Mike D’Antoni: Lakers “Get Demoralized Or Something”

Mike D’Antoni: Lakers “Get Demoralized Or Something”


Mike D'Antoni

After the 137-115 loss to the Denver Nuggets at home, head coach Mike D’Antoni feels the Lakers don’t have that certain grit needed to get through hard times. Giving up the most points this season, D’Antoni said his team gets demoralized according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With the Lakers playing 10 of their next 11 games on the road, D’Antoni decided to quote Winston Churchill in an attempt to get his team through difficult times:

With an opportunity to get back to the .500 mark on this four-game home stand, the Lakers couldn’t come together after they found out Kobe Bryant would be out six weeks. While this team was capable of making the playoffs, they have been marred by injuries and being shorthanded has caught up to them.

With the Lakers 14-20 and five games out of the eighth seed, Pau Gasol may be headed to Cleveland. Although both teams couldn’t come to an agreement on Sunday, they will continue talking tomorrow. If the Lakers are able to trade Gasol and waive Andrew Bynum, they will save more than $20 million in salary and luxury taxes.

Coach D’Antoni Says Team Gets Demoralized, Quotes Winston Churchill

  • Danny E. Pagan

    They have to do the trade. This season is done. They could sign Gasol in the offseason if they want to anyway but they must do the trade then spend the money saved on getting the best possible players. Avoiding the repeater tax should be the priority right now.

    • Jim213

      What makes one believe that Pau would return especially if the coach sticks around? IMO, if he’s not traded he’ll pull a DH. That will show the inept.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers are in a world of hurt when it comes to wins and losses.MDA can’t fix it.

    • Jim213

      Told everyone it’d get worse… and Worser… and WORSEST! (half way there) IMO, the real issue is that aside of not having a solid inside and out game they lack consistent shooters. However, not taking away from the BENCH players as they’re still viable pieces to the team’s success.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Shawne Williams can’t shoot the ball this season.I want him benched.Anyways here is the thing MDA is using a different lineup almost every game.That is bad news since we need consistency and stability.And another thing this will get much worse as the Lakers have 10 out of the next 11 games on the road against tough competition.Lakers have had road woes this season.Yeah i don’t see a happy ending for Mike D’Antoni.

        Aside from Kendall Marshall and Pau Gasol this team doesn’t excite me.Ping pong balls and a top 5 pick seem very likely tbh.Lottery bound Lakers.Jim Buss is a good man and he will represent the Lakers at the Draft Lottery in his famous ball cap.

        Lets get lucky.Kendall is a great Point Guard.I want to see how Kendall Marshall does on the road trip and lets see how things go with Kendall Marshall playing on the road.It’s his big assignment to play on the road wile leading the team as the Point Guard.You can do it.You know Kendall Marshall is averaging 16 assists in his last games right?Lets just hope he can keep it up on the road.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          Kendall Marshall is awful on defense – Both opposing PGs had 20+ points. Nate Robinson even torched him.

          • hookedonnews

            Good team defense is the answer to that. There are very few PGs that are great defensive players.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            When has a MDA team ever had good team defense>? And there a plenty of PGs that are capable defenders – which mostly hinges on lateral quickness. conley – rondo – cp – tp – holiday – hinrich – even steve blake to name a few

          • hookedonnews

            Seriously? Tony Parker? Chris Paul & Conley are good defenders, but I’ve seen PGs run by all those guys. Rondo goes for steals too much. As for D’Antoni and defense–in his glory years with the Suns he wasn’t that concerned with defense because his teams could pretty much outscore everybody. He also has had few really good defensive players (Bell, Marion, and Chandler in NY), and there aren’t a lot of great defenders on this team. Kurt Rambis is in charge of the defense, so you might want to take that complaint to him. These guys know how to play defense, but it takes focus and energy. Right now you’ve got a makeshift team playing with a 9 man rotation. You’re not going to have great success on either end until the starters and other injured players return.

          • roseducanna

            Coach M.D A only need players shoot 3 points.But his shooters like sh..t .What team win championship with no defend and shoot 3 points.?

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, this offense relies on 3 point shooting, but not exclusively. If you had Nash, Farmar, Blake, and Kobe on the floor you would see more inside scoring. There is also the opportunity for Gasol & Hill to score. It’s not all about the 3 pointers, but it’s important. And they have been pretty effective shooters this season (last night was an exceptionally bad shooting performance). Yes, you have to be able to defend, but you also have to be able to make 3 point shots to win championships. Miami would not have won a championship last season without Ray Allen’s 3 point shooting. Four of our best 3 point shooters are injured right now.

