Mike D’Antoni Reportedly Putting Together Coaching Staff

Mike D’Antoni Reportedly Putting Together Coaching Staff


Now that Mike D’Antoni is installed as the head coach of the Lakers, he’s putting together the rest of his staff. He starts with his old mates. Mike Bresnahan from the Los Angeles Times thinks this will be his first move:

Dan D’Antoni and Phil Weber are longtime loyal assistants to Mike D’Antoni. Dan, his older brother, was with him through most of Mike’s tenure in Phoenix (2005-08) and his entire stay in New York (2008-12). Phil Weber, known for developing young players, was an assistant in Phoenix that predated D’Antoni (1999-2008) and was also with D’Antoni throughout his stint in New York (2008-12). When D’Antoni resigned from the Knicks, the two also left the Big Apple as well.

And our man, Dave McMenamin from ESPN L.A. had this bit of information.

Darvin Ham and Phil Handy came in with Mike Brown as Laker assistants. Ham, who played in the league for eight seasons, was mostly known for shattering the backboard in an NCAA tournament game while playing for Texas Tech, competing against Kobe Bryant in the 1997 Slam Dunk contest, and winning a ring with the Detroit Pistons in 2004. Handy is a player development specialist who says that the two primary things he works with on players are footwork and balance.

No word yet on what will happen to the rest of former Laker coach Mike Brown’s staff.

  • Terrence

    I think Bickerstaff should stay, but given his close relationship with Mike Brown I don’t think he would if asked out of respect for Brown.

  • lakers_824

    “We Want Phil” whose making the decisions up there is the office? jim buss or jerry buss

    • Willie D

      Phil is waiting to coach the next young Jordan or Kobe.
      When Lebron becomes a Laker or goes back to Cleveland we will most likely see the return of Phil Jackson.Or he may pop up and coach Durant
      And Westbrook.Phil likes playing with a stacked deck so just follow the talent trail.Phil didnt look very good in 2010 letting sorry ass Dallas sweep the Lakers.What a joke that was.The players have to step up and give the right effort.We need more than Kobe and MWP showing up night after night to win a championship. It has been nice watching Clark this year as well as seeing Howard and Gasoline finally stepping up and playing big time.Hopefully it’s not too late.We are already in the playoffs so losing is not an option.Welcome back MWP! Go Lakers!

      • Willie D

        Gasol.that is.I am using a iPad with a mind of its own

  • OdumbassBAMA