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Mike D’Antoni Responds To Pau Gasol’s Comments About Playing Style

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Pau Gasol hasn’t been happy with head coach Mike D’Antoni in recent days, expressing frustrations with his coach about playing style and where he’s been taking the majority of his shots. While Gasol didn’t speak to reporters following today’s shootaround, but D’Antoni responded to Gasol’s comments, according to the LA Daily News.

“It’s also a nice excuse not to play hard,” D’Antoni said. “That’s a classic, ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.’ Well, you don’t have trouble getting up to the paystub line. You know what you need to do to get your check. You know what to do. They will. They’ll figure it out.”

“That’s one thing. They don’t want to do it that way. I understand that. That’s when you have to accept it or not. But there’s no reason not to play hard.”

Those are harsh words for the Spaniard as he’s essentially suggesting that Gasol is just playing for a paycheck at this point. Both D’Antoni and Gasol were at odds last season when D’Antoni felt that both Gasol and Dwight Howard couldn’t effectively share the floor together, and decided to bench Gasol.

This year, Gasol is having his worst season as a member of the Lakers, and likely the worst season of his career as he’s struggling to figure things out on both ends of the floor while dealing with a few lingering injuries.

There’s no telling what these comments will do to the relationship between D’Antoni and Gasol, but things aren’t looking great at the moment. Tonight the Lakers play against the Oklahoma City Thunder in their first game in a stretch where they play four games in five nights.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    “It’s also a nice excuse not to play hard,” D’Antoni said. “That’s a classic, ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.’ Well, you don’t have trouble getting up to the paystub line. You know what you need to do to get your check. You know what to do. They will. They’ll figure it out.”

    “That’s one thing. They don’t want to do it that way. I understand that. That’s when you have to accept it or not. But there’s no reason not to play hard.”

    MDA Quotes.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards won’t be exchanged.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I have seen Pau Gasol short arm some catchable passes.Also lack of hustle after 50/50 balls.Lack of defense also bad body language,with a lack of effort.Not playing hard is my observation.Pau is playing half ass basketball this season tbh.

    • ra

      MDA’s system is not built for bigs, period. It makes it difficult to play in that position, period. Proof? DH last year. Pau part of last year and this year.

      These are not ‘scrubs’, these are All-Stars in the Center position, and VERY GOOD players both of them.

      small-ball doesn’t work for bigs. Period.

      • metalbass

        howard is not a good player skill wise, so leave him in houston. I absolutely love Pau, but… the fact that he doesn’t get his touches on offens doesn’t mean that he can play like a 60 year old grandfather on the defensive end…

        • ra

          Yes, DH is a good player (not a great one), but it doesn’t matter. DH and Pau were and maybe are, skill wise, a LOT better than most of the bigs out there now. There are a few who could fill the bill (Hibbert? Love?).

          But, my point is – these were (and are) Good players. Not ‘bad’ players. Not irrelevant players (like Oden). What makes you think that a different big is going to fit in better with the Lakers with MDA’s system? The system isn’t built for bigs, no matter how good, no matter how bad.

          Remember, SHAQ was with the Suns. Maybe in his decline, but still a good player. How did that work out?

          small ball = no championships.

          • metalbass

            i believe that pau is the best big man skill wise. but he is outplayed by jordan hill that has not the same skill set because of effort, he gets rebounds!!!!!. (pau was outrebounded by kobe on the first night back after 8 months, awful) mda is right when he sais that if a player doesn’t play hard, he can’t undestnd if he fits or not. pau is acting like a fucking prom queen. i agree that small ball alone doesn’t win championships, but whiny babies don’t win championships either.

          • Paytc

            Exactly ! When I am coaching and encouraging young kids I tell them to only concern themselves with controlling the things within their control. The coach is not one of them. Now for those that have been going out of their way to give Gasol the “he’s not healthy” excuse why don’t you add the coach won’t give me what I want so I’ll whine and shut my effort and game down on my team mates excuse as well.

            Man up and earn a little of the 20 million dollars !
            Do it dispute the coach. Do it for the game and your team mates. There are guys I run into daily on the streets who will play with more heart than Gasol for free. Now imagine if you gave them 1 million dollars?

          • Paytc

            Do it “despite” the coach correction to the above.

          • jackmouve

            You guys are looking at this like fans, what if someone moved you out of your job and put you in the mail room, would that not affect your attitude, would you just suck it up and work harder? Pau is a feature big man, and MDAs offense reduces him to a garbage man, which reduces in the long run his value. This fast offense isn’t going to work anyway because Kobe in St gonna run this pace for a whole game either. All championship teams play half court offense and that’s where Pau and Kobe are best. Look at teams like the old Suns, OKC, Golden State, Denver, Clippers… they play like that and have ZERO championships combined.

