NBA: Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden To Work Out For Clippers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="178"] Former Laker Andrew Bynum hasn't had any success since being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers back in the summer of 2012. Bynum was c [new_royalslider id="178"] Former Laker Andrew Bynum hasn't had any success since being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers back in the summer of 2012. Bynum was c Rating: 0
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NBA: Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden To Work Out For Clippers

Former Laker Andrew Bynum hasn’t had any success since being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers back in the summer of 2012. Bynum was coming off a career year in his final season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but struggled to stay healthy during his short stints with the 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers.

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Now that Bynum is a free agent, the veteran center is looking for another opportunity in the NBA without many teams showing interest in the injury prone center.

Fortunately for Bynum, and fellow injury prone big man Greg Oden, the Los Angeles Clippers will work out both centers along with a few other veterans, according to Jorge Sedano of ESPN:

Clippers to work out back up Centers this week. Names that will come thru: Andray Blatche, Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum & Emeka Okafor

With Bynum playing a total of 26 games over the last two seasons and causing locker room problems anywhere he seems to go, the two-time NBA champion will take any opportunity at this point. Bynum would be welcome addition to the Clippers’ frontcourt if able to stay healthy, but it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to do so moving forward.

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Oden and Okafor are also two veterans that have struggled with injury problems during their careers. Blatche, on the other hand, has been able to stay healthy and put up decent numbers in a backup capacity. The nine-year veteran could have the advantage over Bynum and the rest of the centers invited to work out for the team simply due to his ability to stay healthy while producing off the bench.

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  • TheZuluNation

    Interesting… ’cause I heard Bynum is going to sit out for this season and go to Germany to get the knee therapy Kobe got and make a return the following year w/ a possible return playing under Phil in NY.

    • stucktrader

      He should sit out, if it means it will increase his chances of staying healthy and actually making the team.

      • TheZuluNation

        I agree.

    • x

      i feel like that was the lakers idea for him to take a season off to get that knee therapy. so he can come join us on kobe’s last year. on hopes to win a championship before he retires. p.s. how many big men they need they griffin deandre now they need another they need role players

      • Al Haldie

        If You don’t know it Griffin may not play this yr with back problems, that’s the reason he left the USA team so they are going to need another big {good luck} please take BYNUM he can keep the whole bench warm all by his self… ha ha He is good at that..

        • KnowWatchaTalkin

          Actually it was really nothing and he already said hes fine and working out and there was no fracture. It was so he could get out of playing for Team USA

    • Kishan

      thats what will happen i don’t see any NBA team wanting a cripple Bynum in there team

  • Duckathon

    I’m going out on a limb and say that they’ll play a combined 20 games next year.

    • Okaaay

      And that’s being optimistic! I had them pegged at 15 games.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    AKA – All the players we should be looking at (minus Dinosaur Oden)

  • Jim213

    RIP, Bynum’s hair.

  • LeRon

    The Lakers can’t be serious about Jordan Hill as a full time center.Part time yes okay i roll with that but full time is a big issues he is not big enough or good enough to do it.The Lakers need a real center like Bynum or Okafor.Not Robert Sacre this is going to be a major problem for coach Scott.I will go out on a limb and say if the Lakers get a real center they will make the playoffs with a 6-8 seed.If not no playoffs.

    • joshhh

      davis is good enough to play center he’s tough just cuz a player’s natural postion is the pf doesn’t mean they can’t play center if they have the weight and toughness there really is no problem davis is fine and they should go get Jermaine O’Neal or ekpe udoh

      • Kishan

        i think lakers needs to focus on the small forward position rather than the big men…. Lakers the 3 position…. i really think lakers should be going for Shawn Marion over Beasly … Marion is way better defender and he plays hard… and most importantly it brings some defence in the lineup
        PG- Lin
        SG- Kobe
        SF- Marion
        PF- Boozer
        C- Hill
        please people don’t say Nash will start coz he’s too slow and wont be able to play defenc… Lin would do better…. its better if Nash comes of the bench coz he’s still a great shooter

