Mitch Kupchak Says Kobe Looks Good, Could Play Some Small Forward

Mitch Kupchak Says Kobe Looks Good, Could Play Some Small Forward


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Kobe Bryant plans to come back with a vengeance next season after playing only six games last season. Many people doubt whether Kobe can return at the same level after two serious injuries, but he plans on proving everyone wrong.

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Bryant has already began working out in preparation for next season at the Lakers practice facility. Mitch Kupchak’s office looks out over the court and Kupchak revealed what he saw from Kobe on an interview with ESPN LA 710 radio:

No one in the NBA has the drive and desire of Kobe Bryant. If anyone can come back from these kinds of setbacks, it is Bryant. He’s going to do everything possible to dominate the NBA once again.

He will have some different teammates to go to war with. The Lakers already drafted Julius Randle, who expects to be an immediate contributor, but the Lakers will also be major players in free agency — something that Kupchak said could lead to Bryant spending some time at the small forward position:

The Lakers have a number of options in free agency, and at the top of the list is Carmelo Anthony. If they are unable to lure him to LA, there are other options available including Chandler Parsons, and Kyle Lowry.

The Lakers will do everything possible to put the best team around Kobe for his last two years in purple and gold. If that leads to Bryant playing different positions, he will gladly do so as long as the Lakers are winning.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Badazztj12

    This means its ok for us to sign a good SG

  • purp& goldpride

    I wouldn’t overpay him, but I’d welcome lance Stephenson as our 2 guard. He is a good play maker, and a hound defensively. Only 24 yo.

    • A Fan

      yeah, Kobe’s uncertainty is one of the main reasons I wouldn’t mind Lance Stephenson. He can really cover for Kobe on the defensive end because he’s quick enough to guard the 1 and 2, and strong enough to guard the 3.

  • Sam Saab

    Love this kind of news, really excited to see how kobe plays

  • Zimmeredge

    does not mean he will play as a starting sf tho. he might play couple of minutes depending on match ups.

    • Macio

      Right because he sure isn’t playing SF against OKC!

      • Zimmeredge

        he’s body frame makes him a pg in this league right now so to see him going head to head against 6-8 220 guys very unlikely. kobe will have to slim down anyway because of his injuries he can’t carry too much weight.

        • comrade24

          If we get another SF Melo/Deng/Ariza then we can shift defensive assignments based on who we’re playing. But yeah, i can’t see Kobe trying to body up Durant/Lebron or trying to chase Harden around. Going to have to get creative defensively where Kobe’s concerned to preserve his body for (knock on wood) the playoffs.

          • SOLOJR

            You cant forget that Kobe himself is fit as well.

  • Kobe Gagnon

    Welcome back Nick Young

  • comrade24

    not completely on topic but i just read that Magic will waive Jameer Nelson. He would be a good pickup for pg and may come cheap.

    • meep

      i would love him even at 6 mill a year that still less then most PGS would cost. plus he still has a few good years left but if he anything like fisher he will be good for years to come.

      • Rangers

        6 mill a year for old Nelson? Lmfao good thing you’re not gm

      • comrade24

        I would say 3yr 12 mil at the most for Nelson.

      • nlruizjr

        I would rather the Lakers went for I thomas, Jameer was never impressive when young muchless now at his advanced age. IMO.

      • AC

        The most i’ll give Nelson is the Mid-Level Exception, nothing more than that

    • BULLY


      • Badazztj12

        Sessions would be better with his size,shooting,and speed

        • BULLY

          True, plus Coach Scott, assuming he gets the job, coached Sessions before. but we been there done that .. he didn’t want to stay.. plus he reminds me a little of Wesley.. a lot of skills but no heart!

          • Spitfire

            Yeah Scott has mentored Sessions and the Cavs lost an NBA record 26-game losing streak with Scott as a head coach.

          • comrade24

            yeah, i remember him dissapearing in the playoffs against OKC. No thanks on Sessions

    • AC

      I’d rather we have Farmar instead of Nelson, let some other team have him.. getting young is the key for the Lakers.

    • Doug Fuller

      Why? I hope you ain’t talking about him as a starter. We already have nash and marshall…we need a GOOD point guard dude.

  • ethan s

    Id sign lance to be point guard to help play defense against the wests pgs he’d needbto slim dwn just a litte bit


    Paul George, Hayward, James, Wiggins, Parker, Parsons, Durant, should I even continue to list all the small forwards in todays game.. no thank you Kobe, stick to the 2 spot.. Lakers pay Ariza to come back home man! 69 athletic, long and knock down 3 consistently!

    • Chrmngblly

      Kobe would be way better at the 3. THINK. He will never be able to keep up with the quick 2-guards coming into the league. A player can always bulk up, but he can never speed up. Father time will win this one. He is big enough and strong enough and smart enough to play the 3—and it may extend his career.

    • Chris

      Kobe would smoke all those you mentioned.

  • comrade24

    This kind of news is great, kobe looking like kobe. Just hope it’s true and not blowing smoke to try to lure FA’s.

    • BULLY


    • Badazztj12

      But isn’t that a good thing?

      • comrade24

        i mean, it’s a good thing if it’s true. obviously.

  • AOKP

    I want us to get Lowry and munroe. That’s 2 needs and great pieces for us

    • Omar

      I agree with that. If Monroe can’t be signed, then I’d go for Deng. Deng and Randle with Pau possibly would be a good front court. They just need a coach that teaches defense

      • Chrmngblly

        No. We will never get Monroe. He’s not a good enough defender to even go after. We might as well bring back that shoe salesman, Kaman. I would rather have PAU back. Someone suggested Okafor. There are some young players with potential available.

    • Lakers Fan

      I don’t think we will get Lowry. As much as I want him, we would have to pay him around 9 mill a year. If Nash and Kobe wasn’t eating up money, then it would be a possibility. Unfortunately, he might be headed to South Beach instead. I would like Monroe, but he isn’t a good defender. But I guess looking at our options we can only get the best available at our positions of need.

      • TomK

        We have 32 million in cap space so WHY exactly can’t we sign Lowery? We could sign him AND Lebron or Melo and still fill out a roster.

      • RealTalk202

        umm Lowry is not going to soutbeach…they have Zero dollars to pay him after resigning lebron, wade and bosh…thats insane…Only LA and Brooklyn have that type of money to go into luxury tax status like that

  • Ivan

    If Kobe accepts to also play as SF it would be very good, it would allow us to pursue both for SF and SG in the free market. If Kobe had remained a SF in his career, he could be the all time NBA leader on triple-doubles. But he moved to SG and he prioritized to be a scorer.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yes. You are right. If Melo comes, fine; if LBJ comes, fine. As long as Kobe is flexible.

      • Nalin Shukla

        I think Kobe should stay at sg and lebron play pf while melo plays sf and in 2016 when we get Durant lebron should play pg then

  • gerry

    serena winters is hotttt!!!

  • edgar

    Kobe is a question mark at this point you guys question what position he’s going to play I question if he is still a $25mil player, I just hope he can at least still play a full season