Mike D’Antoni: ‘We Should Have A Chip On Our Shoulder’ Reviewed by Momizat on . In an interview with TWC Sportsnet's Jaime Maggio, Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni discussed numerous topics about the upcoming season including his anxiousness In an interview with TWC Sportsnet's Jaime Maggio, Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni discussed numerous topics about the upcoming season including his anxiousness Rating:
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Mike D’Antoni: ‘We Should Have A Chip On Our Shoulder’

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In an interview with TWC Sportsnet’s Jaime Maggio, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni discussed numerous topics about the upcoming season including his anxiousness to start the season and the team having a chip on their shoulder.

With so many new players, there’s always the challenge of trying to mesh individual talents together, but D’Antoni is more anxious than anything to get the season started:

“Just anxious to go. We’ve been, they’ve been in most of the month of September. We’re getting a good feel of their personalities and how they are and individually how they perform. Now let’s see if their individual talents can mesh with each other.”

The Lakers have low expectations heading into this season and D’Antoni believes everyone should have a chip on their shoulder, including the coaching staff:

“I think they should. We have some talented players that either have been overlooked or been dissed a little bit. We should have a chip on our shoulder. A lot of us. Coaching staff included. We have some things to prove and that’s what we’ll try to do.”

D’Antoni is very excited about the athleticism and three-point shooting the Lakers brought in this off-season, which will bring an exciting type of basketball. The Lakers coach believes Nick Young is one of the best scorers and talents in this league, but will stress the importance of ball movement. He also looks forward to Wesley Johnson having a break-out season as a former lottery pick in 2010.

Everyone from management to the players have an understanding of the situation at hand and are extremely motivated. Most are already in the practice facility preparing to exceed low expectations. If this team can stay healthy and Mike D’Antoni coaches to the team’s strengths, this year’s Lakers have the opportunity to surprise a lot of people.


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  • 3339

    The talent is there. Young and Kaman are very underrated players. Farmar was always good for us. Nash and Pau are as classy as it gets. And I dare someone to count out Kobe. Only part that concerns me is dantonis leadership

  • Thomas The Train

    I don’t give a shit mane what people say about Mike D’Antoni he is aight guy he is the best coach eva.Mike D’Antoni gots da young guns he just gotta use dem.Yup gotta do good thangz his youngstas on da payroll lets win more games mane!Fuck it lets play ball ya’ll!Dats watts up homies!#Lakers Gang!

  • vdogg

    first of all, it just sounds weird to hear d’antoni use the word “dissed”. anyway. IMO, one of the most pivotal questions of this season is whether or not wesley johnson can blossom into a sold starter for the lakers at SF. should that happen, the lakers will be able to compete with a lot of teams.

    • Daryl Peek

      LOL at “dissed”

  • Marv

    It/s crazy2 me how counted out these Lakers are. Do the doubters not know it all starts in the head? The hunger they talk about will shine through.

  • Paytc

    Excuses are useless. Effort over excuses. Step up and make a difference instead of an excuse.

    Go Laker !

    • Paytc

      Go Lakers ! that is. It’s never about what some one else thinks about you.
      As Les Browns teacher once told him “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality. Let’s just focus on being accountable from the top to the bottom and let the chips fall in place like their suppose to.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed but I like the chip on the shoulder underdog theme this season. It’s fitting and professionals or not, word gets around, and they are still human.

        KNUCKLE UP and make fools duck!

        “12th I see..” –KB24

        “Lakers Love Underdog Role. 12? It’s disrespectful” –Swaggy P

        • Paytc

          I agree as a matter of fact I have a book with a chapter dedicated and titled “chip on the shoulder”. But having a chip on the shoulder means nothing unless you are willing to do something about it. That is why each individual from the top to the bottom must be accountable.

          There is not one playoff bound team that’s concerned about us having a chip on our shoulder.They will however be very concerned if they see everyone on the team and within the organization are “STEPPING UP ” to be personally accountable. When they see excuses replaced by actions they will know we have more than a chip on our shoulders. They will realize we’ve become and unstoppable force. That’s when the championship will be within reach.

          Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            They have to be allowed to play the games before we can make that assessment. As far as we can tell from sources, they are putting the work in. Accountability begins with the win loss column. The chip either remains or is knocked off.

            There will be ups and downs along the way. The thing to look for is collective resolve. If we have that the chip will not fall to cliche chatter of the matter.

