Mike D’Antoni, Pau Gasol Quip On When They Think Bryant Will Return

Mike D’Antoni, Pau Gasol Quip On When They Think Bryant Will Return


185027012_10It seems we’re getting new updates on the progress, or lack thereof, of the Achilles of Kobe Bryant. Last week, Bryant was finally running and shooting on the floor, but there still isn’t any idea on when he’s going to return to the team.

During yesterday’s practice, Mike D’Antoni was asked when he thought Bryant would return.

“I have no idea.”

And at this point, no one does. The return from an Achilles injury isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and it’s not something you’d want to try and  rush back from. The pace at which Bryant was able to return to running and shooting has been unbelievable, but just because he’s reached that point faster than expectations, it doesn’t mean that he should rush back to return to the team.

Pau Gasol doesn’t know when Bryant will be back, either, but is hoping that he takes his time and returns when he’s ready.

“He has a big desire to come back, but he understands there has to be a few steps he needs to take in order to come back,” Lakers forward Pau Gasol said. “I don’t think he’s taken those steps. Let the rehab and progress develop on its own. He’ll come back when he’s going to come back, whether it’s a week, two weeks, one month, two months, who knows.”

For both Bryant and the Lakers organization, it’s essential that he comes back when he’s absolutely ready. If he’s going to play beyond this season, coming back in December or January and being fully healthy moving forward is much more important than coming back sometime in November just to potentially salvage this season.


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  • Paytc

    I see the Christmas day comeback predictions above.Although I agree it will most likely not be opening day, he will need a couple of tune up games prior to Xmas day. He will probably slowly work back into the lineup with limited minutes to start. But of course I like everyone else can not be certain about Kobe’s return. I’m just wishing him all the best.The Lakers and the game still needs Kobe Bryant. Kobe take all the time you need to come back as strong as possible.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      I like that, even New Near will be good. heck, he know when and he is the only one who can turn that green light when ready

      • jff

        Kobe do not return on Xmas day you will get hurt: They will defend you well and you will get hurt.Remember Wade!!!! Do not even try. Return after Xmas.Play for five month. Take it serious other wise your are going to retire next year whether you like or not.

    • Raw

      Dude ive never seen kobe tune up in games, if hes ready he plays and he plays all of his regular minutes.

  • fuck you

    yes another pointless article by LN