          • Blackzilla

            um Nate Robinson torches most pgs

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            um – that was the only time this season he has scored 20 points – keep your comments to urself Crackzilla

          • Blackzilla

            good so you read the stat line but do you actually watch the games? Nate is fast as hell

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            In the context i was using the word “torch” – it pertained to offensive domination – rather than a speed reference.

          • Blackzilla

            fair enough then very true

        • hookedonnews

          How are you going to bench Williams when you have a 9 man rotation? It wouldn’t make a real difference other than to require more minutes from someone else. I’m not as down on him as some people are. We need our injured players back, That’s the only hope for the team. I don’t know whether MDA will have a happy ending or not, but to pretend that this record is his fault is ridiculous IMO.

          • Guest

            Happy trails Mr. Williams

    • hookedonnews

      The only thing that can fix this team is a healthy roster. Until they get that they aren’t going to do much.

  • kobe24

    The only problem I have with MDA is his rotation. Okay I’m fine with not starting Jordan Hill since he can be a good energizer for the second unit but its foolish to only play him for 12 minutes. Also Chris Kaman is one of the better big men Lakers have why not play him at all, its the coaches job to use the players talent thats what coaching is… If Kaman played horribly I can understand a reason to bench him….


    • dev

      out-rebounded by 20 again and again..
      he just doesn’t learn

    • BTExpress

      I agree kobe24. MDA (and his assistants) are lacking in many areas. He does not utilize his players effectively and lacks motivation skills. Many star players around the league, when interviewed, point to the coaches– the players on this team NEVER refer to the work/knowledge/game plan of the coaches! NEVER!! Defense wins games. IF MDA has not figured this out, then how can he really be considered an effective coach? smh

      • marcus

        you are right BTE. MDA needs to go. lets get someone who knows defense, teamwork, and knowing that when a player or group of guys are playing well, you leave them in the game. when they are -20, sit them down!!

    • marcus

      kobe24 right on. mda is totally inept on player management. The only bright spot if we keep losing, i hope, is to lose this clown. miserable coach!

  • Al

    so the Lakers and Cavs aren’t done discussing yet? Man, I just want some trade to actually happen, I really want them to get some future asset in return.

    • Jim213

      They should at least settle for a late first rounder rather than acquiring another player given that deals with the Cavs haven’t panned out in the past.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    You can see how awful we are in the 3rd quarter – coaching staff provides zero motivation

    • marcus

      that is the coaches job.

  • Kurt del Rosario

    Kaman should be playing not sitting,i mean he should get minutes as a 2nd unit.

  • Antzer

    Play Hill more than 12 mins! Play Kaman n get rid of williams! What the heck MDA!! If I were Gasol, I wouldnt want to come back if MDA is around. Buss wasnt willing to stick w/MW after 4 games but willing to stick w/MDA for 1 yr and counting …. really?! really?!

    • marcus

      seriusly! but hill n kaman are in MDA doghouse, so they will never get that time get rid of MDA, and that will make our season!!

  • Matt Williams

    Why is he still here?

    • Carlos Freemal Burrell

      Because Jim Bus Says So lol

  • FelixQuintero

    Lo primero que hay que hacer es votar al dirigente,es incapaz,no sirve,no cree en la defensa….lo segundo salir de Paul Gasol,tampoco defiende,no tiene defensa,no es lider…..lo tercero,sobrellevar esta temporada y prepararnos para la proxima con los jovenes que tenemos y agentes libres…….y traer a Phil Jackson a dirigir el equipo.

  • 3339

    Dantoni is clueless. This is a mess. We need a leader.
    I really hope the management can see this. We need a leader

    • hookedonnews

      What we need is healthy players.

      • dawko

        We need healthy management…Jim Buss ain’t healthy

        • hookedonnews

          Well, that may be true, but I think they did a good job this off-season bringing in some good players with very little cap space available. The decision to bring in Marshall is also looking like a good one. If Nash, Blake, & Farmar had been able to stay healthy and if Kobe hadn’t injured his knee I think we might be looking at a different story here.

          • dawko

            But they hired D’antoni, whose play style has nothing to do with Lakers, plus his style can never win a championship. They hired Nash, who, with all due respect, is old as fuck – is more liable to get injured and takes cap space. It’s definitely painful to watch Lakers in these times when lots of players are injured(basically your main lineup) but I am sure that there are coaches who could acknowledge Lakers players’ skills, use them properly, motivate them to play each game at 100%. It’s not like I am asking for something impossible, there are teams that know what they are, yet, they play better than anyone predicted because they WANT to win. Lakers4LIFE

          • hookedonnews

            They hired D’Antoni (with Dr. Buss’s approval) because they wanted a more Showtime-like offense. Dr. Buss didn’t like the Triangle. He wanted a more face-paced offense. I don’t agree that his style can’t win a championship with the right players. The 2004-2006 Suns were fully capable of winning a championship. They weren’t able to get past the Spurs because of crooked officiating (Tim Donaghy), the suspension of Diaw & Stoudemire when the Suns clearly had the momentum in that series, etc. If you saw those games the Spurs always targeted Nash and tried to take him out of the game. The officials seemed to look the other way until Horry knocked him into the scorers’ table.