          • Paytc

            How I see it is either you “STEP UP” or shut up and get out of the way of someone who will. Obviously the game is where “Stepping up” means the most. But accountability starts before the games do.Accountability is carried around with you on and off the court.Accountability is the highest level of “chip on the shoulder” because it means all excuses end with you.As Mr. A. Robbins says “if you can’t you must”. I will take players who “STEP UP” and are personally accountable over players who just talk about it with little to no action behind the words.

            Talking about what we are gonna do only has power when it is backed up.
            Someone has to back up the so call “chips on the shoulder”. I am more concerned with who the somebodies are gonna be.Tell me who’s gonna “STEP UP” Because I know Doc Rivers,CP3,and Griffin etc…. are looking forward to slapping the chip off or shoulders. What happens when the chip gets knocked off and reality sets in that we cannot bully anyone with words alone?Western conference playoff teams won’t fear us until enough players “Step up “.

            Daryl, accountability does not begin with wins and loses. It comes before,during,and after each game.You only need a chip if your making an excuse to not step up and be personally accountable.I would be more impressed if this so call “chip” was talked about to players in private.Otherwise it sounds like a built in excuse to under achieve.Accountability takes the excuse away and puts the burden on someone.Someone has to “make” things happen,otherwise it won’t on it’s own.

          • Paytc

            Correction “I know Doc Rivers,CP3,and Griffin etc…. are looking forward to slapping the chip off “our” shoulders”. I have too many distractions around me to proof read before posting many times.

            Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            That part is already addressed in training camp, as I stated, it seems they are putting that work in early. Questions will be asked, responses will be given. Accountability then defaults to the win loss column. That’s the bottom line.

          • hookedonnews

            Do we have to dissect everything D’Antoni says? I think we all understand what he meant, and it’s not a guiding philosophy or a big deal. This is a common saying when a team has not lived up to expectations or if they are being disrespected by the media. I don’t think MDA thinks that’s all that’s necessary to get to the playoffs and be the kind of team that we all want.

          • Paytc

            My comment was not to really knock MDA as much as it was to bring up the point …. Somebody is gonna have to” STEP UP”. We need accountability more than we do a “chip on our shoulders”. I am rolling with the coach at this point because he is the coach. But even so, I am aware of what needs to be done to turn us back into a championship team. I would not feel right unless I share it with the Laker Nation.

            Go Lakers !

  • Jim213

    From viewing the interview “yesterday” the coach seems to feel the pressure in delivering a productive season. No excuses come next season given this off seasons pickups favor the coach’s style of play.The franchise is also looking past the triangle (Dr. Buss’s vision?) in implementing the run and gun so I don’t know someone more experienced to implement it.

    Hopefully the coach stays with his suggestion of playing an 11 man roster come next season. Although many don’t admire the coach, hopefully he can prove doubters wrong (for team’s sake). But aside of health (#1), chemistry and DEFENSE will determine the teams success next season.

  • Leroy Weekes

    Nnuff talk let’s play ball , give 100% an the. chips will fall in place…..,..go lakers

    • Paytc

      Exactly ! Don’t talk about it ‘STEP UP ” and make the victories happen.

  • LAL918

    That’s because as of now: for the first time we have low expectations as a team. I understand a LOT of you do not like D’Antoni but the main reality point is: he’s our coach and nothing ever changes that. The one thing ESPN “analysts” always fails to realize is that you never count out on Kobe and we all know he loves to prove the doubters wrong. If their defense turns out to be quite the opposite as “analysts” predicted (better defense and overall trolling the NBA), then our players have done their part and they will continue to do so for the following season.

    All in all, without Dwight to ruin the chemistry: this team should be fun to watch.

    • vdogg

      agreed. the black cloud of dwight has been lifted. can’t wait for the season to start.

      • Paytc

        I’m in line with you too. We need to have players that put their hearts into being Laker champions !

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  • Lakers4Life

    Talent and chips aside, Lakers won’t get anywhere with Dumbtoni playing just 7 of them till they get injured lol.

  • Ralphizm

    Mike D’Antoni is the worst coach in the history of the NBA and quite possibly the history of organized sports. His system will never win a title in the NBA and the only reason he remains employed with the Lakers is so that Jim Buss can save face and not look like an idiot for going through two head coaches in two years.

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