Mike D’Antoni: “If Fans Are Discouraged, Find Another Team” Reviewed by Momizat on . Following two straight blowout road losses, head coach Mike D'Antoni was visibly frustrated and defended his players. With the Lakers losing four players to inj Following two straight blowout road losses, head coach Mike D'Antoni was visibly frustrated and defended his players. With the Lakers losing four players to inj Rating: 0
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Mike D’Antoni: “If Fans Are Discouraged, Find Another Team”

Mike D'Antoni Following two straight blowout road losses, head coach Mike D’Antoni was visibly frustrated and defended his players. With the Lakers losing four players to injury including Kobe Bryant for at least six weeks, the media mentioned that Lakers fans may be getting discouraged and asked D’Antoni if he was personally discouraged. With the Lakers coaching staff and players still fighting despite being undermanned, D’Antoni said fans should find another team to root for if they’re feeling discouraged:

When D’Antoni is frustrated, he is prone to say things that people can use against him. However, he was simply defending his players’ effort on the court and trying to instill confidence into his players. With the Lakers losing four of their best players for an extended period of time, the current players are fighting. However, they simply don’t have the playmakers or enough bodies to keep up with teams for the full 48 minutes. Although the Lakers have lost two straight games and are two games below the .500 mark, the players are confident that they can eventually turn it around. With Jordan Farmar testing his hamstring, the point guard may possibly return on Christmas day against the Miami Heat and provide a much needed lift. ———————————————————————-
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  • Albert L.

    He’s actually right. But several fans will hate on him anyway because he is not Phil Jackson. #turrible

    • Daryl Peek

      I feel the Phil thing but no way can I condone saying some stupid ISH like that!

    • 3339

      stop it. He’s not right

      • Jim213

        It’s not about (championship or bust) foremost, can’t win a title every
        year. It’s about PLAYING COMPETITIVE BALL to place us in those
        situations. #consistency

      • Albert L.

        That’s all you got? At least say why you think he’s not right, otherwise you just come off as a complainer.

        C’mon son…(or whoever you are).

        • independantbynature

          Who are you Albert?We’re Lakers fans,not D’Antoni fans.We want to root for a new coach,not a new team.

          • Albert L.

            Born and raised in LA, and been a Laker fan since. I root for my team and everyone in it regardless how great or terrible they are, which team they came from, etc.

            I don’t believe the front office thinks MDA is a permanent solution, but his system does get production out of the young athletic players who have been buried by other players in their previous teams. While this Laker team is nowhere near a championship contender and not even playoff worthy, I think having MDA both keeps this team competitive enough for the regular season and develops the younger ones to see who will stay for the rebuilding in Kobe’s last years. The big picture is the 2014 draft and FAs looming in the coming years. I can root for that.


      I think the correct answer should have been that he understood, and that it was natural for any fanbase to feel discouraged after losing a couple of games continually. Because it is. Don’t just charge at you’re fan’s for feeling discouraged. That’s horrible.

      • Albert L.

        Agree. He should be more selective with his words and leave fans out of it.

        It’s just interesting observing all kinds of reactions from fans. People truly see what they want to see.

        • independantbynature

          You truly see what you want to,Albert.That’s the only way anyone could believe in No D Antoni.

    • Jim213

      Coach actual quote:

      “Why would I be discouraged? We’re fighting with a bunch of good guys
      that played well and will play well again,” D’Antoni said. “If they’re
      discouraged, go find another team to root for. I’m alright. We’re not
      going to give up. Are you kidding me? Discouraged? That’s not even fair
      to these guys. They’re going to fight.”

      Looks like cut and chop by LN… but still stand by the coach’s bad rotation that has cost the team a few games.

      • Ryan

        Well not i feel much better it seems like he was fighting for his teammates and that i respect as a Laker fan even though i dont like mr pringles coaching style

      • Albert L.

        Thanks for putting the whole quote in context. But many fans would crucify what he said anyway because of their prejudice towards him. As a Laker fan, it’s a bit shameful to see other fans react so emotionally like that.

        • Jim213

          Just putting it all out there but people will form their own opinion.

        • independantbynature

          We’re prejudiced against losers.Why aren’t you?

    • Banzai

      Find another Team? R U serious? I;ve been a Laker fan since Jerry West and Chamberlain…according to his won/loss record and total NBA Championships , I think he needs to find another team…Teams in most all sports that win have a good offense and good defense…he doesn’t coach defense…Jerry Buss must be rolling in his grave as his clueless son Jim captains his once proud Franchise he built when he purchased from Jack Kent Cooke…LOL!!!

      • Daryl Peek

        MDA should not have said go find another team. i can’t defend that. Now if you’ve been a fan since West and Wilt you know winning and championships come in cycles, even for the Lakers.

        Buss left Jimmy in charge. If you trusted Dr. Buss you trust his judgement period. He would not leave an incompetent person in charge of his legacy. Jimmy is not his dad but being under him he had to learn something.

        This team has may issues and injuries are the biggest problem. You can’t blame that on the coach or FO.

        • nlruizjr

          I don’t quite agree with you, the Lakes should have been sort of rebuillding about 4 yrs. ago, they let themselves get to old and didn’t do anything about it, giving up all their 1st rd. picks was a dumb thing to do, I don’t believe West would have followed that format and Mitch and Jim just went with the status quo, instead of looking into the future and do what was best for the team. Now they are stuck with a core of old used to be all-stars that can’t do what they used to do.