          • hookedonnews

            If you were moved to the mail room and complained publicly about it you’d probably be fired. I don’t agree that MDA’s offense reduces him to a garbage man. I also don’t agree about championship teams and half-court offense. The Spurs push the pace and so do the Heat who play small-ball. They may play more half-court offense in the playoffs, but not in the regular season. D’Antoni was brought in because of his system and he has tweaked it for Gasol & Kobe. When a player says if I don’t get the ball where I want it, it’s going to affect my intensity something is wrong with that attitude. That’s why MDA reacted like he did.

          • Beau Colatosti

            If I was getting paid 20? Million dollars a year I’d be the best damn mail boy around to keep that job locked up and I’d find a way to make it work. The fact that gasol has gone down hill year after year since our last championship is irrelevant? The fact he hasn’t jumped to drunk the ball or for a rebound all this season all last season? He has zero hustle, trade him get something worth it for him while ya can. Jordan hill out plays him anyway in less time. And he doesn’t complain about getting touches. He scored because of his hustle which is exactly what is needed defense and hustle and rebounding the rest will come.

          • AdryKob

            I don’t like MDA… But this year he’s doing a nice job with the players he has on the team… And Pau is just making excuses, he’s been AWFUL in every possible aspect of the game.

          • Zimmeredge

            ever heard of Anthony Davis or Greg Monroe? :)

          • Adam Contreras

            Yes Davis the 20 yrs old kid who has no business being in the overrated Olympics game in London & Greg Monroe obviously is better then that kid.

        • ra

          There’s no question that MDA is actually a good coach, who can take some ‘decent’ players and use his system to create some good basketball.

          But, if we’re talking about championships: No way. No go. Not gonna happen buddy.

          Yes, we’ll have some fun basketball, but … No bigs = No championships. That simple. (again, Heat was an exception last year, and that’s with the world’s second best player, LBJ).

          • metalbass

            i also think that is hard to win without bigs. but i’m just saying that gasol right now is playing without effort expecially on defense and playing like this he would suck even with phil or with the god of basket as coach

      • Robert Perez

        Even tho I agree with MDAs style not for big men, that has nothing to do with Pau’s play. Pau missing open shots, not hustling back and letting everyone have career nights on him is inexcusable. Everyone in the NBA has to adapt, to new teammates, coaches, cities, management, These are professional basketball players were talking about. Pau is a skilled 7footer he could fit into any system if he stops being a “dwight” about it!

        • 33GAME

          Not to mention $19 million reasons that you may want to play your butt off since its a contract year!! Pau hasn’t been himself since the last Championship run!! After he signed that extension, his play went downhill. Ok he was injured last season, but he had all Summer to recoup & he said before the start of the season that he’s ready to comeback with a vengeance!! Well Pau, we’re waiting?????

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t agree that a big (depending on how you define that) can’t play in MDA’s system. Both Amare and Tyson Chandler have played well in that system. I don’t think the system is the problem. I think Gasol is. He’s not aggressive when he gets the ball. He passes when he should go to the basket or shoot. When he does shoot he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Howard is playing in a system very much like D’Antoni’s in Houston. He seems to be doing okay. He just didn’t want to be in LA. He wouldn’t run pick and rolls and was inept in the post. That has nothing to do with the system.In fact Steve Nash has said they never ran MDA’s system last season. Gasol may not be as suited to the system as Stoudemire is, but should be able to play within it if he’s healthy. (I don’t think he is, and I wonder if he will ever be the player he was a few years ago.).

        • Johnny

          They both played well? They hardly won any games together.

          • hookedonnews

            I was talking about Stoudemire in Phoenix. And the Knicks went to the playoffs under D’Antoni and continued to use his system even after he left.

      • hookedonnews

        Howard is playing in a system like D’Antoni’s in Houston. There’s not a reason that he couldn’t have been successful in LA. Pau wasn’t healthy last season, and he was playing PF because of Howard. He’s still not completely healthy (bad ankle). D’Antoni believes he can play in his offense. You can’t blame the system for all the close-in shots Gasol is missing.

    • arthur

      I agree with you gasol is playing payday basketball no effort at all

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap.MDA is old school and players should respect the elder statesman.Bobby Knight wouldn’t put up with this crap for one minute.

    • nlruizjr

      MDA is no Bobb Knight !!!!!

  • Raichu

    Too many excuses. D’Antoni is without blame, but I can’t side with Pau here. He is coming off as an athlete in decline-which he is-and is in complete denial about it. Even if they go back to the Triangle the results won’t change because….he’s done. As much as it pains me, it’s D’Antonis run and gun that got the Lakers to 10-9 through 1/4 of the season, which lets be honest now, is waaaaaay better than what we all were expecting. Judging by how Pau is getting viciously schooled down low this season, he should be thanking D’Antoni for keeping him in the high post and saving his life.

    • Raichu

      I meant, D’Antoni is not without blame btw.

  • Raffaele D’Abrusco

    It’s time to let Pau go. It’s too much of a burden, both financially and on the court, not to envision new scenarios where the Lakers can get someone useful in return for the spaniard’s services until the end of the season.