        • joshhh

          the thing is I love marion he’s my pick over anybody else who’s available I love his game he’s done it all and he knows how to get it done and he’s a champion so that’s a bonus but the problem is we don’t have the money for him he wants his money he’s not gonna come here for little money when he could go somewhere else for more and be on a contending team I would for it to happen but it’s just not gonna happen he already met with the cavs a few days ago and I think he’s going to the cavs

          • Kishan

            i read article where we just have to pay a veteran contract 2.7million and Spurs, Bucks or something like that pays 5.3mill but he opts to go to lakers basically a sign and trade. but yes i agree he has better options than lakers

        • TheZuluNation

          Yup, need depth at SF. I have a feelin’ Marion will sign with Cleveland tho.

          • Kishan

            yea exactly… but he prob will go cleveland but i hope not haha

      • LeRon

        I like Jermaine and Ekpe both have the big man game i enjoy.More so lets try for Ekpe since he is younger and has some potential to get better.I don’t know much about Ed Davis being a center but i will take your word for it since you seem to know more.Yes i say we make the playoffs with a real center.Well Ed Davis intrigued me just now by your words.

      • Truth B Told

        Davis is too small…..bigger centers will be a problem for him………Okafor or Bynum if they are healthy.

    • Truth B Told

      Good observation…….Okafor and Bynum would be a good move….Need a rim protector…..Byron should know he needs a rim protector or is Jim making all these decision without his imput?

    • Truth B Truth

      Agree……Okafor or Bynum…I think Bynum would be rejuvenated back with the Lakers..Clippers are beating Lakers to these moves….Lakers need a rim protector…..All contending teams have one.

  • Eman94

    I think the Lakers need to be inviting these same people for a workout they need one more center. I think as of now, Ed Davis should be the starting center with Jordan Hill playing the backup but you need to have another center because you never know if either of them will be healthy all of next season and they’re both better as power forwards but since the Lakers already have Boozer, Randle, and Kelly at power forward they’ll be forced to play the center position. Robert Sacre can’t be counted on as a center he rebound to save his life, he’s a nice guy but he does not belong in this league I don’t care if he supposably “a hard worker” if he really was he would be a better player, he’s a decent defender but not a shot blocker or rebounder or scorer he’s basically useless and I hope to god the Lakers get rid of him when they can.

    • joshhh

      Jermaine O’Neal there’s ur answer shot blocker

      • Kishan

        Small Forward is the position we lack first

      • Eman94

        I wouldn’t mind Jermaine O’ Neal but I rather take a chance on a young big man like Bynum or Oden or a athletic long player from the D league/summer league or that went undrafted. I think athletic big men are going to be a must for any nba team in the future were seeing more and more athletic bigs coming into the nba now so I think the lakers should look for one that’s 6″11 or 7 foot with long arms and is actually athletic

        • nlruizjr

          O’Neal is thru, Bynum or Oden (Fric & Frac), no thanks, there has to be a talented big somewhere ????

          • joshhh

            ekep udoh javale McGee emeka okafor and a couple more

          • Truth B Told

            McGee is under contract to Denver.

          • Devon Samuels²⁴

            I agree!

        • joshhh

          this is where I disagree I like veterans sure if ur team is in a long rebuild and has no chance in making the playoffs than yes go for young players and fill up ur roster with d-league players. veteran players make more of an impact and production cuz they’ve already played in the nba they have experience so for the lakers there not that good but there not that bad either there sort of in the middle they could make some noise. so kobe wants to win now and bringing in savy veterans like Jermaine oneal will give u a better shot at winning now

        • Matt Williams

          Jermaine O’Neal is old. I mean on his last leg old.

    • Al Haldie

      Sacre has only been in the league for 2 yrs and the first one was sitting on the bench to learn last yr he got a lot better I do believe this yr you will see a big change – give him a chance the LAKERS have..