          • Daryl Peek

            A little Lakers draft/older FA history lesson for you:

            1999 Devean George 1st rd pick, John Celestand 2nd rd pick that only played 16 games

            1998 Sam Jacobson 1st round pick who only played in 2 games, Ruben Patterson 2rd pick that only played 2 games, Toby Bailey 2nd round pick that was traded to the Suns, Tyronn Lue 2nd rd pick from Denver via trade

            1997 DeJuan Wheat & Paul Rogers both 2nd round picks that never played for the Lakers, Shea Sheals was undrafted rookie that played about 4 games for the lakers and was out of the league after that.

            1996 Derek Fisher 1st rd pick, Kobe was a trade for Vlade.

            1995 Frankie King 2rd pick

            1994 Eddie Jones 1st rd pick, Anthony (Pig) Miller 2nd rd pic from GS

            1993 George Lynch 1st rd pick Nick Van Exel 2nd rd pick, two undrafted FA rookies also

            1992 Anthony Peeler 1st rd pick, Duane Cooper 2nd rd pick, one undrafted FA rookie

            1991 Anthony Jones 2nd rd pick never played for Lakers, Two undrafted FA rookies

            1990 Elden Campbell 1st round pick, Tony Smith 2nd rd pick, one undrafted FA

            1989 Vlade Divac 1st round pick, two undrafted FA rookies also

            1988 David Rivers 1st round pick

            1987 Willie Glass 3rd rd pick never played for Laers, Ralph Tally 4th rd pick never played for Lakers, Frank Ford 6th rd pick never played for Lakers, Ron Vanderschaaf 7th round pick never played for Lakers

            Keep in mind there were 3 draft rounds in 88, 7 rounds from 85-87, and 10 rounds from 78-85.

            From 1978 – 86 the Lakers drafted 16 players that actually got playing time during that span. Brad Holland, Cooper, Magic, Mike McGee, Worthy and AC Green are the only players who saw multiple seasons with the Lakers from those drafts. That’s 6 out of 16 and there were much more than that drafted given the 7 & 10 rounds of picks. Example; from 78-86 the Lakers had 87 draft picks available to them total. Again only 16 actually saw PT over a year and only 6 were Showtime staples.

            Kupchak is using the West/Sharman model exactly. West traded draft picks more often than not. West also missed on more draft picks than he hit on. Older vet FA trades has always been the Lakers way. This is why I shun the folks who embrace the tank talk. I’m not saying your one of them but your critique of Jimmy & Mitch’s style is way off base!

            I used 78-99 because that was the West era as Lakers GM/college scout.

            I’m sure your familiar with what happened fro m 2000 up, the Kupchak era…

    • jhernandez1981

      No he’s not. The Lakers are getting blown out when they lose, something no fan is going to be okay with. If anyone thinks the fans aren’t going to be let down when the team gets beat up by 27 points they’re crazy, particularly when that kind of loss happens consistently.

      • Albert L.

        Do you really expect a team with zero healthy point guards to not get blown out more often than not? If you haven’t, I suggest you check the roster status and see what MDA has to coach in the meantime. So far this season, he has done pretty decent with the limited talent.

        He should have left fans out of the postgame comments, that’s for sure. But your point about getting blown out is irrelevant to his press conference words. MDA would be better off saying the team will continue playing hard and go from there.

  • Daryl Peek

    SMDH you gotta be better than that D’Antoni. This is not a franchise use to losing, especially like this. I understand the frustration given all the injuries but mind ya tongue! This is the kind of ISH that will get you ran out of town!!!

    And I’m one who defends you

    • Lakers Fan

      Couldn’t agree more. Laker Nation will not accept what has been shown to us, especially on the defensive side of the all. It’s downright maddening. D’Antoni needs a reality check if he can’t understand the nature of this ball club. Losing will not be acceptable, especially the WAY we are losing. No effort, heart, or pride is being shown and those three things are the backbone of this Lakers’ franchise.

      • nlruizjr

        where’s the contesting of perimeter shots, where’s the man to man defense, KR knows nothing about defense or maybe just a tad more than Dantoni, they should have gone with M. Cooper (someone that knows about defense), plus there is just to much outside shooting, there has to be penetration to the paint and have an inside game because once your outside shot is gone you have nothing, not even in position to rebound, you can’t expect one guy to do all the rebounding and fighting against 3-4 guys for the ball while everyone else is outside the perimeter watching, hell even a high school coach would know that.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss


    • Patrick Poe Vibar Cadano

      “Why would I be discouraged? We’re fighting with a bunch of good guys
      that played well and will play well again,” D’Antoni said. “If they’re
      discouraged, go find another team to root for. I’m alright. We’re not
      going to give up. Are you kidding me? Discouraged? That’s not even fair
      to these guys. They’re going to fight.”


        I am not sure who to root for now?Maybe Mike D’Anoni can point me in the right direction?What a joke that coach is.Stupid comment by D’Antoni so after 8 years as a season ticket holder i should just trade in my season tickets to root for another team?What a punk move by the coach,he will be a Lakers enemy for many years to come with stupid comments like that.Fire him.

  • Mike A.