  • Raffaele D’Abrusco

    There is no excuses for not playing hard and showing the hustle that would make Pau’s physical decline more acceptable.

  • Dragon7s

    I’m sorry but this latest episode is simply more evidence that it’s time for Pau to go.
    Love the guy as a person and a player but if he wants to continue his career, he needs to go to a situation better suited for his skill set.

  • Daryl Peek

    DIZZZAAAMMM!!! MDA came back hard! This is bad! I feel like I’m witnessing a version of Lakers Housewives?!? SMH

    • nlruizjr

      well it goes both ways, MD knows how to pick up his check, also but does he deserve it, NO. funny how he never knows anything on after game interviews. Does this guy have any clue about what to do to make this team better………..again the answer is NO!!!!!!

  • Jim213

    The media will likely be looking to get Kobe’s view just to take it up another notch.

    • gonerdoug

      …and Kobe will just smile and pragmatically say that Pau is a great teammate…

      • Jim213

        Don’t matter what Kobe thinks now given he’s on his fairwell tour thanks to management’s bad moves with player franchise pickups. He has two years left thus management needs to focus on the long term. Brand #1 no matter what players think or say.

  • myJasper

    Seems Pau doesn’t love the game half as much as most of us making comments here..

  • Victor Tellez

    Fire DAntoni. How many rings does Gasol Have vs D’Antoni? Yeah, that what I thougt. So it appears Gasol May know what he is talking about.

    • Jim213

      Get rid of Nash and Pau, it’s more of a hustle thing foremost. Although I’m not too fond of the coach he has to be given credit for bringing in players from the 2nd unit who have outplayed many of the vets thus far.

      Even if the coach leaves this doesn’t address Pau’s lack of play and HUSTLE foremost. It’s a yearly thing with Pau as his best time came when Phil Jackson was around.

      • Victor Tellez

        Point noted.

      • ra

        What are you talking about? Gasol excelled in Team Spain, a completely different offense from the Lakers. The current system does ‘not’ make playing his position easy. It doesn’t make playing the center position easy (look at D.H.).

        MDA = small ball, which is exciting, but won’t win championships (unless you have one or two Superstars, like LBJ, etc. – and the Heat were ‘lucky’ last year that the Spurs made a few last minute mistakes).

        The Lakers are not built to win Championships with this offense. Also, it tends to cause or enable injuries with elevated level of playing, …. RIGHT????? All PGs are out. It’s built for fast runners, athletes with some skill, rather than skilled players with some athletic capability. Nash was somewhat of an exception, high skilled, not as athletic (more recently), but he was only able to sustain it for so long.

        It’s fun for fans, but …. No Championships. No bigs.

        • Jim213

          Tell that to the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs who’ve modified (Sprus 2009) their style to play more small ball while letting Tim Duncan play the 5. How are they looking as of late?

          The problem is acquiring the right bigs that aside of being able to play inside can post up and shoot. Heck I’d take Dirk even with his age over Pau 2014 FA though Nowitzki will go higher $.

          • ra

            Spurs: Popovich. No further discussion necessary for that. (i.e., to spell it out for those who don’t know about Popovich – one of the best coaches in NBA history, and the best coach in the league NOW – “He can take 5 old ladies, and beat you in a game with little preparation” (paraphrasing MWP, from a year back).

            Heat? LBJ is not ‘quite’ small, and is a unique player. Also, the Heat ‘almost lost’, because — THEY didn’t have a true big. So what did they do? Signed Oden (= bust). Now that D-Wade is on a sharp decline, the team is turning into the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the Heat didn’t have LBJ — No Championships.

            MDA = small ball with ‘no bigs’ playing a part. The 2006 Suns worked because of Stoudemire (who had ’0′ defense, actually – and was more power forward than center), and Nash in his prime as the best distributor of the ball in a ‘long time’. The Lakers need “All-Stars” in the smaller positions, and they don’t have them, and they won’t get them. Period.

            No Championships.

          • Jim213

            Don’t get me wrong the coach gets blame for the losses that go with bad rotations. But small ball is here to stay thus if the coach can’t adapt like the Spurs have then it may be best to find someone with the experience who can but Pau lack of hustle is a different topic. One coach that should be looked upon if this takes place is Mike Budenholzer.

            Popovich’s top assistant who has climbed his way up the ladder to hold the top spot for the last 16 yrs. May end up replacing Popovich when he retires though was disregarded by the Wizards and Pistons for the head coach vacancy. It’s like hiring Popovich’s son who he’s raised for the past decade and a half. A lot of knowledge there aside of knowing the ins and outs of the coach’s game.

