NBA Draft Rumors: Joel Embiid’s Agent Hoping For Lakers Or Celtics Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] Shockwaves were sent through the NBA following the news of Joel Embiid's foot injury. With the Kansas product now needing surgery on [new_royalslider id="140"] Shockwaves were sent through the NBA following the news of Joel Embiid's foot injury. With the Kansas product now needing surgery on Rating: 0
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NBA Draft Rumors: Joel Embiid’s Agent Hoping For Lakers Or Celtics

Shockwaves were sent through the NBA following the news of Joel Embiid’s foot injury. With the Kansas product now needing surgery on his foot, coming off a back injury that already had teams concerned, the consensus is that he’ll no longer be the top pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft.

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Now that Embiid will almost certainly fall in the draft, a lot of uncertainty surrounds his future in the NBA. Embiid will likely still be a lottery pick come June 26, but it is unclear how far he’ll fall and what teams are willing to take a chance on an already injury prone center.

Embiid’s agent, Arn Tellem, still hopes the Cleveland Cavaliers will roll the dice on the promising young center with the top pick, but if he doesn’t go first, Tellem wants him to fall to the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers, according to Grantland’s Bill Simmons:

As of right now, there’s no clear indication of what players the Celtics or Lakers are targeting in the draft. Both teams have worked out numerous draft prospects over the past few weeks and will continue to bring in players leading up to the draft, but there’s been no indication as to which player either team has at the top of their list.

The Lakers may ultimately go with the best player available once their number is called. Julius Randle (Kentucky) or Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State) could be there for the taking, but GM Mitch Kupchak and company may elect to trade the pick.

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Although reports have surfaced that the Lakers are leaning toward keeping the pick and drafting the best player on the board, a trade could still be a realistic possibility. One trade scenario might already be in the works with Los Angeles possibly considering giving up the seventh pick in exchange for Thaddeus Young and the 10th pick.

With the draft less than a week away, the speculation will continue concerning Embiid’s immediate future and the Lakers’ options. Los Angeles taking Embiid isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but risking a lottery pick on an injured player after two seasons plagued injuries doesn’t seem like the best course of action.
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  • Rangers

    If Embiid falls past top 3 teams, then lakers should try to trade up with 7th pick and 2018 or 2019th pick.

    • Lakers Realist

      Risky though. I agree they should take the chance on him if they can, but should they really gamble more future first round picks? We’re already down two over the next 4 years. Rebuilding through the draft is going to be pretty important for them to find a coupe of nice pieces, they won’t build a contender strictly out of free agents.

      • Rangers

        If we have Embiid (good contract because rookie), kobe, and free agent money to spend, then our future draft picks won’t matter because they will be too high. We’re trying to win another ring in Kobe’s last years. That’s the goal

        • LakerSteve

          First, if the idea was to get Kobe ring #6, the Lakers and Kobe made a huge tactical error by making him the highest paid player in the game at ages 36 & 37 while also coming off of two major injuries. The goal when the Lakers signed Kobe was to put butts in the seats/TV and to rebuild simultaneously. I mean, Kobe will get 37% of the entire estimated cap this season and more in 2015. His contract is completely antithetical to the goal of winning a championship. Ok, now that I’ve vented on that… Second, Embiid is expected to miss most, if not all, the season even if he heels perfectly well. Then he’ll have to get in shape & then he’ll have to learn to be an NBA player. Oh, and trust his injured feet and back. Basically, if he falls to the Lakers at #7 (assuming they’ve kept the pick), it’s worth taking a shot on him if you’re not salivating over one of the other guys available. But, it would be ridiculous to trade another 1st when there’s absolutely no way to know what will happen in the future and you’re not close to winning now. Besides, if I’m the Lakers and somebody will actually take the #7 pick and a future #1, I’m thinking Exum.

      • The_Sports_Dude

        The Lakers can’t mortgage the future by giving away picks. The new CBA has made the strategy too costly to maintain. Also, it’s one thing to trade future picks for an established star like we did with Pau, but it’s unnecessarily risky to trade future picks for uncertain present picks when we’re in the middle of a rebuild.

        • J Taylor

          If the Lakers are successful and make the 2nd round pick, what good are future picks?
          Drafting #30 in any draft is ultimately useless.

          • LakerSteve

            IF, IF, IF… I assume you meant “2nd round” of the playoffs. And, you don’t draft #30 if you only make it to the 2nd round.

          • The_Sports_Dude

            LOL @ the notion that the Lakers would be drafting #30. I love the Lakers, but let’s be realistic. The Lakers are likely to be a lottery team the next couple years. The Suns get our 1st round pick next year plus this year’s 2nd round pick. Even if we’re able to land a big ticket FA this year and next year, we need organizational depth to be a contender, and that can only be built through the draft where you’re able to get cost-effective talent. The days of outspending people to accumulate talent are gone thanks to the CBA.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      7. Los Angeles Lakers: Joel Embiid, C, Fr., Kansas. Talk about a bad break, Embiid was practically a shoe-in for the No. 1 pick after his impressive workouts for the Cavs, but his foot fracture coupled with his back injury from last season has thrown up major red flags regarding his durability. The Lakers are looking for a replacement for Pau Gasol and Embiid could fall right into their lap.

      Yahoo Sports Latest Mock Draft As Of June 20

      By Tyler Jamieson, The Sports Xchange

    • LeBron James Coming To Lakers

      Let me just think of it now wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!!!!