    Fuck you D’Antoni you piece of shit. Garbage coach with a garbage record who will never win a Championship, even with a Miami Heat team. The fans won’t find another team, you will. This is D’Antonis way of saving his own ass and not taking blame for never being able to figure out how to utilize an NBA team and it’s pieces. Jim Buss is just as dumb and should hand over ownership to his sister.

    • J


    • Laker Illuminati

      Well said my man. Well said!

  • Booger

    Like they say in Italy up a US

  • jk

    Why can’t D’antonio find another team

    • jk

      his system didn’t work with Nash at a mvp level..besides jim buss does anyone really think it will work now with this bad roster?

      • Jackhammer

        Nope …

  • Adriano Mariano

    Fu*k you Mike Dantoni! You find another team to coach ya fukn loser! How dare you say that to Lakerdom, the Laker Nation! Your just like Dennis Allen ya idiot! ~Ragin’Adrian

  • Mike A.

    Keep sucking Lakers! C’mon lottery.

    • Laker Illuminati

      Tell MikeA. You can’t FIRE an entire Basketball team. But, you can FIRE a Coach.

      • Jackhammer

        In this case that’s the best way to go.

  • Lakers fan

    There are some things that shouldn’t be said as a coach. Especially a new coach. That statement was it. Not good

    • roseducanna

      Coach M.A defend for his job.Because he need money paid for his house.He is a talkative coach.

  • PJ

    Okay, after 35 years I’ll just move on cause you say so ‘Antoni. He really thinks that losing here in LA should be okay with us and we should shut up and let him do whatever he wants. I’m not really blaming him, there has been a lot of injuries. But he can’t really believe that telling the fans to pound sand is legit in this town. He is a joke and always has been.

  • Mike A.

    I think D’Antoni is making up for his short comings with Phoenix by allowing them to win.

    • Jackhammer

      So he can do the same thing right here and now. Leave LA go coach elsewhere and let us win….

  • Tommy “swaggy P” Pickles

    We have to give D’ Antonie credit. I never heard of a team that played with no point guard

    • StraightLA

      Really, really credit for what?? What the f*ck has he done, it’s the players paying their asses off not him!!

      • Don’t be a hypocrite

        Then don’t blame him if they’re losing, lol.

  • Mike A.

    Jim buss is making a disgrace of his father’s legacy via D’Antoni

    • Jared

      You all do realize Dr Buss had a huge hand in hiring MDA too right?

      • Tyrone Von Gilyard

        Dr. Buss wanted feel jackson. He gave the final decision to Jim buss to decide. He overlooked Phil to pick up d’antoni..Because reasons still not known. Still baffled by the fact they would not pick up the best coach in nba history. We would of had phil we would of kept howard. D’antoni. Taking us to the ground. I hate him. But will always love the lakers. He can not coach the lakers at all.

        • Daryl Peek

          Dr. Buss didn’t want Phil. Dr. Buss was the one who made sure Phil never got a stake in the Lakers ownership, which is what Phil wanted most. If you don’t believe this go to youtube and look up Dr, Buss interview with Michael Evaves 2005. It explains how Dr. Buss wanted the future to go….

        • Jackhammer

          He cant coach at all. Any team in basketball. He should switch to some other sport…

  • Al

    These are the kind of remarks that can get D’Antoni ran outta town! LakerNation can turn their back on him real quick if there isn’t any progression soon.

  • 3339

    We fans that are discouraged have every right to feel this way. We all care alot about our Lakers and want to see them succeed like we all know they can.
    We have all been rooting for the Lakers longer than this sorry pos has been here. This is why I want the Lakers to fire this guy now. He doesn’t have the ability to lead and when the going gets tough he blames others.
    Don’t criticize us for caring about our team. you find another team cause you don’t have what it takes to be a Laker.

    • esedanger

      Just fire him already…..or the fans are gonna stop Goin …until they fire his ass out…!!!

  • Joe Crevier

    D’Antoni has done the best anyone could do with this team. 13 wins this far in is pretty good considering the injuries and the players that make up the team. Even Phil couldn’t make this team a championship contender. D’Antoni has made it entertaining even without Kobe out there. He’s gained a lot of respect from me. I was extremely skeptical in the beginning but he’s proven me wrong

    • 3339

      you call this entertaining? Are you a Laker fan? Cause every Laker hater I know thinks this is very entertaining.

      • Joe Crevier

        I love the Lakers. I watch every single game. I’ll admit some games are painful to watch like tonight and against Golden State the other night but there are games that are just fun to watch. Like when Nick Young gets going, they’re getting up and down the court knocking down their shots. I don’t know I enjoy watching them with Dantoni’s fast paced system this year

        • 3339

          you’re a very positive person then.
          personally I see the Lakers under dantoni like a group that plays at the rec center. They don’t know each other and just jack up shots whenever they get the ball.
          Sure it’ll look good sometimes ( clippers game, rockets game) but when the shots don’t fall they panic and it looks awful like tonight and most of this season.

          • Joe Crevier

            I completely understand where your coming from. Just with this group of guys there’s only so far they can go. They aren’t a championship team so might as well make it fun to watch until they are. There are going to be bad games but there are going to be good games. We’ll see what happens after this year

          • Gregory Choa

            I disagree…I think this group of players knows each other much better than you think, and this coach is taking a bullet for this particular group of players because he cares a lot about their development and knows that this is the kind of loss that will cause fans to lose their shit.