        • hookedonnews

          The PG injuries are not related to D’Antoni’s system. Nash’s injury is the result of a broken leg suffered in the 2nd game of last season, can’t see how an elbow injury is related to it, and hamstring injuries (Iguodala) are common. Gasol hasn’t been the same since the beginning of last season because his knees were shot. He has been battling injuries since the beginning of this season also. The system is not Pau’s problem. His health (and age) is the problem. Last season was the first summer he’s taken off. Too many miles on those knees. He may improve as he gets healthier. There’s no reason he can’t do what he did on that Olympic team within MDA’s offense. D’Antoni said as much. He’s free to do what he wants to once he gets the ball. Right now the Lakers probably don’t have the players to win a championship with any system. D’Antoni’s system fits the players they have very well with the possible exception of Gasol, but as I said he can play in it if he’ll just suck it up and be a little more aggressive.

        • Beau Colatosti

          No bigs, why does Jordan hill thrive in this same system? Because he hustles and busts his ass he doesn’t make excuses. Pau thinks that he should be the number one option in the offense? He had a good run with team Spain? They play what 15 games tops compared to 82. Awesome he played good for like 1/6 of a regular season. He’s not playing hard hes not hustling he’s playing like garbage and bitching about it to boot.

      • Joe Chan

        That’s because Phil Jackson was the only guy who knew how to use him

        PJ: Bynum = post-up option in the triangle. Pau = weakside post option

        Mike Brown = I tried 4-5 pnr and it didn’t work so Pau you go camp the 3 line

        D’Antoni = my dream roster consists of two bigs and thirteen 3 point shooters and the bigs are not allowed to be on the court at the same time. tbh I don’t even know why they’re there

        • Jim213

          Hate to break it but Phil isn’t returning.

  • ra

    Clear as a bell. Lakers will become ‘all-small-ball’ with no real large presence in the paint, anymore, at all.

    D’Antoni is preparing for having Pau leaving the Lakers. Pau Gasol, 2-time champion, world champion, for a bunch of scrubs. Wow. Ok. Next year we’ll get more scrubs. No all-stars, nobody big. It’s in the cards. The FO is getting ready.

    MDA doesn’t work well with bigs, that’s it. Now we know. DH, and Pau. BTW, small-ball works if you have a few more ‘smalls’ that are all-stars, not all scrubs. Kobe can’t carry the team to a championship by himself (anymore). So, goodbye championships (for a while, at least).

    • dywanewade

      howard and pau both gave it like 60, maybe 70% at best. mike made amir into an allstar back in phoenix. he just needs a post that will attack the basket aggressively off pick and rolls, and frankly pau gasol is like half walking to the rim off picks every time expecting the other team to just let him get there while in reality missing easy layups. sure mike isnt the best coach but he’s doing a great job with what the team has right now. dont blame the coach, blame pau for not willing to buy into the system and be a professional

      • ra

        blame game is over. No Bigs = No Championships.

        And – as for ‘refilling via draft’, quoting Jim Boeheim: “No one in freshman class worth ‘tanking’ for”. No player like Duncan, LBJ, Kobe, etc. Good players, but not ‘great’ players. Yes, this includes Wiggins.

        Lakers will not refill a ‘big’ via draft or trade. There are no ‘bigs’ out there that will elevate the Lakers to Championship level (if any – there are few bigs left). (they wouldn’t get K-Love, forget that – and he wouldn’t be integrated well into small-ball system).

        So, blame game over. MDA wins the ‘no-big’ contest, and Pau is going to be ‘let go’ (I would have said traded, but the FO is not going to do that, just like they didn’t trade DH last year).

        That being said, there were be a lot of fun basketball with small ball, for the Lakers, for a time to come. Just no Championships.

        Say goodbye to championships for a while.

        • hookedonnews

          Take a look at the teams who’ve won the last 3 years. “Big’s” had nothing to do with those championships. The days of the twin towers offense in LA are over. Kevin Love would be ideal in D’Antoni’s offense. I don’t know what your fixation is with bigs, but most big men now are not the traditional post guys who never get out of the paint. The Lakers are looking to get some good players through free agency. I don’t know how that will work out, but the system is not the problem.

    • Jim213

      I’d seriously try acquiring K Love (2015) or Lamarcus Aldridge who likes a fast tempo type of play aside of being a good shooter. 25 rebounds yesterday! compared to Pau’s 5 the last game. Time to ship him out for the long term benefit of the team.

      Don’t get me wrong I’d consider keeping Pau for a max pay of $7-8 mil otherwise sign a defensive minded player who can grab rebounds aside of Hill.

      • richard

        perhaps someone like ???? Sacre?

        • Jim213

          no comment? SMH… let the game begin

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I have to side with Mike too here. I watch that game last Sunday and Paul look very bad. I mean every shot was a miss and he just seems like he is so done. He will not be back next season. In fact don’t see Mike or Paul with the Lakers next season. I wish we could trade Gasol but who is going to take him. Hey love the guy but he has more excuse then basketball plays at this moment.

  • Benny Cardone

    I hate to admit it but Mikes right!