      • Eman94

        I’ve watched Sacre very closely the past 2 years he got a fair amount of playing time in his rookie year with Dwight and pau and Jordan hill missing a lot of games, I think he even started some games in his rookie season. That being said he made no improvement from his rookie year to his sophomore year. I see how he play and he’s someone who shys away from contact and settles for mid range jump shots. He stays almost out of the paint because he can’t score up close with defenders around him and that leads to him giving up offensive rebounds. He boxes out his opponents but he doesn’t pursuit rebounds, he has no idea how to rebound and him hovering around 10-15 feet away from the rim doesn’t help either. He stays that far from the rim because his only offensive game is shooting mid range jumpers and he’s not even that good at those. I know it takes time to develop but I don’t see him serving any purpose for any NBA team from what I’ve seen from him. He’ll have to improve dramatically if he wants to be relevant on any team. He’s already slow and unathletic with very little to no skill, the odds are not in his favor and I have no hope for him it’ll be a miracle if he improves to be good enough to be a back up center for any team

        • Truth B Told

          I agree….he’s a good cheerleader

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Finally someone who positive about the team or player tired on BS negativity!

  • LakerSpartan117

    Hey, good for us… hopefully they sign him so that he will spread his cancer in that locker room and corrode it from the inside. Undercover Lakers SABOTAGE!!! Then our chances of signing DJ will go up!

    HAHA!!!! But anyway I heard something about him sitting out the year to get his knees treated. But I highly doubt any of those guys would want to play for that team, regardless of it being a contender. They would never see the floor, hence lack of production ending their chances of getting a better contract the following year.

  • wangkon936

    Unless he can grow new cartilage in his knees, he’s done.

  • Raffaele D’Abrusco

    I wonder if Oden’s body can withstand 25 minutes per game.

  • Matt Williams

    Bynum is done. Career in the toilet. If the Clippers get him, then it’s another year with no title. LOL!

  • Duckathon

    To be honest, wouldn’t mind taking a chance on either.

  • Mambanation

    LoL ahhhh no one give a shiet about these bustss.

  • Mambanation

    I still cant get over his uglyazz hair lol….that fro is ugly.

  • J Lee

    Bynum trying to get another paycheck while sitting out …again…

    • wangkon936

      Needs to talk to Luke Walton. He’s the master.

  • Truth B Told

    Since Scott is preaching defense..He need to get some of the FA’s..like Okafor or Bynum because we only have one big that’s defensive (Davis)…Hill is not a defensive big or Sacre….Lakers wait around too long until other teams gets the best available FA’s.

    • BULL

      I will agree with you we really only have one 7ft in Sacre but with that said Okafor nor Bynum is our answer.. put Oden name in there and none of these players has been healthy enough to play a whole season.. keep it young.. get some of these summer leaguers.. there was a 7fter that played with the Clippers in the summer league #34 ..he was trying to block every shot going to the basket.. hes more like it!

  • Pat Wells

    No way he’s a loser & lazy.. Just wants a paycheck

  • quickster007

    Quick, which one gets injured first Bynum or Greg Oden. Oh, it could get worst both of them injured. These two represent welfare in the NBA. They get injured and still get paid.

    • joshhh

      yo do know if TWC sportnet is available in canada

  • turfmanny

    They should pick up 7 foot 1 Ronnie Aguilar saw him in preseason did not get a lot of minutes but the guys is a rebound machine and rim protector.

  • Lakers4Life

    Great news! At least this bum isn’t working out for us Lakers as we definitely won’t be needing him anymore. Good luck to Bynum for the rest of whatever remains in his NBA career.

  • Dave

    Lakers need a 7 footer other than Sacre….Either Oden or Bynum would be perfect, due to their upsides at a very low cost. Emeka Okafur, although a bit smaller is a true center and he’d be a good addition as well, without the baggage. Jermaine O’Neal is a last resort…but I hope Mitch goes after at least one of these 4….add Beasley for the remaining roster spot…and the Lakers will actually have a decent team.

  • Truth B Told

    Doc is constantly dipping into the pool of former players from the Lakers…..hasn’t work out for him..However Farmar might be different….

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