            I’m not going to take a dump on this team, or this coach, until I’ve seen them lose games like this at full strength.

          • Daryl Peek

            Some in here have a clear cut agenda. They were MIA when the team was actually winning earlier in the season. Soon as Kobe came back and things got rocky they popped back up stirring up the pot.

        • nlruizjr

          You can’t be a winner if you don’t play DEFENSE, period !!!!

          • Joe Crevier

            I know. They aren’t going to win with this team either way. But I agree the defense is atrocious. No interior D whatsoever

    • Albert L.

      Finally. A reasonable Laker fan in the midst.

      Thank you, Joe.

  • Jim213

    Props for the 2nd unit but he’ll likely get canned in the future. My issue is Jim Bust (who ain’t going nowhere) unfortunately and clumsy Kupcake.

    • Gregory Choa

      If your issue is with Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak, then maybe D’Antoni is right…you may want to find another team because neither is going to be vacating their posts for the foreseeable future. And since the Lakers aren’t a publicly traded company, and you’re no shareholder, that’s makes you SOL.

      • Daryl Peek

        LOL PREACH!

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Jeez – can you stop posting already? Everything you say is jaded and not real talk – how much is LN paying you for your nonsense?

        • Daryl Peek

          That’s your opinion. Everything he said was absolute truth but because it does not fit your biased view you attack?

          Jimmy and Mitch are fixtures… truth

          The Lakers are a private owned franchise… truth

          None of us are share holders… truth

          Therefore Choa and MDA is right… bounce if you don’t like to hear the truth

        • Gregory Choa

          Real talk??? Oh, I see…I suppose harking back longingly to the triangle romanticism under Phil Jackson, Jerry West and Dr. Jerry Buss (RIP) is your idea of “real talk”. Oh, OK, let’s go there, shall we?

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Bro – i hadn’t stated my opinions yet – stfu and stop putting words in ppls mouths that question your nonsense – WHERE IS PAYTC? – all my thumbs down are you and Daryl….coincidence that you both get paid for your BS comments? jeez man your a joke

          • HATORADE

            Yes Daryl and Paytc get paid to comment favorably for the Lakers so it seems.They both never criticize the Lakers and they both kiss the ass of Mike Phony Bologna Dumbtoni.They get paid or else why such homer talk?Lakers are a big mess.Lakers are not good,lottery team is right.

          • Paytc

            Hatorade? What a name. I don’t think you know me well enough to even come close to correctly judging me. I don’t knock the coach because I came from the school where players made it happen dispite what the level of coaching was. I aim my comments to the players and fans. i could careless what the owners,coaches,and F.O. thinks or does.

            Personally I wasn’t a crazy fan of PJ or MDA. I was and am more a fan of Pat Riley. But the coach is the coach until they change him.

            I can’t control the powers in place that run the Franchise.
            I am the guy out to challenge and change authority, not always agree with it. But this is not the forum for a fight like that. I spend No time for that on here.

            I see talent on the team and want to see the players make the best out of the situation they are in. I stay positive and optimistic because I’m looking for players who exceed expectations. I could careless about a team who had the cards all stacked in their own favor.

            If and when you exceed expectations is the only time I get out of my seat and cheer. Otherwise I just casually clap.

            So don’t mind me if I don’t get all pissed at the coach,F.O.,and owners. If that is your style and your fight have at it. I appreciate those on both sides of the issue.
            I don’t knock you for your stance so don’t knock mine unless your have a better view on my real position.

            Go Lakers !

          • lakers34

            F@@#%% the sorry ass coach i am discourage by his ass he needs to go we need a coach not a clown laker for life

          • Paytc

            You said it . I’m not mad atcha.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who told you to leave. What was said is if you feel the FO should leave maybe MDA was right. That’s not telling you to leave. The FO is going no where. That’s real like it or not.

            Paid for BS? Just because some folks actually try to keep a level head about goings on? Bullies?!? So If I joing the crowd and scream fire MDA, Jim Buss suck and should give power to Jeanie, and call for Mitch to be fired I’m keeping it real?

            Mob mentality is real on the internet, OK

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            are you drunk dude?

          • Paytc

            I speak for myself. I don’t represent no one else. They can’t pay me enough. But as far as my comments they are pretty consistent. I don’t have time to be fighting against the folks the Lakers put in charge. From the F.O.,ownership and the coaches. I don’t always agree with them ,but it’s pretty much a waste of time to constantly knock em. I don’t get that frustrated from Laker wins and losses.
            I mainly support the team and great players like Kobe. If you don’t know now you know.

            And I sometimes agree with cats that post comments and at other times I disagree. C*HarrisTHEboss you should know best I rarely agree with Daryl Peek, but I can still chop up opinions with him. I don’t think it’s one person who post on here that I agree 100 % with. We are just chopping up and sharing our perspectives.

      • Jim213

        Sorry Choa :( :::: but butterfingers Pau has been given plenty of chances to step up, it’s time to ship him out as some here believe he should be given a thousand more opportunities until he retires.