  • Joe Chan

    Problem is D’Antoni, not Pau. Pau = one of the nicest guys in the NBA. Didn’t complain when Mike Brown had him camping the 3 line. Barely complained when he was benched last year. Now D’Antoni is turning him into Melo

    • Jim213

      Disagree, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t show up to play and represent the brand especially given his pay. The team has managed to play at a 500 avg given the 2nd unit hustle and play. I don’t see others complain about the coach’s style of play. Put Pau at the 5, get’s out hustled and rebounded while being stripped of balls aside of turning the ball over.

      With that said Gasol should’ve kept his mouth shut given that it’s likely he will either be traded or be a free agent next season. Guess what most of the league is going small ball style so by Pau blabbing that he can’t play to the coach’s style doesn’t help him next off season if he isn’t traded thus likely becoming a free agent.

      • Joe Chan

        Pau = Bosh. Both are too lanky to be rim protectors or bodies you put on the other team’s 5.

        Spo says, Bosh you suck at protecting the rim, we’re gonna trap at the perimeter instead so the ball rarely gets in the paint, and we’re still gonna win rings. AKA we’ll play to our strengths.

        D’Antoni says, Pau you suck at protecting the rim and have been used as a 4 since you got here, I don’t care, I still expect you to protect the rim and you should carry the defensive load for Kaman too since he’s injured. And if you give up points in the paint, I’m gonna tell everyone it’s lack of effort. AKA I’m gonna do the same square pegs into round holes thing I did on the Knicks when I made Toney Douglas run the pick and roll

  • Jose

    If the Lakers plan on sticking with DAntoni then we are not going to see Gasol back in a Lakers uniform after the end of the year. Although the Lakers may rethink DAntoni since he and Kobe may not be on the same page either. Its New York all over again for DAntoni where a team built for his style of play just does not meet expectations, i know that expectations were not huge this year but the playoffs were at least attainable. I really hope that the Lakers try and get rid of MDA maybe bring in a better coach. They need someone that can put a balanced offensive scheme together. The better teams in the league can play inside out and with MDA that does not happen. That is why guards thrive in his system because its all about the long ball and well when they are dropping then you can out score anyone but when they are not his teams don’t have an inside presence that can take high percentage shots to keep defenses on their toes. I do feel bad for Gasol but in the same thought you can tell that he is not really trying and when he goes to his new team will most likely play like and all-star again well maybe not an all-star but a good center that can bring 20 and 10 a night.

    • Jim213

      Something to think about but this goes for tossing out Pau and Nash given both are liabilities more so than a benefit.

  • hoperhetoric

    We need a Center’s Defense Pau Pau & not your offense!!!!

  • Josh

    Both guys seem to be looking for a way out or a way to get the other guy out of town. One of them will be gone by Christmas.

  • chris k

    hell, its about time Gasoft got called out by the coach! you should attempt to be a contender as an individual player b4 signing with a team bc they are playing well. be the player u want to see

    • Jim213

      Gasol called out the coach’s style so have to give the coach some credit for sticking up for the rest of the team too who are outplaying him. Even Hill who’s currently getting lesser minutes seems to nab more rebounds than gasol who’s getting more minutes.

  • chris k

    now gasoft wants to play for a contender, yet he plays like a 5′ 6″ athlete. He needs to realize he’s 7′

  • chris k

    the old laker regime would ne in his a## for not giving 100%

  • chris k

    the old laker regeign would be in gasofts a## for NOT giving 100%

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    The solution is SIMPLE. Get the ball to Pau ON THE BOX!!! Stop with the 15-25 foot shots!!! I’d be pissed too if the coach took me out of position! Its the coaches JOB to utilize the players to the best of their ability. Keeping Pau 15 feet away from the basket is NOT doing that. It takes him from the basket for rebounding and Pau can take anyone offensively with either hand around the basket. BUT… no excuses. Pau should be still playing as hard as he can… even if he is uncomfortable playing where he is, and with limited touches. At the beginning of the year, everyone was like… Pau is gunna have a great year, because he is gunna play his natural position, C. I dont see that. We need to dump the ball in more and put pressure on other bigs. Plus it will help to open up our shooters better. Pau needs to average 20 per for the Lakers to have a chance at the playoffs… so lets get it done and stop bickering!… LETS GO LAKERS!!!

  • AndyMP

    I don’t have a problem with D’Antoni preferring a style of play, but when the players at your disposal aren’t suited he has to be able to adapt instead of beating something that inevitably won’t work.

  • VeryLargeElephant

    Pau has been the weakest link this year. Everyone else on our team has exceeded their expectations.. I think D’Antoni needs to bench Pau until he gets his act together in practice. Minutes need to be given to players who play with high energy and effort.

    • Jim213

      Been saying this for awhile though Kaman can play but is still inactive.

