Mike D’Antoni Still Believes Lakers Can Make Post-Season

Mike D’Antoni Still Believes Lakers Can Make Post-Season


Forget winning title number 17 and don’t think about reaching the NBA Finals, instead worry about whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers can even make the postseason. Yes, it has come to that, there is a chance this extremely talented Lakers team does not get to the first round of the NBA playoffs.

After the Lakers’ frustrating loss to the Denver Nuggets, the team fell to three games under .500 and created a larger deficit from the eight seed in the Western Conference. The Lakers are currently three games out of the playoffs and this type of performance was unforeseeable before the season started.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to reporters after the game and Dave McMenamin tweeted that D’Antoni still has faith in this team. Even though the Lakers are not playing like a playoff squad, D’Antoni still thinks they can make the postseason.

Nothing is going right for the Lakers and their three-game losing streak has caused panic and anxiety throughout the franchise. Fans are frustrated with the way the team is playing and everyone is complaining about the lack of energy and focus. The Lakers need to figure it out soon or else they will end up watching the playoffs from home. Of course, it doesn’t help when there are reported rumors of fights between the team’s two star players, either.

  • http://twitter.com/abr20876 Andrew Abraham

    FUCK D’ANTONI! Plain and simple.

    • http://twitter.com/abr20876 Andrew Abraham

      Don’t even dare remove this because after the way this team has been playing, you need to realize this is all on D’Antoni. Nash’s return was not going to help their defense.

      • Michael

        Someone who’s thinking right for once lol! Thank you.

      • the equalizer

        lol…F+ck the players for not giving 100% effort every night on defense..defense requires effort…that’s not on Dantoni…the lakes have showed they can play good dee at times,. but they are not doing it from game to game…players need to hold themselves accountable…

    • hookedonnews

      D’Antoni wasn’t there when they lost 11 in a row.

      • Michael Daniels

        That was not on D’Antoni, but it is NOW!!!! He has all the pieces, now what is his excuse??? If he says training camp, then WHY DID YOU AGREE TO TAKE THE JOB??? Because it was the LAKERS, I understand that, but what coach would have the buy in by players to come out to play without the training camp to learn HIS system….. PHIL JACKSON. D’Antoni should do the right thing like Rudy T did years ago, AND QUIT!!!!!!!

        • the equalizer

          @MikeDaniels….Dude….all five starters had only played 45 minutes together before nash came back on dec 23…their offense isn’t there yet, and there defense needs to show up every night…the lakes have showed that they can play good dee, but these over paid prima donnas don’t give 100% every night…they think they can just show up and win…the players need to hold themselves accountable..dantoni has stated this is not a good team yet…the lakes fans want to win now, but its a work in progress…they donj’t have a deep bench…Lake fans need to quit blaming Dantoni..he’s a good coach…as long as the lakes are playing their best basketball by the end of the season, they will be dangerous in the playoffs…gooo lakes and Dantoni!

          • hookedonnews

            Finally someone who gets it. Amen.

  • Kyle

    Fully agree

  • kevin

    This team need to play harder lyk if its a playoff games from da 1st quater to the 4 they need to take over if u dnt not get on da player ur next to get fire