        If clumsy Kupcake don’t cut it then he’ll need to get the boot, some believe he’s a prodigy given he learned a few things with the Great Jerry West! But learning and applying are two different things, Magic has called out Jim Bust and he’s more familiar with Jimmy! than any of us as he’s used to seeing a competitive product on the floor.

        Yes, Mr. Buss has left us but if Jim didn’t learn anything through out the past decades while being around Mr. Buss then bring in someone else than knows how to run a top business organization but time to speak up now rather than waiting for the possible worse as then you’ll be eating crow again.

        • HATORADE

          Jim213 you keep it real.I love your posts bro.Good job.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      I dig your insight bro

      • Jim213

        Just keeping it real, everyone blames players but the coach (rotation) and mostly FO (basketball operations) are the one’s who aren’t cutting it (Jeanie doing good on the business side).

        • HARORADE


  • Lakers Fan

    This is an idiotic statement to make, especially to this proud franchise. This is the mindset of a coach who is used to losing. While the blame goes to this team as a whole, D’Antoni can’t expect us to be ok with our team losing. What coach would?! This for sure will be D’Antoni’s last year with the Lakers, and I’m damn glad it is.

  • Gregory Choa

    I’m not going to get on D’Antoni for this because he’s simply defending his young players who are in full-on scramble mode as they continue to try and overcome life without any point guards and without their franchise player. These are difficult times indeed for the Lakers Nation and certainly not for the faint of heart…or the fickle.

    Jumping all over D’Antoni for making this remark makes him an easy target for fans, which is probably exactly why he said it, to take the focus away from his players, who will learn from this loss and hold themselves accountable for their weak play under less than ideal circumstances.

    I’m perfectly OK with sticking with this team and riding this thing out. It’s going to get better before it gets worse.

    • 3339

      better before worse? reverse that

      • Gregory Choa

        nope…I truly believe this is as bad as it can possibly get…

        • 3339

          give dantoni more time with the team and it’ll get worse. mark my words.

    • Lagunero

      You just got to stick to your team no matter what.

      • Albert L.

        ^ A loyal fan here. Kudos to you, sir.

    • Daryl Peek

      I’m OK with him defending his players but there are better ways of doing it. You can’t say reckless ISH like that as a HC. I defend MDA in here all the time but I can’t on this. He’s been in the game long enough to have better diplomacy than that.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I cheer for whoever the hell i want to cheer for and if Mike D’Antoni wants to be a dictator that crap won’t fly here in LA.Firstly i have been a Lakers fan since the womb as i am born and raised from Los Angeles and i always attended Lakers games as a kid but i have cheered for the Lakers only but i do have NBA League Pass nowadays and i been enjoying watching some other teams play but that doesn’t make me a fan of other teams just a neutral television viewer.Whatever man MDA is acting like Lame Kiffin with remarks like this SMH.

    I will cheer for the Lakers and you sir can find a new team to coach because you are making a winning franchise into a bottom feeder by not coaching defense and not controlling you’re comments to the media.Go ahead and resign like you did in New York discouraged at you’re comment sir.

    Losing happens in the NBA the team has quit on Mike D’Antoni by the looks of things losing by 27 points and the night before losing by 19 points.Yeah go ahead and remember most the Lakers games are road games After a long homestand it back on the road in January 2014.Stay classy.SMH at the comment that will be the beginning of the end for Mike D’Antoni.

  • Walt

    Don’t blame him, he has never won a championship. He doesn’t understand that LA fans expect championships. Just making the playoffs is nothing. We get upset when our team is not good, but I have a feeling that instead of fans finding another team, it will be him who finds one. There is no tolerance for losing

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Really deleting my comment lakersnation? Are you mad because im calling you out for having BS commenters on here talking nonsense backing up an impotent coaching staff?

    • Paytc

      Not sure if you got me a bit twisted, but it does sound a bit like it?
      Trust me I have put some stuff on here so real I knew it wasn’t a coincidence when it got deleted. I feel you.

      And just because my comments are not directed against the coach does not mean I agree with him. I can’t tell you how many things I would do differently than the F.O. and both PJ ,and MDA.

      I didn’t think they handled Mike Brown properly and that actually set the team in a tailspin IMO. Just so we could try to turn the Lakers into the Suns. I Never agreed with that. I never liked the Suns. Except when Barkley (the player) was there. Not a big Barkley fan now.

      But the bottom line is I’m on here supporting the Lakers and great players like Kobe Bryant. There are some who are with me for that and others against me for their own personal reasons. But I could careless. The best way to really know my position is to not assume my position.

      I don’t waste time on this forum knocking any of the people the owners put in positions of power. i don’t think I would want to dedicate my time to a fight like that on this forum. I usually am too passionate about my beliefs and feeling to get too much like that started. If that is your fight by all means have at it.
      But I will let you know I won’t be going there on here. I am just here to aim my comments at the players and some fans. That’s as deep as I care to get on this site. I will be getting deeper on my own site once I complete the visual part of my new book. Until then…….

      Go Lakers !

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        I think you got me twisted. I wasn’t lumping you in with the other two – was actually saying that this thread needed your input. My agenda is to have a real and honest discussion – sometimes i get a bit carried away bc the people dictating the thread do have an agenda – I will support our great players like Kobe+Pau through whatever ups n downs. But i just feel like this year has been different – with so many 1 year contracts and a genuine discord within the fan base. I feel like questioning where we are going as a franchise is a relevant debate.