  • Supkg

    the day D’antoni can coach a big successfully is the day he becomes a better coach- he is just a YMCA coach- fast break and 3′s – although I don’t agree with his play, I can’t blame Gasol for playing half ass- when a coach time and time again can’t play to your All star caliber strength it becomes disheartening- as soft as Gasol is, he is very crafty around the basket and that craftiness helped us win 2 championships- all D’antoni has given us is a high priced playground team…

    • ra

      Agreed. MDA can’t coach bigs, period. Or more importantly, can’t integrate bigs into his system.

      I generally have liked MDA’s style, but for other teams, not the Lakers. His 2006 Suns was very fun to watch. BUT, the Lakers have always run at least some of the offense through bigs, since the beginning of time.

      If the FO keeps MDA, then it is small ball (playground basketball) for the next few years.

      BUT — No Championships.

      • Supkg

        all the LAKERS will be is a high price playground team- even if they bring in Carmelo- with this coaching style the LAKERS will be on many National televised games but it will not be a caliber type of team- and don’t let me get started on defense – for the last 8 quarters this team has not adjusted their defense at all- toronto killed them with a play OKC loves to run and so did the Suns… imganie what OKC will do to us tonight…

  • 3339

    Dantonis arrogance is unreal. Cant wait for his sorry ass to get fired so the lakers can get a leader in there

    • Jim213

      We know how you feel about the team 3339 but given that Pau opened up his mouth the same thing goes for him.

  • Ralphizm

    D’Antoni is a joke of a coach and is going to go down as the worst Laker coach of all time.

  • Adam Contreras

    Ok the blame game goes to both D’Antoni AND Pau Gasol! Has Pau been playing bad yes or no? Yes! He’s making $19 MILLION who averages 9 ppg,0 blks,7 rebounds,6 assist, & 0 steals! Not only that, he played painfully horrible when the Lakers played against the Raptors who only made 9 points in that day when Kobe returned! Pau is NOT worth $19 million & don’t forget that the legendary coach Phil Jackson also had problems with Pau before & ESPECIALLY his performance in the 2011 Playoffs! This being said, D’Antoni is a loser who doesn’t care if he losses 25 ppg lead & it happen before! The man doesn’t care about DEFENSE at all! For the last 24 yrs of his coaching career, D’Antoni has NEVER been in the Finals & never won a title. Not even 1! No defense, no rings. No wounder the Lakers are in the 13th seed right now of the Western Conference, because too much drama.

    • hookedonnews

      Let’s try to be realistic. I don’t know a coach who has not lost a 25 point lead in his career. It happens, and no coach likes it. I know you have heard it said 100 times that D’Antoni doesn’t care about defense, but that doesn’t make it true. If you would take the time to actually listen to what HE says you would know that’s not true. He asked for Rambis to be hired to coach the defense. No, D’Antoni has not been in the Finals, but he took the Suns to the Western Conference Finals 2 years in a row and took the Knicks to their first playoff game in years. There are a lot of good coaches who have never won a championship. D’Antoni did not create this drama. Gasol did. The Lakers are the 13th seed right now because Kobe has just come back, Gasol is not healthy and playing lousy, Nash has been out most of the season, and now Farmar and Blake are out. The rest of the team are mostly guys who couldn’t make it with other teams. All that considered they have played better than anyone expected until recently, but a team can only sustain so many injuries to key players. D’Antoni is a coach, not a miracle worker.

  • socali

    aaand their goes the neighborhood!

  • hookedonnews

    If Gasol had a problem he should have taken it up with D’Antoni instead of airing his frustrations in the press. No coach appreciates that. Frankly I think Gasol’s problems are of his own making. He’s missing shots close to the rim. That has nothing to do with the system. D’Antoni also said that he can go to the post anytime. He doesn’t have to stand out there on the FT line when he gets the ball. There’s no reason he can’t play within D’Antoni’s offense. I really don’t know what his problem is. MDA’s response was a bit harsh, but I imagine he’s tired of Gasol’s whining. He has done nothing but praise Gasol all season. Guess that’s over. He’s a professional. He needs to get out there and play and stop complaining.

    • Jim213

      Agree, but Pau may have issues finding a contender to play for given his blabbing about the coach’s style if he isn’t traded or becomes a FA given the contending team’s have adjusted though the Pacers have no current openings for more bigs.

  • djericho

    sure he doesn’t fit in the offensive scheme, but no excuse for defensive lapses. giving up too many points in the paint.

  • Sylvia Ross

    d’antoni, is a JERK! Can’t wait until his contract is up. The Lakers have never had this many issues before he got HERE! Please just hurry and Leave!! I don’t know why people keep talking about Melo coming here. Melo, played for this JERK in New York so why would he put himself in this position again?

    • hookedonnews

      Why is D’Antoni the jerk? Gasol started this with his whining. You didn’t see Steve Nash whining last season when he was relegated to a spot-up shooter because Kobe wanted to control the ball. And the Lakers have had plenty of issues before D’Antoni’s arrival (Andrew Bynum, Shaq & Kobe, etc.). Dwight Howard was the main problem last season, and no one believes that MDA was the bad guy in that scenario. Have you seen the Knicks lately? I don’t think many people believe bringing Carmelo Anthony to LA is a good idea.

