Mike D’Antoni Sees Kobe Returning Healthy and Strong Reviewed by Momizat on . If there is one player that can successfully return from a torn Achilles and a knee fracture, it's Kobe Bryant. Bryant already surpassed expectations by hitting If there is one player that can successfully return from a torn Achilles and a knee fracture, it's Kobe Bryant. Bryant already surpassed expectations by hitting Rating: 0
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Mike D’Antoni Sees Kobe Returning Healthy and Strong

If there is one player that can successfully return from a torn Achilles and a knee fracture, it’s Kobe Bryant.

Bryant already surpassed expectations by hitting the court again after the Achilles injury, and now it’s time to prove his doubters wrong once again. It is expected that Kobe will be sidelined for six weeks, and although it is hard seeing him return earlier, that does not mean he will be unable to play at an elite level.

Coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to the Los Angeles Times and he talked about what he expects from Kobe this time around. D’Antoni expressed confidence in his star player to be back in the lineup with a winning mentality.

“He’s a tough guy,” he said.  “I think he’ll be back in six weeks and he’ll be hunting for some bear.”

Bryant played only six games this season, but he was showing signs of finally getting back into basketball shape. The Lakers players had trouble at first in adjusting to life with Kobe Bryant, however, they were beginning to settle into their roles.

Now, the injury plagued Lakers will have to continue to compete in the Western Conference without Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar for several more weeks.

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  • Gregory Choa

    Yeah, like Kobe said, at least it wasn’t the meniscus. Problem is that because it’s a lower extremely injury, Kobe’s not going to be able to work out while the break heals…which means he’ll need time to recondition himself after the 6-8 weeks needed to recover.

  • Travis

    A torn Achilles’ tendon doesn’t care who you are, whether you are Kobe Bryant or Mike Penberthy. Couple that injury with Father Time knocking at the front door and all the mileage in ones body, that’s too much to ask. All this time everyone ignored the history and reality of the situation and simply kept in harping “Well, it’s Kobe”, ” it’s Kobe, he won’t skip a beat” and the like. It’s like an old car wherein you fix one problem, then in a month another thing shows up, fix it, and here comes another one.

  • roseducanna

    A lame duck (M.A coach) talkative.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    One only can hope he will comeback healthy and strong.Fingers crossed.

  • Daryl Peek

    Silver lining; Kobe can allow his Achilles to fully heal now. The only worry is will he push too hard in recovery on this new injury? As far as getting into shape, this is Kobe Bryant were talking about, nuff said.

  • Mitch

    The following will be said not because i have a personal issue with Mike D’Antoni but it will be said to SAVE THE LAKERS ORGANIZATION,Look up the facts to all those lame ass Mike D’Antoni apologists everywhere Mike D’Antoni shows up to coach the players go down like flies the place becomes a mash unit.Details like i said look up the injuries Amare,Kobe,Nash,Gasol all had and you will easily see he runs his teams into the ground you know the old saying ride that bitch until the wheels fall off well Mike D’Antoni follows that protocol.

    Lakers need to get rid of this coach ASAP it’s too obvious he is a lame duck coach and the writing is on the wall for his firing.Better yet the players can’t keep up with the frantic pace he wants played and they sustain many more injuries and fatigue sets in much faster.Lakers can get LeBron James and he will be run into the ground by Mike D’Antoni it’s just a fact that this coach loves run and gun and hard practices it causes major wear and tear on the body of the athlete and leg and foot injuries are the first sign of it.D’Antoni is tearing this team apart with injuries.No other coach has this many key guys injured for long stretches!

    Good to know i am not the only one that notices this stuff,frantic pace is not going to end well for Lakers Nation.This is the end of the road it’s time to fire Mike D’Antoni.Yes Good riddance to Mike D’Antoni once he finally leaves with his annoying system.He will be fired mark my words!

    • Andy

      Well said brother. The problem has always been the coach and his style of play. He simply doesn’t know any other types of plays that will utilize the players’ strength and cause nothing but injuries.

      2 years in a row with major injuries on the roster proofs more than enough.

    • Gregory Choa

      Give me a break! The style of game and so-called “system” that D’Antoni coaches is prevalent all over the NBA…yeah, it involves getting up and down the court quickly scoring in bunches. I don’t think there is anything particularly reckless about it…it’s just predicated on actually running fast and hustling your ass off. If this is not how you want your team to be, then yes, I suppose D’Antoni isn’t the coach for your team… If Nash, Gasol, Kaman and whoever else can’t keep up, then cut off the fat and move on. If you want to slow everything down and play a much more plodding half court style, which is out of step with the way the league has evolved, then yes, I suppose you can go out and get someone who’s going to deliver that. Good luck finding someone…

      • Zimmeredge

        it’s relevant to play half court…during the playoff. but you have to qualify before.
        the half court basketball will always be relevant during the play off but during the regular season it’s clearly irrelevant.

    • Terrence

      I’m no D’Antoni fan, but to lump all the injuries on him and him alone is ridiculous. It’s now an up and down league and you don’t see other teams riddled with the same absurd amount of injuries the Lakers have sustained. Why is that? Oh, because Kobe is in his 30s and is 18yrs in the league (it might as well be 22yrs if you add all playoff and Olympic games). Nash and Pau aren’t spring chickens themselves. Other teams play up and down for the most part, and those that vie for the title have the ability to at certain segments slow it down to the halfcourt. But nonetheless, you need to be able to run a semblance of the D’Antoni “system” to compete in this new NBA. Age and mileage has as much, perhaps more, to do with the Laker injuries but some fans still go around even to this day acting like Kobe is still in his 20s. It’s always “it’s Kobe” “it’s Kobe”. Yeah, as if age and father time will give him a pass just because he’s the Kobe.

  • Jim213

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the coach increases Kobe’s minutes (35+) if he returns this season. Message!

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