Mike D’Antoni, Lakers Looking Forward to Proving Doubters Wrong

Mike D’Antoni, Lakers Looking Forward to Proving Doubters Wrong


Mike D'Antoni 9The Los Angeles Lakers entered the 2013-14 season with low expectations as many people predicted them to be a lottery-bound team. However, with the recent injury news regarding Kobe Bryant, there are even more doubts about this roster.

With Bryant sidelined for about six weeks the Lakers will have their hands full trying to stay competitive in the Western Conference. The conference is already very tough and Los Angeles has a small margin of error heading forward.

Coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to the Los Angeles Times and said the team is looking forward to proving the doubters wrong.

“I think they’re excited about disproving people like they did the first time, and we’ll do it again,” Coach Mike D’Antoni said Friday.

The Lakers are in action tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves and fans will get a first look at point guard Kendall Marshall. The Lakers signed Marshall shortly after the Bryant news was released and the front office is hoping the guard can help fill the void as the team faces injuries.

Los Angeles is already without Jordan Farmar, Steve Blake and Steve Nash, and as a result Bryant had to be the main playmaker when he was healthy. Xavier Henry is now expected to take Bryant’s role and hopefully Marshall can help him in running the offense.

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Out Six Weeks With Fracture In Knee, Steve Nash Out Four More Weeks

  • timothy

    X is on fire. Good thing he’s starting. Lakers without kobe right now is a good thing. Rest and come back strong kobe. X,Young,Meeks,Johnson,Hill will take the rest..

  • kobe24

    Loved the wolves game, it seemed like the beginning when all the guys wanted to prove everyone wrong. I hope Kobe comes back healthy but man this team looks great even without him (for now)!

  • Andrew Wiggins Fan

    MDA is the coach of the year if the Lakers make the playoffs.

    • 3339

      na, Terry Stotts has it already.

      • hookedonnews

        Let’s see where they are at the end of the season. They don’t have a strong bench & play their starters a lot of minutes. Besides, they haven’t faced the challenges faced by the Lakers, not to mention all the new players MDA has integrated into this team. Whatever happens, D’Antoni has done a great job.

  • Daryl Peek

    First step to proving the haters wrong. GO LAKERS

  • Mambalikesit

    82 games is forever… FF to playoffs please. I am sure no team would want to face this Lakers team in Playoffs. They are YOUNG. Fast and dangerous. Kobe Injury 2 is a blessing in disguise. He should play 2nd half of the season + play offs (82 games + playoffs is too much at his age specially after a devastating injury). The next few months will be crucial to gauge the team’s consistency. If they consistently get Ws then it will make sense to play full throttle for the rest of the season else tanking it is!

    I wish we had this team playing 1st round of playoffs Vs San Antonio last season

    Team is better than last season mainly because its got identity (SWAG!! SWAGGY P)

    i) Great team chemistry
    ii) fun to watch
    iii) No Coward,his clumsy post moves and cry baby drama

    great game. Lets go Lakers!

    • kobe24

      Lakers are only behind 2.5 games behind 6th seed spot and 3.5 games behind 5th seed. Now, i don’t know if its realistically possible but statistically they have a good shot in getting 5-6th seed if they start playing well (but then again this is just 1 win we’ll have to see how things go)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MDA tell em.

  • 3339

    Lakers are nothing but a tease this year. They’ll have a nice win then follow it up with a few bad losses.
    dantoni actually thinks they proved people wrong before kobe? Ummm no. They were exactly what many thought, a decent team, but not a real contender. Since when do the Lakers love underdog roles and celebrate wins over minnesota like a championship? It’s seriously like we’ve become the clippers.

    • Al Haldie

      Their young and having fun–i think we should give them a chance and see what happens – as for the CLPPERS we BEAT THEM !!!

    • hookedonnews

      No one expected them to win a game without Kobe. Let’s be honest. Everyone has been shocked at the play of this team. Nobody expected them to be anywhere near .500 without Kobe, and with Nash, Blake, Kobe, and Farmar out it IS worth celebrating a win over Minnesota. If all their players were healthy you might have a point, but the Lakers didn’t win all those championships with their best players injured. These guys who are playing now are not used to winning championships (other than Gasol). What’s wrong with being happy about a win?

  • Marty Susman

    Not sure how if at all any of the following can be gotten by Mitch but if they can, he needs to jump on it.

    A. Harrison Barnes, Dian Waiters, Greg Monroe… All three of these players would be great on a long term contract for the Lakers future team of winners. All three are now under contract BUT all three could be moved by their present teams. The question is simple, would any of the teams take a combination of the following, Gasol, Blake, Kaman, Meeks or Ryan or Williams. Can Mitch put together a package of some of these guys & get any of the above, two of them or three of them ???

  • Marty Susman

    This is why we need to wait till 2014 & 2015….

    Point Guards, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Damian Lillard, Michael Carter Williams.

    Shooting Guards, Klay Thompson, Dion Waiters,Arron Affalo, Bradley Beal,

    Small Forwards, Michael Gilcrist, Harrison Barnes,

    Power forwards, Kevin Love, Anthony Davis,

    Centers, Brook Lopez, Marc Gasol, Andre Drummond, Roy Hibberd, Greg Monroe.