Mike D’Antoni Interview: Coach Takes Comedic Approach To Questions

Mike D’Antoni Interview: Coach Takes Comedic Approach To Questions


With the Los Angeles Lakers currently having lost nine of their last 10 games, the season is on the brink with hope for a playoff berth quickly disappearing.

Following the loss to the Houston Rockets, head coach Mike D’Antoni talked to the media at the Lakers practice facility on Thursday. Even though things clearly aren’t going well for the team right now, D’Antoni was in a joking mood. D’Antoni was asked about if he saw a light at the end of the tunnel this season and said the following via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

It didn’t end there as D’Antoni continued with his sarcastic and joking style of answering questions on Thursday:

As a result of the loss to the Rockets, the Lakers are now sitting at 14-22 on the season and 13th place in the Western Conference ahead of the Sacramento Kings and Utah Jazz.

It comes as no surprise that D’Antoni is going with this approach as it seems the Lakers are in tank mode at this point. Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar may be nearing a return to the floor, but the team can’t seem to get it together and will be in a huge hole once these veterans get back healthy.
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  • Tar Heels Thriller

    I see a lot of misconception from the haters when it comes to Kendall Marshall.Well i just want the facts to be out there since some bloggers are lying and misrepresenting the facts of what the truth.Well first of all Kendall Marshall was drafted pick number 13 in the 2012 first round in the NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns.Then he was just wasting his time in Phoenix like i am wasting my time right now placing the facts to the haters and trolls.Anyways continuing now Kendall Marshall was the Bob Cousy award winner in college for best passer in the nation.North Carolina fans love him he did great for us and we are proud.

    He is 22 years old he played for my Tar Heels and he has the same vertical leap 37 inches as Wes Johnson.Lets see what else he was traded in a salary dumping trade by the Suns along with big man Marcin Gortat,Shannon Brown,Malcolm Lee and Wizards chose to waive the players to save money and they only kept Gortat.Kendall Marshall was then packing his bags for Deleware to players for the 87’ers and he put up phenomenal numbers for the 87’ers and his D-League coach had great things to say about him as he averaged almost 20 Points and 10 Assists Per Contest.

    Anyways the Lakers signed him to a multi year deal and he has started 4 games for the Lakers and here are his stats.Yeah he is a great young Point Guard with major upside and he is a steal for the Lakers.Go Lakers!Go Tar Heels!

    Kendall Marshall Averages In His First 4 Starts For The Lakers
    Points Per Contest 13 Points

    Assists Per Contest 11.5 Assists

    Rebounds Per Contest 5 Rebounds

    Shooting Percentage Per Contest Is 44.4%

    Three Point Field Goal Percentage Per Contest Is 36.8%

    Free Throw Percentage Per Contest Is 83.%

    • kobe24

      Yessssss. I think Phoenix didn’t give him time to develop as the next “Steve Nash”. Look at Nash and his early years stats at Dallas …it was pretty bad but they developed him for the next 4~5 years and he became two time MVP and should have won 1~2 rings (if it wasn’t for the Lakers haha).

      However, we do have to realize that Marshall is playing 38~40 minutes of play which is inflating his numbers alot. I’m not saying hes bad but once Blake, Farmar comes back in it will be hard for him to see those numbers again. I think Marshall if given chance to develop will give Steve Nash stats in 3~4 years from now.

    • Dana

      Kendall, that you?

  • antzer

    Finally MDA knows that he is a joke! How much more can Buss tolerate this clown? Lets start a petition to fire MDA! Do we really want a coach that jokes about being an American is a jinx? Really? Really?!!!!

  • Brandon Leong

    MDA’s obviously so frustrated at the performance of the team, that he has to approach questions this manner, imagine him blowing up in the interviews, that would be unsightly.

    • antzer

      How bout coaching the team to play smarter on D instead of saying players need to play harder! Who ever is in charge for the D philosophy isnt doing a good job. Watch Jodie almost always double from the weak side while his man gets an easy layup. This is the D Lakers are playing, guard from weak side attempts to help on the ball n looses sight of their man. This is lame D! This is a coaching issue!

      • Brandon Leong

        i agree with you that Lakers need to play D, but you know its easier said than done. Of course they know they suck in defense, they give up 100+ points every night! There are limitations and its everyone’s job to make sure it works, not only the coaches. Players need to watch the tapes, learn their weaknesses and improve. And please stop with the fire MDA rant, Lakers organization couldn’t really care less. They just released a comment that they’re happy with MDA. So shut up already.

  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    If it was tough for you to cut Shawn Williams you have to soft of a heart, he was a 3 point shooter that couldn’t shoot 3’s….I really feel like ..fire Dantoni, kiss Phil Jacksons butt until he comes back…..and we’ll be fine