  • Raichu

    I’m no D’Antoni fan, but I think he’s not all to blame here. People can’t see past their Phil worship and admiration for Pau as a nice guy (which he is), and see what’s happening before them. Problem is, Pau is more concerned about his offense, when the team’s problem is DEFENSE. The team IS scoring a bunch. Pau is coming off as “I’m not getting my touches and 20pts so I’m just going to stand here cross armed and hold my breath”. As what has been posted already, the Lakers have guys like Young, Henry, Johnson, Farmar, Blake, etc..who on any given night are capable of 10+ points a game, so it’s fine if Pau doesn’t score since there are others who can now score too. What they need from Pau is to be halfway decent defensively, but all he’s concrend with is his scoring.

  • Jerome

    The touches Pau should be more concerned about is REBOUNDS, BLOCKED SHOTS, AND DEFLECTED PASSES. The team is doing plenty of scoring. That is not their problem. Pau is coming off really bad here.

  • Dom

    Pau’s best years are OVER people. It doesn’t matter if they go back to the slow and inside game that he likes. The other guys on the team seem to be thriving under D”Antoni’s style, lets face it, we didn’t think they’d be 10-9 through 19 games. The other guys bought into it, but here’s Pau, the supposed leader of the team, who is complaining about it.
    And lets not forget, in Phil Jackson’s last year, even he had problems with Pau. I recall vividly how they were swept by the Mavs, and during the series, Phil was all over Pau cursing at him as he makes his way to the bench and even smacking him in the chest, all of which were caught by TV cameras (Check it out on Youtube). Pau sandbagged that series, plain and simple, and people seem to forget that. Ever since, he’s never been the same.

  • John

    Even the Lakers broadcast team from Worthy, Scott, to Robert Horry are all highly critical of Pau’s play saying how he’s afraid to attack the rim and mixing it up down low, consequently, they often praise the efforts and play of the the “mimimum wage guys” on the team for their effort, scrapiness, hard-nosed play, and how they run D’Antonis system and play together as a team.

  • SeanOfVegas

    This isn’t a surprise. Pau has been under achieving since Phil’s last year. He under achieved for Mike Brown too. He is soft and lazy. It seems that he has had an excuse for every short coming. His value is low. Sign and trade or late him fade away like Bynum.

    • John

      I remember Phil so hot and furious at Pau in that Mavs series. Had there been a knife within reach, I think he would’ve gutted Pau alive right in front of a National TV audience. Pau sandbagged that series.

  • richard

    I have to side with MDA here…Pau has no business complaining… he has many options in the system… he can dive, he can receive the ball and post, he can shoot the mid-range…etc… it’s not like he is confined to the mid-range game, right? He can be very effective in this system…. his problem is, he doesn’t want to mixed it up inside, doesn’t want to hustle.

  • Marty Susman

    First this coach benched Gasol, then he played him out of position. Between the two he killed whatever trade value Gasol had, tnkx you fool. Then he played him as he did kobe into the ground until Pau became injured. My answer is, we are paying Kurt, we are paying Mike, lets have Mike go off into the land of playing golf FAR FAR away from the Lakers….

    • hookedonnews

      Sorry, but that is not the case. Pau came into last season with tendinitis in his knees because he had played year-round basketball for the last umpteen years. He also had the plantar fasciitis at the beginning of the season. D’Antoni rested him for a long stretch at the beginning of the season. He was in no way responsible for his injuries. He was played at PF because of Howard who they were hoping to re-sign. He was given the opportunity to come off the bench and play center, but his ego couldn’t handle that. D’Antoni is not the problem here. See Richard’s comment above. Gasol needs to man-up and stop whining. And if Pau is worried about his trade value he can start being more aggressive and hitting some of his shots not to mention playing a little better defense.

      • Marty Susman

        Think the year before…

        • hookedonnews

          Not sure what that has to do with now. They were looking to trade Pau back then. Steve Nash was an All-Star and the league leader in assists that year too, but that’s got nothing to do with what’s going on now. This whole discussion is pointless. D’Antoni has said that Gasol is free to play in the post, and he’s gotten the ball down low plenty of times. He just can’t do anything with it. He’s the problem. Trying to blame his lack of success on the system is a cop-out. If he was traded to the Spurs, what do you think would happen if he complained to the press about Pop’s offense and the fact he wasn’t getting enough touches? He implied he couldn’t play hard if he wasn’t getting the ball where he wanted it. That’s just bogus, and no coach is going to stand for that.

  • magicjordan24

    Last time i enjoyed watching gasoft… i cant remember maybe the championship with the celtics. Gasol is a slacker! NOT AN ELITE. Go jordanchill27! Fuck you pau!

  • hoperhetoric

    We need a shot blocker!!!!