        • Paytc

          Ok good to clear things up. I agree! And I am not out to knock those that take that stance. I just don’t want to dedicate the time to go there.Where the franchise is going will be interesting, but I think the Lakers will find a way to stay relevant. Meanwhile I will just keep supporting the players.

  • Tracy

    I have no problem with what he said. Has there been any coach in nba history who no matter what he does is turned against him? He just defending the players. Heck, he defended them when Kobe, whether he was aware or not, kinda put the team down prior to his return saying they weren’t playing like gangbusters and all, never mind that they have won 6 of 8 at that time. If any, I think this was a shot at delusional Laker fans who are still in “Phil Worship” mode or thinks that no matter the beat up corolla the Lakers are right now, that the team should be way better and should be beating most teams in the league even though they are a bunch if 911s, Lambos, Ferraris, and the like.

  • Aaron R

    Lakers lose games especially with their roster. EVERY ONE GET OVER IT! NBA teams loose and win its part of being apart of the NBA! Every one needs to realize this is the lakers as of RIGHT NOW. Past is great their legacy awesome amazing even the banners the championships the rich history its amazing yes but every one please realize it IS THE PAST u all cant live in the past the lakers are NOT what they once were and won’t be for a LONG TIME in fact the whole game it self has changed in the sense that a lot of teams now run hybrid line ups that dont even utilize true 5 and 4 spot positions its not about the fast break and run and gun offense tough it out basketball is past and lakers struggle to keep defense in tact because their coach wants instant offense which he cant and will not get with his current roster. All teams now running 1st and 2nd round draft pick rooks will tare them up reason why is these rookies have passion and young bodies lakers dont have that any more its sad to say but they have become the franchise team that is much more comfortable admiring the past work they have done and slapping their name on clothes you can buy at walmart than going out and playing genuine basketball with ambition and hunger for the game. They dont have that they just want to look up at their banners and say look at what we did though and ask the fans for that to be enough. But its not and a lot changes need to be made. Fire d antoni at this point any coach is better. And after his remark he just made im sure d antoni is already signing his one way ticket out of l.a. next is clean up clean up. Its a lot of shaping up they have to do which makes me believe it will be a while before they bring home another championship to l.a and any one can say what ever they want too and kobe can sit at home healing up on his bed from his latest injury and protest how they can still come back and how he can get his ring when he wants to before he retires but truth be told kobe is aging its one thing to have a young mind but another thing when your body is aged. Hes already lost his explosive force and it can only get worse with his knee injury. He cant depend fully on his ankle after his achilles tare now he wont have full confidence in his knees. He basically is loosing confidence in his legs altogether where he admits it or not but you can see it in his game its why he wont play sg and its why the team is afraid to play him at that position they play him now as a pg bt he doesnt play that role hes never done that and its only because steve nash is out and facing what seems like is the end.of his career. Sum it up lakers have a long road ahead and so do their fans and the fans true fans need to get use to whats going on and ride through this rough patch and stop complaining its not what their use to because right now thats the way it is. Stop bitching and support your team through the good the bad and ugly

  • https://twitter.com/ybpaperchaser Rich Kid

    Mike D’Antoni Is Simple Minded if he think Offense Gonna take LakerGang Far Defense WIns Champs

  • Doc Shepherd

    Best get your own ass outta town Mike D…. Ain’t gonna get no better for you after talkin’ that kinda s**t to the fans. If I was you I’d RUN!!! Not walk. And take Jimmy B with you!! You both are OBVIOUSLY not Laker material!!

  • Mitch

    Mike D’Antoni is a lame duck coaching waiting for his pink slip.He is not having any fun coaching this group of guys.He would rather be golfing somewhere or whatever else he likes doing.Yeah bad idea for Mike D’Antoni to say that when we are competing with the Clippers for fans in a down year for us and a great year for them.Also the company line is to say well stick with you’re team no matter what and please come out and support us we will be better.

    The line Mike fed us is not acceptable,we must get a apology for his remark tonight.Lakers Nation knows they gotta be loyal in a time like this.Kobe is gone and so is Nash they won’t be back for a month or two so we are trying our best.Mike D’Antoni is getting fired!I hear and see everything Mike D’Antoni says to the media and judging by the commnets tonight he is on the way out of LA Finally.

  • Mike Powell

    What kind of coach tells his fans to go support another team. I personally will be glad when he gets ran out of town the same way as cry baby ass Howard. If you are going to be a Laker you have to know and understand the history of the purple N gold. True fans no matter what team it is are not just going to sit around and accept loosing.The reason there are so many injuries is because of D’Antoni’s system that has not worked since he has been in the league and if u think other wise go head and try to explain it. Don’t worry i will wait……. What this idiot should have done from the beginning was adjust his system to fit the personnel he has.

    • andrew

      are you discouraged?

  • Match328

    Fuck you D’Antoni find a new team to coach dumb ass. We fans have the right to say what we want since we pay your salary. You knew what you were getting into when you took the job. Can’t wait till you gey fired prick.

    • andrew

      not gonna happen this year

  • ClipperstheonlyrealteaminLA


    • Jim213

      STFU, will go up 2-0.

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard

      GTFOH You bitch

    • andrew

      haters would just hate. do I sense jealousy there for the last 30 years or so?


