Mike D’Antoni Says Phil Jackson Joining Knicks Is A ‘Good Move’

Mike D’Antoni Says Phil Jackson Joining Knicks Is A ‘Good Move’


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Former Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has officially become the president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks after weeks of speculation surrounding the potential hiring.

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Before taking on the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, current Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni was asked about what he thought about Jackson taking the job with the Knicks. D’Antoni said the following about the move by Jackson according to Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News:

D’Antoni has been linked with Jackson ever since taking the job with the Lakers following the firing of Mike Brown. Jackson was expected to be the next head coach of the Lakers after the team parted ways with Brown, but the team decided to go in a different direction by surprisingly hiring D’Antoni overnight.

Jackson was clearly unhappy about the Lakers going with D’Antoni and the fan backlash has been brutal to say the least over the last two seasons.

With D’Antoni failing to turn this team around after taking over for Brown, the future seems bleak for the head coach moving forward. Rumors have circulated about D’Antoni on the verge of being fired and Kobe Bryant no longer wanting him coaching the team.

D’Antoni’s stint with the Lakers could be coming to an end with Mitch Kupchak and company possibly parting ways in the off-season, while Jackson turns over a new leaf in New York.
Kobe Bryant On Phil Jackson To The Knicks, “I Don’t Really Get It”

  • Herman Kara

    Next home game, can the fans chant: JIM BUSS SUCKS! JIM BUSS SUCKS!

    • vanexel.jones.ceballos

      Jim Buss. Put your beer down. Lose the hat. Cut your hair. Put on a blazer and suck it up. You fucked up, so be a man and admit it. These Lakers are run by a drunk. Embarassing.

    • hookedonnews

      This is the problem with you guys. You think you can help the team by trying to embarrass the coach or Jim Buss. This is one of the reasons Lakers fans are disrespected around the league. The Buss family owns the team, and Dr. Buss put his son in charge. No matter what you think of the decisions being made, none of this kind of nonsense is going to change a thing. Stop embarrassing the rest of us by advocating these kind of bush league tactics. This sounds like something a 10 year old would do.

  • Show time818

    Uhhhhh….. We need it too!

  • Kay Carter

    it’ll be a good move for us to fired him smh

  • ron artist

    oh man.. this team and the coaching staff are garbage.

    • Lakers die hard

      Your garbage

      • grammarcheck


  • Lakersiehard#1the best fan

    Dantoni? Losing seasons every time. Had Howard/Kobe couldn’t do anything. Lost Phil to New York? Game over. What’s the next move lakers? Snag jerry west? Have Too much pride for that Jim buss? Grow up and do what’s right for the fans and the lakers brand. Still dedicated fan for life. Kobe is the man.

  • Sylvia Ross

    We know that Pringles is happy. Now he doesn’t have to hear about Phil coming to the Lakers as a coach or being in the FO. I know Pringles, wishes that someone wanted him. Lakers all day!!

    • Kay Carter

      very true

  • Lakers Rider

    F u Jim Buss and Mike D’Antoni this is the demise of the Lakers.GTFO loser!

  • lakers_824

    everything he says pisses me off like just dont say anything at all……damn right its a good move cuz if lakers hired phil in the front office ur asss woulda been gone

  • John Bauer

    Phil Jackson not joining the Lakers as head coach bad move for the Lakers is what it should say, I am also a SD Charger fan & remember the air Coryell days same type of situation ! Why would you hire a coach who’s system has never won ? I know you always need the players but the system is still flawed. Defense is a need in both sports.

  • Al Haldie

    We the LAKERS need Phill – but dumb ASS , Jim Buss is so wraped up in his self -he cost the LAKERS to end up in the very bottom of the league – I hope ur proud of yourself….

  • Marty Susman

    I am now worrying, if our high school coach thinks Phil going to New York is a good thing, now I am worried….