Mitch Kupchak Expects Nash and Gasol To Participate In Training Camp

Mitch Kupchak Expects Nash and Gasol To Participate In Training Camp


Steve Nash and Pau GasolWith the Los Angeles Lakers not having the smoothest offseason, many have wondered how this team will look next season. With Kobe Bryant recovering from Achilles surgery, Dwight Howard leaving town for Houston, and the health of Steve Nash and Pau Gasol up in the air, there isn’t much to feel great about in Lakerland.

With so much uncertainty, some feel it might be in the Lakers best interest to mail it in during the 2013-2014 season and get into the lottery, which is expected to be a deep draft next summer.

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Not so fast, however. In a new interview with the Los Angeles Time’ Mike Bresnahan, Mitch Kupchak expects both Nash and Gasol to be at training camp and ready to go when camp opens up in two months.

“I expect both those guys to participate in training camp. Kobe is obviously the wild card right now,” Kupchak said.”I spoke to Pau about two weeks ago for 45 minutes. He said he feels a lot better than he did a month ago. He was optimistic that he’d be ready for training camp.

With both Gasol and Nash being ready to go, it gives the Lakers the assurance that two of their three best players will be ready for the season’s start. That could quiet any remaining “tanking” rumors surrounding the Lakers. Gasol, who turned 33 earlier this month, was plagued with injuries all of last season, forcing him to miss 33 games.

Nash, 39, dealt with the most frustrating season of his career as the two-time MVP sat out 32 games himself. However, Kupchak talked about Nash and his progress this offseason, saying:

We saw Nash out here last week. If I had to guess, he feels he’s in the 90th-percentile of where he wants to be. We still have two more months.”

Nash, who could barely move in the playoffs after dealing lingering injury issues, might be handling the ball a lot more next season than he did last season. With Bryant’s status still up in the air, Nash will be as important as ever for the Lakers.


Lakers hire Kurt Rambis and Johnny Davis to the coaching staff. Be sure to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube channel by clicking here!

  • gojbussgokupchack!

    the ball finds energy and it needs to move to forward to an exciting laker season! with nash healthy and a better bench we are good!! sign a few more good three pointer scorers and we’re in the hunt!! no more ball hogging for kobe, he needs to pass first score 2nd. !! believe that!! go kupchack !

    • Jim213

      Your so called ball hogging means other than Kobe everyone else better STEP UP and put some points up to earn their pay!

      • richard

        thanks for that Jim213… I can’t believe people would just write anything without first checking on who they are talking about… Kobe is not Magic or Nash and will never be. Kobe is Kobe.. He is a scorer and damn very good at it.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          AMEN to that!

    • richard

      Kobe is a scorer not a point guard! Nash is a point guard hence a passer. Get your BB IQ straight.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Kobe maybe hogging the ball, because no one else gives this team winning (proven) chances better than he does. We need defensive stoppers, we’ve got too many shooters already… that will not win the game or take the contentions any deeper. Your 3pt shots will not translate to a win if you can not stop onslaughts and defend opponents from scoring. Get your information’s right.

      • richard

        I second your point Eddie … In fairness to this roster… Nick Young is a very good on ball defender that uses his quickness to offset the more muscular offensive players, J.Hill too is a very good low post defender and rebounder, just need to know when to go after an offensive rebound and not… Kobe, despite his age and injury, I believe will still be an above-average defender in the 2 spot. Pau Gasol is a very good anchor in team defense and plays smart defensively when playing the center spot, Nash, for all his shortcomings, is an under-rated on ball defender, and also adept at understanding team defense… I think this team is capable of being a good defensive unit. the hiring of Rambis will reinforce this idea.

        The second unit is a better perimeter defensive unit, and can also score: Kaman, LO/Harris, Wes Johnson, Meeks, Farmar

        We are looking good offensively with the personnel we have… and will not look too bad defensively this coming season.

        IMHO, the biggest key to this season will be chemistry and energy. How early and well will this roster develop chemistry? And, How will they sustain the energy level from game to game?

        • Eddie Lazaro

          Though we are being counted out to make playoffs by almost everyone, I like our chances. it is nice for once be the underdog, less stress and expectations. I have said and said it so many times, we have never had these many shooters who can shoot the daylights from downtown since 2000 when we have Horry, Fox, Rice, Shaw, Harper and Kobe. Kobe is still here and doing great for having so many miles (don’t know how he keep up) on his legs, when he comes back at least 90% and once stamina, cohesion and Chemistry is build at the training camp, WE ARE DANGEROUS!

  • nlrluizjr

    Lakers need to pick up Marcus Landry, CDR and Ivan Johnson, hell fill up the roster so MD can use the bench to its max.