    I am a former Lakers fan and just as soon as i heard Mike D’Antoni say that shit i am done being a Lakers fan until Mitch and Buss fire his ass.I am now a Suns fan and a Suns man.I hate Mike D’Antoni and Jim Buss.I cheer on Phoenix now Mike D’Antoni.Thanks to D’Antoni Lakers lost a fan of 20 years tonight.Good business tactic jerk,half the fan base is outta here after tonight.

    • Daryl Peek

      Kick rocks

    • Jim213

      FO issue mostly but too bad we can’t switch off certain players. The Sun’s team is good all around and do their work without drawing too much attention as they’ve also been overlooked.

      However, I’ve been through the good and bad with this team as it’s best to address the issue now to let the inexperienced ones know how the majority of the masses feel. The coach will likely get booed come Wednesday if not canned before the season is over given his favoritism of players.

    • andrew

      lakers don’t need fan like you. you would call yourself a fan when they’re great and wear all kind of lakers gears. But not when they loss, I am a FORMER fan.

  • Robert Perez

    What an idiot… The lakers have the best fans in the NBA. The reason they are one of the richest teams is because of their fans. I don’t think the buss family would appreciate him chasing away our wallets.

  • Vic The Brick

    Just a bad coach with a bad comment.Time to praise you guys for putting with this coach and also putting up with blowout losses.Mike D’Antoni is on the verge of getting fired according to some rumors and reports tonight.Good riddance Dummy.

  • Jason

    Mike Dantoni isn’t protecting his team… hes protecting his system… it has always been about protecting his system…


    Lakers have to fire Mike Douche bag.

  • Johnnie Flenoil

    As bad as I hate to say it, the best way to get rid of D’Antoni and ” little
    jimmy buss” is to quit going to games. Hit them where it hurts the most–in the wallet.

    • Jim213

      Brought this up in the summer…

  • My First Opinion

    It’s real simple… Stop going to Laker games and filling the seats. Once the management begins to realize they’re losing money on ticket sales they might just consider firing MDA. Support your Lakers by watching the games at home. The Lakers management is corrupt right now, and won’t change until it affects them financially.

  • Mayway

    Pretty simple, when Jerry Buss was on his deathbed, he made the decision to fire Brown and hire D’antoni. He probably wasn’t in a good state of mind and without considering is roster, hire a guy who’s teams (suns specifically) ran around and shot a lot. Looked like fun… Simply because Nash was in his prime and a gifted talent. This group, with “slowdown cause I got the ball Kobe” we’re never gonna be a contender because D’antoni’s system is about scoring. When we all know after so many titles, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! The “Showtime” Lakers were “Showtime because it all started with defense. D’antoni says the same thing after every long bad luck losing streak..”when Nash gets back we’ll be fine”, that was last year, we were still a mess, (I don’t give a fuck how many games they won by the end of the year, they were still a mess) then this year, ” when Kobe gets back we’ll be fine” Kobe comes back…mess. Then last night, (right before he trashed us fans) he says “when Farmar gets back we’ll be fine”. I got news, it ain’t never gonna be fine until this jack ass says goodbye. We need to staff his team with ALL ex Laker players as coaches. B.Scott, head Coach, been to finals as player and Coach, Rambis, Worthy, Michael Cooper. Stop all the bullshit and let’s get back to basics…Defense. The offense will take care of itself as long as we have an inside game that opens up the outside game…it’s simple

  • Tyrone Von Gilyard

    D’antoni is horrible as a coach. But think about this we pushed through the likes of brian grant and brian cook and smush parker and not making the playoff at all even though kobe was averaging over 30 points every one of those years. we are still LAKERS NATION regardless.. D’antoni need to get replace. Im mad at Jim Buss for the crazy decision of overlooking Phil jackson. They over looked brian shaw who has been with our franchise for years.. They over looked byron scott who has history with our team. All of them for d’antoni. Seriously and this is where we are now.

  • Lazky

    Well, I’m actually paying to watch
    to watch this team, I wish the lakers can refund me my league pass money so I can follow the clippers instead

    • andrew

      good job this lakers fan. he already found another team to root for! regarding your league pass is owned by the league

      • Lazky

        Yes, and I’m sure lakers are aware that they are probably one of the most viewed out of their market because of league pass. Lakers fan all knew as soon as mike d got hired that it was a fail. Clippers got doc rivers was the best thing that happened to LA this year


    cmon LAKERS NATION! ist just weird when day win.nice job mike!when they loose the lakers nation get discourage with you mike!cmon man!no PG!!r u kidding me!against the phoenix!!they will surely suck!bashing the coach is not a good idea..before the season started we all know the expectation is not winning championship!ders no way we can win with this group!cmon lakers nation!!

  • SwaggyP

    I just read a comment about giving MDA some credit. Last season we played with Nash & Blake, Kobe was great, D12 got outta the team because of him, Pau Gasol can’t find his great game with MDA’s system; and we only got the 7th place in the Western. We loss 4-0 against the Spurs. What credit? Get outta LA, go fuck another team, but not the greatest ever. Maybe PJ won’t come, but even I can be better coaching tan him.

    • GM Jack

      LAKERS underachieved big time last year with DH, Blake, Kobe, Gasol…..Big time!

      Mike Brown was better!

