Mike D’Antoni Not Interested in Talking About Nash’s Return

Mike D’Antoni Not Interested in Talking About Nash’s Return


Steve Nash 11 11 13The Los Angeles Lakers are dealing with some difficult injuries and without Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash in the lineup, it is hard for the team to stay competitive.

Bryant’s return date is still up in the air and at this point, so is Steve Nash’s. The point guard is currently dealing with nerve damage in his back and a rough estimate has him being sidelined for at least two more weeks.

Coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to the Los Angeles Times and he has no interest is talking about how Nash is doing or when he will be able to return the court.

“There’s always going to be a debate but we’re not going to debate it, talk about it,” Mike D’Antoni said Tuesday. “He’s going to try to get ready, he’s going to try to play and we’re going to try to win. It’s really simple for us. It’s not real difficult.”

Steve Nash has not had a very productive season as he has only averaged 6.7 points and 4.8 assists per game. The Lakers have been able to perform well without Nash, but no one really knows how long Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar can keep up their level of play.

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  • Jim213

  • Lakers4Life

    A coach not interested ROFL. This clown needs to get kicked out of Lakerland ASAP. Let the chants begin fellow Laker fans! 😀

    • hookedonnews

      What is your problem with MDA? The players like him, they love his system, and are happy to play for him. The FO is not going to fire him and put another coach on the payroll while they are still paying him and Mike Brown. D’Antoni is doing a good job of turning this bunch of guys into a team. I don’t know what you expected, or if you’re just one of those people who constantly demand the firing of D’Antoni. We’re not that far into the season. Nash & Kobe are out, and Gasol hasn’t been 100%. MDA is a coach, not a miracle worker.

  • hookedonnews

    The Lakers have been able to perform well without Nash? So far they’ve won one game without him. He has been a key component in all the games they’ve won with him on the floor (except the Clippers game), and would probably have made the difference in at least 3 of their losses (close games that were lost at the end of the 4th quarter). I think MDA’s answer was in the context about talk about Nash’s retirement not his return. He’s expecting him back. It’s just a matter of when.