Mike D’Antoni Looking to Add Nate McMillan to Coaching Staff

Mike D’Antoni Looking to Add Nate McMillan to Coaching Staff


The Los Angeles Lakers have named Mike D’Antoni as their head coach, and he is already trying to put together his coaching staff. Every successful team has a group of talented assistant coaches, and D’Antoni understands the importance of their help.

At this point, it seems as though D’Antoni will add Dan D’Antoni and Phil Weber, and he may keep Darvin Ham and Phil Handy on the team, two coaches that came in with Mike Brown.

However, Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that D’Antoni may reach out to Nate McMillan about joining the Lakers.

At first, McMillan was considered as a possible replacement for Brown as head coach, but now that D’Antoni has the job, McMillan could become an assistant coach. McMillan is a proven coach and he made his mark on the league with the Portland Trailblazers. He has the respect of the players and has plenty of experience with some of the NBA’s elite.

D’Antoni has been criticized for his sub-par defensive schemes, so adding someone like McMillan would help him on that end of the court.

  • Isaac

    Lets go Mike bring back that pride to LA. The real Lakers fans have faith in what you do. We know this is the first high caliber team you’ve got the chance to coach (besides the olympic team). After I seen what you did with the suns and knicks I know we will be great. Stay patient and stay positive we got this!

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    I love this move. The Lakers Showtime era is back! And they still have great defensive players. Just cause their going to score alot doesnt mean they still cant play great D even though Mike D isnt know for D. Dwight Howard is not going to stop being the Defensive Player of the Year just cause he’s going to be involved in more pick and rolls. He is who he is. Metta is who he is. Kobe (when he wants to be) is great on D. This is going to be fun to watch…and you better believe the league is shaking in their boots.


    D’antoni is an offensive wiz, defensive Pollock at best. i guess he didnt have d12 and mwp on his suns teams tho. nate mcmillan should help with this also if he gets hired. his system does require 3 point shooters, and we all know kobe and morris andsometimes metta can shoot from the perimeter, but antawn,jodie,blake, and other will have to step up their 3 game. should be interesting. i wonder if they can average 110 ppg like the suns did a few times. LAKERNATION.

  • Joseph Apohen

    McMillan would be a great addition so would Bickerstaff.

  • Jay Newiger

    Now being a “DIE HARD LAKERS FAN” yes to get PJ would of been awesome but getting D’antony is not either, the knock is he only plays offense and no defense prob was true, remember this current team isn’t gonna forget how to play “D”, you have Kobe great “D” player, Metta is also very good..Fast hands, AND the 3 time defensive player OTY D HOWARD!!!…..people they will be fine defensivly…people who know basketball knows this….just my $0.02