Mike D’Antoni Placing A Lot of Responsibility on Jordan Farmar Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers did not show up on Monday night in Phoenix. After getting blown out by the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers faced the same fate when the The Los Angeles Lakers did not show up on Monday night in Phoenix. After getting blown out by the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers faced the same fate when the Rating: 0
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Mike D’Antoni Placing A Lot of Responsibility on Jordan Farmar

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Jordan FarmarThe Los Angeles Lakers did not show up on Monday night in Phoenix.

After getting blown out by the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers faced the same fate when they traveled to Arizona to play the Suns. Los Angeles was flat for most of the game and there was never really a time when it looked like they were the better team. The Lakers struggled on both ends of the court and walked back into the locker room after a 117-90 loss.

After the game, Mike D’Antoni spoke to the media and talked about what he expects once a true point guard, Jordan Farmar, returns to the lineup.

The Lakers are currently without three point guards and the newly acquired Kendall Marshall is still trying to grasp the new system. With a lack of playmakers on the court, the Lakers are having trouble getting the offense going. As a result, the team is shooting very poorly from the court and turnovers have become a very big issue.

Los Angeles will be back in action on Christmas when they play the Miami Heat.

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  • Gregory Choa

    It’s no coincidence that the Lakers are getting blown out by teams like the Warriors and Suns – teams that feature dynamic back courts intent on running you out of the building. Curry/Thompson & Bledsoe/Dragic are two of perhaps the most prolific backcourt tandems in the league right now – that’s a tough draw for the Lakers, playing essentially WITHOUT a veritable starting backcourt of their own at the moment. Yes, the defense was atrocious, and that’s just a matter of effort, whether you’re a guard or not, but you’ve got to make your shots if you’re going to remain competitive against these kind of teams, and when you convert only three field goals in the third quarters of these kind of games, you’re going to get your tail waxed.

    Of course there’s going to be a ton of responsibility placed onto Jordan Farmar upon his return…and then on Steve Blake when he eventually returns…D’Antoni’s system is wholly predicated on smart and effective point guard play – without one, the wheels basically fall off. Both Blake and Farmar have the ability to get the team and these players into their offense quickly and get the ball into the player’s hands in their spots and in rhythm – this is what has ceased to happen, and it’s killing the team right now. X can only do so much at that position – zero assists last night from Henry as the starting PG is all anyone needs to know about how much the Lakers are struggling without a real point guard running the show.

    Hope Farmar is GTG tomorrow.

    • Daryl Peek

      Only problem is it was not fast break offense that did the Lakers in the last two games. Lack of rebounds and bad defensive rotations. Total lack of focus & effort. I can accept being beat by a more talented team but not due to being out hustled.

      I agree on the PG plight.

  • Lakers Fan

    If the Lakers don’t improve on the defensive side of the ball, particularly in the paint, it won’t matter if any of our point guards come back or not. We will continue to get out rebounded and scored on easily. LeBron and Wade are going to have a field day with us tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if Birdman had a career game against Gasol, considering the other number of non-offensive big men who have had career games against him this year. I’ll be happy if Farmar returns, but it won’t change the number of points the Heat, or any other team, gets in the paint. Not to mention our inability to get out to three-point shooters. This is will be a long season, but I’m done getting upset over loses. I’m just gonna take it one game at a time for the rest of the season.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Suns out rebounded the Lakers 62 to 39.Unacceptable people will be losing their jobs over this kind of inept rebounding by the Lakers.Injured players are Kobe,Nash,Blake,Farmar and last i checked none of those guys are a major rebounding presence or interior defensive presence.Yes Lakers need a Point Guard to direct the offense but it won’t help the defense or rebounding,this team is screwed up right now,it needs to fill at least 5 big needs in the next couple years in the off season.Lakers just can’t win with such horrid rebounding and horrid interior defense.

    Lakers are in deep trouble in terms of rebounding and inside defensive presence.This is a area that must be addressed by upper management.The Buss family can’t allow the sink to ship for the Lakers.It’s been all season long for those areas as the Lakers rank 29th in rebounding and Lakers are 26th in total team defense this season.

    • Gregory Choa

      I get what you guys are saying about the rebounding differentials, but the Lakers wouldn’t be getting so thoroughly beaten off the boards if they’d make their shots – especially in those anemic third quarters when they can’t make a shot to save their lives, which lead to easy run outs by the opposition and triggering the routs.

    • Anthony

      Actually, getting a point guard back will help the rebounding situation because the shooting percentages should go up and there will be less rebounds. A poorly executing team that shoots a low FG% tends to give up defensive rebounds, especially when they are more concerned about transition defense. Getting a PG back will hopefully raise the team FG% and help both the rebounding and transition defense, which will in turn help the overall team defense. Making baskets and forcing an inbound tends to calm the defense and give players time to get set physically and mentally. If Jordan can play solid hours, expect the Lakers to put up a good fight and maybe sneak away with a win against Miami.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Meant to say Buss family can’t allow the ship to sink for the Lakers.Sorry.

  • jeremy

    after the last two game mike d need to get off hos butt and put Marshall in if he struggle so be it at least he will learn to play with this team mates in game time. we need a PG and we have one but coach wont play him. play Marshall!!!!

    • Sti1lmatic

      I agree Jeremy.
      Farmar, Blake and Marshall are all we got.

  • e3bonz

    I thought Marshall would play more last night, it would have taken some of the pressure off the wings.

    • jeremy

      nope mike d not smart enough to ply his true PG but yet he will give a non PG 34 min. henry is far from a PG and it showing. we need marshall!!!

  • independantbynature

    It’s going to a long game tomorrow if Farmar’s not back.Long and ugly.

  • Marty Susman

    Farmar might not be a top 5 point guard in the NBA BUT he sure as hell could be a top 10 guy & when in 2015 the Lakers can get their hands on K. Irving Farmar would be the TOP bench point in the game…

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