  • Aaron Robinson

    I remember PJ hitting Pau in the chest in the closing game when the Lakers were swept by Dallas…we all should have known then that Pau had no heart. The only coach (greatest coach of all time) thus far to make him a champion challenged him and Pau didn’t man up and show some heart on the court. So why would he do it for MDA? Get rid of this clown…he is a shell of what he once was.

    • Juan Toral

      Exactly! …Can’t say it any better nor in fewer words than this… Period!

    • David

      hammer meet nail. But people seem to conveniently forget how Pau TANKED that series. Yet, people take every opportunity they can to bring up how Kobe quit on that Game 7 against Phoenix. Pau is as coddled as there is and has gotten a pass for a looooong time now. It’s nice to see people are finally seeing the cold hard truth on Pau, yet there are still a vocal group who’s still in his jock.

  • michael

    If you watched the game tonight against the Thunder you witnessed how Pau tipically plays against more competitive and more aggressive players. Like one announcer said, he looks like he’s playing with cement shoes on. His time’s done. I love him, but he’s not an asset anymore. It drives me crazy when he’s outrebounded by point guards, or someone a foot shorter than he keeps him from scoring under the rim. And he’s never ready to accept a pass in the paint. The pass usually sails by him and the opposing team grabs it. That happened three times in the game tonight. He has a hard time securing the ball in a crowd. It looks like he gets flustered and doesn’t know what to do in that situation. At this point, and in particular since it’s probably not going to be a great season, it’s time to cut him loose for anybody out there with more energy, athleticism and desire. I also don’t understand why some people don’t think Melo could play with Kobe. I don’t think there would be conflict between those two. I don’t think Kobe would have a problem deferring to Melo, especially when Melo’s on.

    • David

      Excellent analysis on Pau. Pau keeps crying about getting touches inside, but he’s not doing much with what he’s getting, and anybody watching can see that he IS getting touches within 6ft of the rim. However, there are delusional people who just doesn’t see that and still thinks Pau is the player he was 5yrs ago.

  • JohnC

    You are a specialist in something and you are asked to do something different: there you are not going to be brilliant. The team is going to miss this contribution. = Lakers today don’t have a good balance inside/outside and I agree with those who say ‘No bigs = no championship’. I would say: no bigs=no play-offs. Kaman, Hill, Pau… they all are struggling with so much high-school running system,

    The worst thing: Pau is the top center of the league offensively and MDA is not using him accordingly. Coach: you are not using all your weapons wisely.

    • Thomas

      He WAS the most skilled offensively, keyword WAS. I’ve watched games and Pau does get the ball 5-6ft from the rim, and he does nothing with it. He gets pushed around so easy its a joke. It’s a bunch of bull when he says he doesn’t get it in the post. He gets it plenty and the team clears out for him and he has all that room to make his move and he can’t deliver.

  • kobetard26

    pau’s playing with injury and the dumb as coach says he plays for paycheck…and that dude destroy a dynasty last year for sticking with his style of play with a center who needs to be in the post to make a presences..and nearly destroyed kobe’s career for playing only 6-7 players in a game..with kobe avg 40 mins..and you call pau who has been faithful to the lakers even if his name is on the trading block every season since joining the lakers…#coachingforpaycheck!

  • Iam TheWalrus

    NBA Championships… Gasol 2, D’Antoni 0… WE WANT PHIL!!!

    • hookedonnews

      Have you been out of the country? Phil isn’t going to coach anymore. He’s not physically able to do it. It doesn’t matter how many championships Pau has won in the past. He has to deliver now. Time to stop living in the past.

      • Iam TheWalrus

        wow. didnt know u were phil jax’s personal physician… if pau is in the right system, which encourages inside play and showcases his skills as a big man, instead of this “small ball” that d’antoni insists on running, he can quite effective(again two rings…) if there’s anyone that should stop living in the past it’s d’antoni… his system mightve worked before(maybe even flourished in europe) but the only way he’d participate in the nba finals is if he was employed as a sideline reporter… peace…and happy holidays….

        • hookedonnews

          No, I’m not Phil’s MD, but I do listen when he speaks. He has said in numerous interviews that he is physically unable to coach. He has said that it was probably wishful thinking to believe that he could have come back and coached the Lakers last season. You probably heard the stories about not wanting to have to go on road trips, etc. He’s looking for a front-office job not a coaching job. If you’ve been watching the games you know that Pau has had plenty of opportunities in the post this season. He’s just missing his shots. His first shot against the Thunder was a near air-ball. D’Antoni’s system is being utilized all over the NBA in one form or another. I don’t see anyone playing the Triangle. Even the Spurs push the pace, and the Heat play a form of small ball. Maybe Pau would be more comfortable in another system, but there’s no reason he can’t succeed in this system.

  • justinwang


  • justinwang


  • Terry Woody McBride

    100% agree with the coach ,even tho I don’t like him, but he is right…excuses to cover up his weakness…Bounce fool…Girlsol ship has sailed away and Kobe can’t save his ass

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