Mitch Kupchak Says Coach Likely Won’t Be Hired In The Next 2-3...

Mitch Kupchak Says Coach Likely Won’t Be Hired In The Next 2-3 Weeks


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The Lakers have finally begun their coaching search, interviewing former coach Mike Dunleavy this morning. Although the process has begun, it will still be some time before the team’s new coach is hired.

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General manager Mitch Kupchak held a conference call today, and according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, gave a little bit of a time frame for when to expect a new coach:

There are a number of qualified candidates for this position and because the Lakers have to make this hire right after missing on the last two choices, they will take their time making this selection.

With so many options for the position, the Lakers will have their choice of a number of guys each bringing different levels of experience. Kupchak added in the conference call that the team may want someone who has some experience:

Now that the team knows it will select seventh in next month’s NBA Draft, they can begin shaping their team. Whether they choose to keep the pick or trade it for other assets remains to be seen, but the identity of the Lakers next season is finally beginning to take shape, and the head coach hire will be an important sign of where the team wants to go.
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  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Take your time no need to rush!

    • Dana

      OTOH, there are several coaching openings, and if they wait too long many of the candidates will have taken jobs before they can make their decision.

      • michael

        and we get another pringles?

  • Willis

    Take 4 months just get it correct we can’t afford to hire a bad coach.Mike Dunleavy has coached 1317 games and his winning % is 46.1%.No below average lifetime loser will help progress this team it will regress with Mike Dunleavy.Shucks i wouldn’t mind some no name coach as long as he will improve the team and help us reach the highest level and stay with us long term.Take you’re sweet time.

  • comrade24

    Yeah, just be patient until all of the good coaches have been hired by somewhere else and then we get stuck with another Mike. good plan Mitch

  • BlackMamba24

    I think that Byron Scott would be the best fit. He is defensive-minded and has experience from coaching the hornets and cavs.

    • comrade24

      i agree. hurry up before someone else hires him!

  • Steve

    Seriously i get it by now the Lakers FO works in a unconventional way and they do the absolute opposite of what the fans and media want them to do.Well i can respect that and understand that but why the hell would a team make stupid decisions just to be different than everyone else?Especially when those bad moves are causing the team to lose games and to become a non playoff team.It’s as if the Lakers FO are trying their best to spite the Lakers fan base and they are going against themselves by trying to beat themselves by making terrible decisions time after time.The Lakers FO is weird and sadistic.

    They have a smart fan base and father Jerry Buss knows best even though he is smiling down on the Buss kids from heaven they need to start making good basketball decisions from now on or else they will always suffer misfortune until every penny is gone.I know it;s tough to run a NBA team but come on now at least try to make the best coaching hire possible don’t give up and settle for a old retread loser like Mike Dunleavy.What the Lakers are trying to do is to make the entire fan base mad enough to hate them?

    At least be honest to yourselves and remember who’s you’re daddy and hire a winner even if the guy never coached before give someone other than Mike Dunleavy the head coaching job.Hire Lionel Hollins or Messina or Byron or even a college coach or assistant coach but make a more likable profitable hire than Mike Dunleavy or whoever else they got in mind.Lakers gotta start being more conventional and stop acting like they are not apart of our civilization.Act rite Mitch and Jim.

  • Brandon

    Coach Dave Joerger is available to take a coaching job wherever he wants the Grizzlies and Dave Joerger are mutually agreeing to a mutual split.The Lakers should hire young Coach Joerger he managed Memphis very well last season and he has won championships in the D-League and other places.He is worth the wait.

  • ltsJoeMama

    Byron Scott please.

  • Marty Susman

    As for a coach who will try & play Kobe, the BEST thing for Kobe would be a NEW POSITION SIMILAR TO THE BASEBALL CLOSER. THAT MEANS KOBE COMES IN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE 4TH QUARTER…. If Kobe only played the 4th quarter & even then only if he was needed, he could play three or four more years without trouble. Forget playing him 30 minutes, a max of no more then 15 minutes & he can play us to a ring with the right other players….

    • vdogg

      you have got to be kidding. so you’re gonna tell kobe bryant — one of the most fierce competitors in the history of the game — to sit for the first three quarters of every game? LOL. sure, buddy. hey, maybe if we just brought him in for the last 44 seconds of every game, he could play until he’s 60!

  • Lakers4Life

    We already lost Kerr our best candidate. Wait 2-3 weeks and we may lose more. Next season will definitely be brighter with Dumbtoni out of the way, but it’s not looking too promising to say the least.

    • vdogg

      kerr, who has never coached a single second of basketball at any level, was “our best candidate”? you’ve got issues, kid.

  • kliff richard

    Now LA Lakers Needed Buy one for cash Draft pick in draft day and trade players and Draft pick trade for tom thibodeau or keep it and hire jeff van gundy or George karl and quin snyder as Head coach LA Lakers next season Please consider it