Mike D’Antoni Points to Turnovers for Lakers’ Loss to Miami

Mike D’Antoni Points to Turnovers for Lakers’ Loss to Miami


There is no question the Los Angeles Lakers’ 20turnovers in their Thursday night loss to the Heat played a major role in their demise. Even though the Lakers cut back on the turnovers in the second half, the team was very careless with the ball and that allowed the Heat to score easy buckets on the other end of the court.

After the game, coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to the media and Dave McMenamin tweeted that D’Antoni saw the turnover totals as a reason why the Lakers fell to the Heat.

The Lakers did manage to take a half-time lead despite the 16 first half turnovers, and they remained in striking distance essentially the entire game. However, down the stretch the Heat executed very well and the Lakers had no answer for LeBron James.

Los Angeles did have chances to win the game, but it could not make plays on either side of the court to claim the victory. It was another great effort by the Lakers, but they cannot afford any more moral victories at this point of the season. 

  • Oliver from Germany

    Really Coach?? No one but Coach D saw it. 20 Turnovers are too much against the reigning champ team.

    Thanks God, that we have this coach. There was, is or will be no other coach, who could find the team’s issues. That’s greatness. I thought, we loose because it was evening or we didn’t play in our christmas uniforms. Why the hell he is always pointing but has never a solution. The two victories against Cavs and Bucks aren’t worth anything. Cause you still loose against the better teams. (I mean better than 50%) Coach D, pls let Bickerstaff do the work and you can manage the press conferences.

    • hookedonnews

      What would you suggest to eliminate turnovers? People like you seem to assume that nothing goes on in practice to try and address the problems the team is having. It’s much easier to sit back and snipe at D’Antoni and pretend that he is the problem. One reason they turned the ball over is because they were playing an extremely efficient defensive team. Yes, the victories against the Cavs and Bucks mean something. They didn’t just beat them, they blew them out. Every win is a step in the right direction. This team still hasn’t had any really significant time together on the floor with everyone healthy. That is not D’Antoni’s fault. It’s the players who win or lose games, and the coach can’t shoot FTs for Howard.

      • the equalizer

        Exactly@hook…coach dantoni told the players to turn the ball over 20 time, miss your free throws and dont play defense vs the heat…lol…the lakes still had a chance to win with less than 2minutes left…the lake starters have only played around 120 minutes together since the season started…it takes time to learn a new system and especially more time when key injuries happened..agree cavs and bucks were important wins….lakes just need to keep improving and play with 100% effort and by playoff time, they will be dangerous….

  • JohnC

    Chemistry is just a dream when players are out of their comfort zone; if one doesn’t know what to do, it’s impossible they understand the one playing next to him. If you’re out of your comfort zone you’re a different player, your performance is much weaker, you can’t be consistent and dominant… this roster has a great potential and they’re playing so far from it.

    • the equalizer

      How bout chemistry is just a dream when all five starters have only played around 120 minutes together due 2 injuries….you have to play together in order to develop chemistry…yes, the roster has great potential and looks good on paper, but in case you haven’t noticed jc, the lakes have a new coach, new system with no training camp, preseason, injuries, and new players etc…paper means nothing….the lakes are improving and will go deep in the playoffs barring injuries…goo lakes

  • grokit

    Lessee, they were leading at the half and they only had 4 turnovers the second half. This headline doesn’t quite sound right.