      PG Darren Collinson
      SG Kobe Bryant
      SF LeBron James
      PF Carmelo Anthony
      C Joel Embiid

      5 Year Dynasty Champions Baby Yay Yay

      LeBron James has that Beats By Dre commercial and contract that is great.

      • Lakers Realist

        How on earth is this roster happening?

      • Marty Susman

        Whatever you r smoking I want some..

      • The_Sports_Dude

        This is why nobody takes Lakers fans seriously and think we all just started watching the NBA last week.

  • Badazztj12

    If Boston don’t take Embiid if he does drop that low. Hope Lakers pick him up because you don’t find C’s like him no more.

    • lakers72

      i agree…. hes beast with a lot of potential still … hopefully he stays healthy and does fall to the lakers

      • LegendInMyMind

        *Hopefully he GETS healthy.

  • vdogg

    so will embiid be out for the ENTIRE upcoming season? does anyone know?

    • BlackGod

      Needs 4-6 months of recovery

      • J Taylor

        4-6 Months JUST to being training.
        Then 3-4 Months of conditioning.
        7-9 Months Total…. The SOONEST we could expect to see Embiid would be February.

    • LakerSteve

      If I was a betting man – and sometimes I am – I’d bet he misses the entire season. I mean, after healing he needs to strengthen the foot, get in to shape then get into basketball shape. Never mind the fact that he has to learn to trust his foot (and back). If I’m a team that drafts him, I don’t want him sniffing the floor until he’s freakin’ bionic. Too big a risk…

  • LAL

    I just don’t see Embiid drop to 7 with Celtics ahead of us. The only way is to ask Jazz to pick Embiid for us and in return, the Lakers would draft a player that Jazz want + future draft pick.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jeff Goodman dropped Joel Embiid to #10 on his draft board.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    ESPN Jeff Goodman has Embiid dropping to #10.I have never seen a projected #1 pick start slipping in a draft like Embiid is according to these so called experts.Joel Embiid is tumbling out of the top 5 right now right into the 6-10 range and USA Today writer Steve Kyler said Embiid was 1 screw away from being undraftable.This is getting crazy the Lakers need to get a physical exam and medical records for Joel Embiid.This is just crazy.Alex Len had injury issues and he was drafted top 5 last draft.Maybe Joel Embiid can still go top 5 but highly questionable right now.

  • The_Sports_Dude

    If Philly is putting Thaddeus Young and the #10 pick for the #7 pick, then the Lakers should be all over it. He was practically an 18/10 player last year, plus Embiid might fall to the Lakers at 10, or they could go with either Elfrid Payton or Aaron Gordon. I like Elfrid Payton coming out of nowhere kind of like Damien Lillard last year.

    • yovape

      rather get zach lavine or dario saric with #10 pick vape

    • LakerSteve

      Young put up some numbers, but he did it on a team that wasn’t even trying. He’s really an undersized 4 who will make $9.3 mil this season and $9.7 mil in 2015 – when the Lakers will want to have as much cap space as possible and Kobe will already be getting paid $25mil. I don’t totally hate the idea, but it really does limit their ability to sign two big time FA’s in 2015 (if that’s what they’re thinking).

  • LakersHeatBeef

    While Embiid and Yao share the same injury, don’t expect the Kansas prospect to suffer a similar career path, writes Dr. Mark Adickes.

    Embiid will be just fine and playing in the NBA in 4 to 6 months.He is young and will heal fast and all will be forgotten.This is a can’t miss prospect worth the gamble.

  • darrel

    Lakers should trade there 7th pick & Steve Nash
    For 76sixers 10th pick & 22year old Point guard: Michael carter williams
    Than, trade there 10th pick for 24 year old Power forward: Klay Thompson…. than make the push to get Ömer Aşık & sign pau Gasol to a 1 year home town discount.
    Shooting guard: Kobe Bryant
    Point guard: Michael
    Center: Ömer Faruk Aşık
    Power forward: pau
    Power foward klay thompson.

    Than go after love in 2015 & steal him from the warriors to replace pau

    • emanuel

      Klay Thompson isn’t a power forward….

  • Marty Susman

    Kobe does not have the time for a seven footer who can’t stay healthy…MCW and Klay Thompson and DUMPING NASH should be their biggest deal….

    • J Taylor

      Too bad the 76′ers GM said this was a bogus trade.
      - I, likewise, thought it would be a coup. Especially when you add $20M in free agency spending. (MCS, Thompsion, L.Stephenson, Gasol, Okafor/Hill)

    • LakerSteve

      Kobe? Time? He and the Lakers should have thought of that when they gave him (he took) his ridiculous contract. I mean, look what signing for less did for Duncan. Or, for that matter, the big three in Miami (4 straight finals, 2 championships). This is about rebuilding in the smartest way possible. Not saying Klay isn’t worth the #7 pick, but he’ll be a restricted FA after this season and the Lakers will likely have to pony up big to keep him. All, while paying Kobe $25 mil.

    • Chrmngblly

      I sure am sorry for Kobe. I see this as a Godsend, though. If the Jazz stay pat—and they should, with Vonleh, and Boston snags Embiid or Gordon, we get whoever is left. As long as we are not stuck with Smart or Randle, two guys that have made their dubious bonze by bullying smaller high school and college players. Maybe they will make it in the pros, maybe they won’t. Players don’t come along like Embiid or Gordon very often.

      I am satisfied that the FO is also considering the Thompson trade. It shows they are not stuck with the idea that Kobe can only play the 2. It would be good if he slid over to the 3. I would be as happy with Lance Stephenson at the 2, though, and we would not have to give up a pick to buy him.

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