            Nash led the league in total assists the season before coming to the Lakers and was healthy. The broken leg which led to the nerve problems that are keeping him out now had nothing to do with age. It was just a freak injury that couldn’t have been predicted.

            The problem with this team is they had their starters on the court together 7 games last season and probably less than that this season. No one expected much from them before the season started because Kobe was out, and the health of Nash & Gasol was a question because of the injuries the season before, and they had a bunch of guys who couldn’t make it with other teams. They were exceeding all expectations before players started dropping like flies. You’ll never know what MDA can do with this team until he has a roster that can stay healthy more than 5 minutes.

            These guys have played hard this season, but they’re down to a 9 man rotation and understandably frustrated and down because of the continuing flood of injuries. I don’t know that any coach could have done much better under the circumstances.

  • JohnC

    Combining Kaman + Hill + Pau you have the opportunity to have two of those bigs on the floor the whole game + the help of Sacre. It’s a slower team, but it guarantees more rebounds on both ends + better defense. And on the offensive end, less quick three-pointers and less ‘run-shot-run back’ (high-school) style…

    In other words: how many lost games more will it take to introduce relevant changes?


    the best trade would be to trade mikey the D.A. to some park and rec league. that’s about all hes good for. as long as he is there the lakers will never do anything. if he played the guys that would get things done, they may be better than this. but mikey THE D.A. will never have any great talent come to l.a. like who wants to play for him? NOBODY

    • marcus

      oh no, please don’t penalize the rec league! just get rid of MDA. please!!

  • Vince

    D’Antoni …. Please stop starting Sacre and Johnson. Kaman and Young are your starters. You need to reward, not isolate, those that play well.

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t understand why they can’t keep these trade talks quiet until they’re done. It’s not helpful for anyone but journalists who want to write about them. They hurt the players involved and the teams. The only hope for the team is for Kobe, etc. to return and win a bunch of games in a row. Can that happen? I don’t know, but other players (Chris Paul) are going down around the league. It ain’t over till it’s over.

  • Barry Bunes

    MDA does not have the players to play the style of basketball he likes. He tries to push them in that direction so they ge frustrated and demoralized. Defence is not MDA’s forte and it shows.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    The team doesn’t want to play for D’Antoni.Plus they are up in the air about Gasol being traded.If they want to save money,trade Nash,he isn’t helping the team anyway.Wave D’Antoni this summer,nobody can save this season.But get a coach the team can respect for next season.

  • Purpleloft

    D’Antoni has no clue what’s wrong with this team. The complete lack of defensive effort against the Nuggest should be reason enough to fire him. Marshall did a great job with his 17 assists but like he himself said, it does not mean anything if you lose by 25…

    • marcus

      bingo! fire the clueless wonder. get rid of MDA SOON, so we are not repelled by potential good players who absolutely do not want to have MDA as their coach. he is useless. we have some good players, but no team consistency – that is on the coach. fire MDA! SOON, PLEASE!!

  • hate mda

    mda is a joke we get out rebounded due to the fact we don’t have anyone underneath or even near the paint while we play this lame azz style from the 3 point line, its insane to think that this is the direction lil baby buss wants to take the lakers the lakers were a feared team and the only direction he and mda has taken the team in down when your up the only other direction is down so wtf? why would you want to take the team in another direction , lil baby buss has zero b-ball knowledge , and mda stop blaming the fans who ALL KNOW you are not the right coach for this team just because we voice our opinion on that fact stop trying to blame the fans and change the subject or blame to us telling us to find another team to root for pffftt your not the right person for this job nor is lil baby buss either, it has nothing to do with us fans being wishy washy the lakers are like our child and if we hire a tutor for our child and they have no clue as to what they are doing well then sir we speak up and say fix it or hit the road , mda your fired your too stubborn , gasol was a champion before you and now that your there is not and you blame him???? oh he knows how to cash his check you say pffft AGAIN shifting blame we all see through your tactics gasol was a champion you came to town and now hes not and that’s on him? you have zero to do with that eh???? doood you need to take a hike I want to vomit everytime I see your face or hear your name you sir have made this team a laughing stock , take some blame will ya its always the guys get down or they can cash a check but not learn your STYLE pffft own up take some blame, half that team were champions long before you now their not think bout that chit son , your weak sauce