  • Doug & Wolf

    Mike D’Antoni is the worst coach in the NBA and that’s a fact.Lakers couldn’t win with a healthy Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard last season under the failed guidance of Mike D’Antoni.He has been a major failure for the expectations Lakers fans have.Nobody can be stupid enough to think this idiot can lead the Lakers to a championship?Never will the retard Mike Douche Bag D’Antoni win a ring.

    Not happening ever let me tell you why he can’t coach defense the Lakers gave up 117 points last night even Doug Moe coached defense better than this retard Mike D’Antoni.Seriously retarded Mike D’Antoni is a retard he is not a leader of men.Mike D’Antoni IS NOT A LEADER OF MEN,WE NEED A LEADER OF MEN TO COACH THE LAKERS.FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI CAMPAIGN HAS BEGUN.FIRE THAT MAN!

  • Chyeah

    Well looks like we’ll be screwed on Christmas during the heat game

    • GM Jack

      Lebron has a statistical chance of choking for one game. Bosh will check out at 5 points 5 rebounds and Wade will rest his knees. Start meditating!! That’s the only chance you have. There is hope.

  • Jeffrey Bromet

    Just three things.
    1. D’antoni’s game and system is unfunctional and really bad.
    2. The roster ? What roster ? We got Pau Gasol shooting 3′s and Nick Young ( Which is not a bad player, but not great either, as the most important player.. kobe aside ).
    3: D’antoni’s comment was stupid. He should leave. But even do you really think a better coach ( Phil Jackson, for example) will take on a team with this roster ? It’s like taking over a plane with dead engines.

    • 3339

      A better coach will make an incredible difference on the current team. Also, a better coach will attract better players. No big time player will want to play for dantoni.

      • GM Jack

        Does LeBron or other stars want to bossed around by the older Lakers’ roster? This is a better question!

  • Banzai

    Banzai Albert L.
    • in a few seconds


    Find another Team? R U serious? I;ve been a Laker fan since Jerry West and Chamberlain…according to his won/loss record and total NBA Championships , I think he needs to find another team…Teams in most all sports that win have a good offense and good defense…he doesn’t coach defense…Jerry Buss must be rolling in his grave as his clueless son Jim captains his once proud Franchise he built when he purchased from Jack Kent Cooke…LOL!!!

    • andrew

      hey old timer, may I ask you a question? have the lakers won every single year since you become a fan?

  • Greg Brown

    He’s not right. His non-plan has gotten our team beat up, in no condition to compete. Totally the coach’s fault.


    Sounds more like frustration and discouragement. Still, not the greatest quote. But we all say things in the heat of the moment so let it slide. Remember that the FO really tried to give us a Championship team last year and through no fault on them it failed, really failed. Howard was not what we expected and, lets face it. Nash is pretty much over. I want to root for Nash but it just is not happening and did not happen last year either. I like this years team so much better even though they probably aren’t gonna do much. They at least give it a good effort and are fun to watch. We have had AMAZING teams here, and it is impossible to have that every single year. I will never go find another team to root for, am here for the long run. Remember the Threat, Vlade, Van Excel years? Also, remember the Magic, Kareem, James, Scott, Coop, Rambis, Green and MacAdoo years…… THAT was something. This will turn around…. probably next year, but it will. GO LAKERS

  • uzi24

    discourged with more so the team..

  • Apex

    Im not gonna take what D’antoni said seriously. I like the guy, I like his style of basketball, I think what he does by letting 2nd unit players get at least a chance to prove themselves is an honourable thing. The truth of the matter is this, the team is depleted, we are losing games against better teams then us, and everyone is extremely frustrated right now. We are simply not accustomed to losing!! But as a frustrated fan I can’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to be in D’antoni’s shoes right now, I feel bad and frustrated for the guy since he has never had the chance to show us fans what he can do as a coach, considering how we haven’t even had a full healthy team since he came to LA. Even the very short time last year that we had a full healthy team, there had been no time for the team to have developed any chemistry!!

  • Jose

    IMO D’Antoni should of just watched what he said. Yes all true Laker fans are upset that the franchise they root for is rebuilding and will be this bad for at least the rest of Kobe’s tenure but that is most likely why the FO brought in MDA so that a fast paced team could play, create some buzz and keep it interesting until they were able to sign another big name or two then MDA would be gone. Unfortunately most of the league plays some version of this and the all do it better than the Lakers do right now. Other than Kobe, Pau, Blake, Nash and Farmar the rest of the roster a bunch of players that everyone had cut or had already gave up on. Just look at the latest acquisition, Marshall, young kid that should have a lot of upside but was given up on after one season with the Suns and the Wizards didn’t even want to deal with him so what does that say about this kid? Either way he has been signed and we are kinda stuck with him, this roster and MDA well at least the few of us that are true Laker fans and ail continue to watch them even when they lose and all the Laker haters jump on us about it since they are jealous that their team may only have one title in some cases no titles Like current Clipper fans that all of a sudden claim that LA is Clipper town.
    With all that said MDA needs to keep emotions in check and just coach. That is why most people miss Phil aside from the fact that he would have never said something so silly he would get on the players and let them know what he thought and wanted. Why do you think that he could handle MJ and Kobe? Either way I hope that the Lakers can right this ship and get back to winning ways. Go Lakers!!!

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