the NBA and they all have their own agenda.

    The Lakers are the only legit team in a big market that has the money to outright sign LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to big contracts with a 2 year player opt out included so they can finally get the full 5 years playing together on The Lakers until they retire around 37 years old.It’s just obvious they both got a meeting with Mitch Kupchak within hours of one another as Mitch and Harris of the Lakers flew immediately on private jet to Cleveland after they had a meeting with Carmelo Anthony.They met with the camp of LeBron James meeting with his agent and we all know LeBron and Carmelo have wanted to play on the same team since they were drafted together in 2003.This is their chance and they will do by taking less money at first but they will opt out in 2 years and both get 5 year max deals with The Lakers.Plus they will more than makeup for their money by being in Los Angeles much more business opportunities open up for both LeBron and Carmelo and more endorsement and business marketing deals are available in LA.Also business and acting also yes they will win 3 straight championships by playing together.LeBron and Carmelo also have a healthy Kobe Bryant here already and that is perfect for them as they all can play together and win a couple rings and then Kobe will retire in 2 years and it becomes their team and they get to add more players with cap space that will be open in 2016 they can also opt out and get the max deal for 5 years with The Lakers.It’s business yes strictly business baby.

    • Redemption Rain

      LOL you see this people? Stupid, delusional, I’ll laugh at you when this is over.

  • Bruce

    People say yeah they rather take Melo and sign the rest of the roster to 1-2 year minimum deals, but I’ll say this, I’d rather take Deng, Thomas to pair with Kobe and Randle and sign other decent FAs to fill out the roster. Stop playing the waiting game with Melo Mitch and get this over with !!

  • stucktrader

    Isaiah Thomas, Kobe, Ariza, Randle, Monroe…

    not bad…

    If Isaiah takes $7, Ariza $7, Monroe $10… they can squeeze out Nash… and there is the youth the Lakers need, with some speed… Isaiah is a steal… if Ariza is not on his way here… Xavier and Young are okay… but they cant D-up like Ariza.

    • Bruce

      I don’t know about Monroe, we already got Randle, unless we play Monroe at center if we lose Jordan Hill.

      • wardrobe99

        randle is unproven rook he might not work out monroe is our ticket to get love gasol we can sign without the worry of lux tax because we own bird rights thats why he will be signed last

        • stucktrader

          “monroe is our ticket to get love gasol”?

          i dont understand that part… u mean sign and trade… sign Monroe, trade to Minny for Love… and get Pau to stay?

          I actually think Randle dropped to 7 because many underestimate what kind of player he is… the main weakness is depending on going Left a lot and he is not exactly someone that will be blocking a lot of shots.

          The pluses though, Rebounder, work ethic, can post or face up… has range to 3 (but will need to work on consistency). If Randle had left out of high school, he was projected as the #1 pick… So in the end, the Lakers were fortunate in that sense.

          Anyway, Thomas, KB, Ariza, Randle, Monroe… some speed, and KB will still be able to have the ball in his hand.

          • wardrobe99

            i believe in randle i just think he needs a year to grow stronger if minny would take gasol trade im down with that also.keep monroe i just think we need some more beast like players as our bigs and monroe can bang a little down low good offence and young still time to grow i also like Ed Davis he has good d and played well when he was with toronto the grezzly didnt let him play but monroe gives us a good trade piece

      • stucktrader

        Yea, i was thinking of Monroe @ the 5…

        But if J. Hill is willing to stay, that would definitely be cheaper…

    • wardrobe99

      thats a good team we can get thomas cheaper now that detroit is out of the running 5.0/5.5 Ariza will come for 5.5/6.5 so he can stay home in la with family. monroe is our ticket to trade for love in december

      • stucktrader

        wow… if Thomas comes over for $5M and Ariza for $6M, i see what you are saying about getting Love for Monroe by the trade deadline…

        I am hearing that the UDFA Kane @PG might also turn out to be a steal… although 25 yrs old, has experience, handle, shoots from everywhere and can defend…

        Just get Thomas, Ariza, and Monroe to LA… and see what happens during the trade deadline…

  • Bruce

    Lakers Fans need to stop panicking about free agency and stop calling eachother out and talking shit to eachother ya’ll are arguing if LeBron and Carmelo are signing with the Lakers.Come on now ya’ll let the free agency play out before ya’ll keep saying shit about it like these haters keep saying negative pessimistic shit about fee agency and the Lakers get a clue by now it’s the Lakers they go after superstars.

    If you want cheap role players with no stars go be a Jazz or Bucks or something because they will always suck since they are less than mediocre for a reason year in and year out they have no superstars no star free agents sign there or even gives them a meeting.So get used to being a Lakers fan or else just keep all that hate and pessimistic talk out of here it’s just redundant already.

    What you want role players like Trevor Ariza and Isiah Thomas oh ok welcome to mediocrity for the next 10 years if you do that and overpay tying up future cap space for next season and beyond.But if you get LeBron and Carmelo either one then you will be in contention for the next 5 years and players will want to sign with The Lakers to just to win a ring so they will sign for way below market value to win a ring.That’s why The Lakers have 16 championships as a franchise they know what they are doing and this is the proof they are getting LeBron and Carmelo.The Lakers are all about winning championships,that’s the mentality.

    • stucktrader

      No one is panicking… just seeing the other scenarios.

      Isaiah Thomas has about the same numbers as Kyrie… if you compare per minute… and he does this in the West…

      Nash, Kobe, Melo, Randle, Pau… is formidable for sure…
      LBJ, Kobe, Melo, Randle, Pau… is just not fair… But then, after that nixed CP3 trade, who cares right?

  • wardrobe99

    if kobe comes back strong i see us going to the finals if we get thomas,Ariza,monroe and Gasol back look at this team with kobe back strong and look at the spurs team that won monroe can score gasol is just as good as duncan kobe is better than manu and spurs mvp and thomas can hold his own with parker and we still got our rooks randle,clarkson,kane thats going to surprise everyone

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