Mike D’Antoni: “If Fans Are Discouraged, Find Another Team” Reviewed by Momizat on . Following two straight blowout road losses, head coach Mike D'Antoni was visibly frustrated and defended his players. With the Lakers losing four players to inj Following two straight blowout road losses, head coach Mike D'Antoni was visibly frustrated and defended his players. With the Lakers losing four players to inj Rating: 0
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Mike D’Antoni: “If Fans Are Discouraged, Find Another Team”

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Mike D'Antoni Following two straight blowout road losses, head coach Mike D’Antoni was visibly frustrated and defended his players. With the Lakers losing four players to injury including Kobe Bryant for at least six weeks, the media mentioned that Lakers fans may be getting discouraged and asked D’Antoni if he was personally discouraged. With the Lakers coaching staff and players still fighting despite being undermanned, D’Antoni said fans should find another team to root for if they’re feeling discouraged:

When D’Antoni is frustrated, he is prone to say things that people can use against him. However, he was simply defending his players’ effort on the court and trying to instill confidence into his players. With the Lakers losing four of their best players for an extended period of time, the current players are fighting. However, they simply don’t have the playmakers or enough bodies to keep up with teams for the full 48 minutes. Although the Lakers have lost two straight games and are two games below the .500 mark, the players are confident that they can eventually turn it around. With Jordan Farmar testing his hamstring, the point guard may possibly return on Christmas day against the Miami Heat and provide a much needed lift. ———————————————————————-
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    FIRE MIKE DANTONI… He makes the stupidest coaching decisions, then backs that up with saying stupid shit like this…

    • andrew

      what decisions he made to you are stupid? it’s a star driven NBA and we don’t have any.

  • andrew

    put Phil Jackson with 11 title wins with roster lakers have now with key injuries, I think even Phil would pick another team to root for. be patient lakers fans!!!

  • Ryan

    Good for him because i am a REAL lakers fan that supports the team through hard times and the good times. Fans need to stop being spoiled brats. BUT i have to say on the other side to think things would of been better if we didnt fire mike brown after 5 games where would we be. I think we would of been better off with Mike Brown because it seems like Dantoni is a disease to all teams.

  • Trek Life

    “Why would I be discouraged? We’re fighting with a bunch of good guys
    that played well and will play well again,” D’Antoni said. “If they’re
    discouraged, go find another team to root for. I’m alright. We’re not
    going to give up. Are you kidding me? Discouraged? That’s not even fair
    to these guys. They’re going to fight.”

    Read the Actual quote, THEN react rationally.

    • andrew

      i’m still gonna watch every single game or go to staple center sometimes. fight on lakers

      • Trek Life

        Me too!

    • Albert L.

      “…react rationally.”

      Good luck with that last part, buddy. People see what they want to see.

  • Trek Life

    Wait, so most of you think that he just said “Find another team” and nothing further?

  • skillnwill

    Honestly, it all went bad when the CP3 deal got nicked by David Stern. It lead to Nash, it lead to D’Antoni, it lead to Howard leaving. What we are witnessing right now is the back up plan to something that could of been. 13 different starting line ups this year, 13. It’s amazing we’re almost .500, seriously.

  • Neyander

    Fuck you D’Antoni you piece of shit.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    I would reather find another coach.

  • Neyander

    I know it’s hard work on an outdated team, we want to be realistic, but that D’Antoni is not worth a dime, is one good coach knows how to work with what you have on hand, and this is not adequadro system to the current team of lakers, its main players are old, not put up with this running, or exchange the entire team, or have this clown even though he was totally disrespectful the largest NBA audience, and does not help that we have come to speak fanatics, any child 5 years age understands that this guy does not serve to drive the lakers

  • Colmon Burrell

    Well when you lift that one sentence out of his entire quote it seems heartless and insensitive. But since the writer of the article refused to keep it all in context people are going to get the wrong idea about what D’Antoni said. Make no mistakes, I’m no D’Antoni apologist and I’ve never liked the hire, but at least keep his quotes in context. Nothing to see here.

  • EddieG

    Wow, D’Antoni is starting to pull the Dwight Howard card! Don’t attack the fans, if we all left to another team the Los Angeles Lakers would be nothing! If D’Antoni can’t handle the pressure/spotlight, don’t blame us fans!

  • vince

    This team plays really hard..But, losing is unacceptable in this organization. D’Antoni is a a mediocre coach at best. If the Lakers plan on attracting quality free agents next year. He’s gotta go..

  • independantbynature

    It’s not the players we are discouraged with.We don’t need to find another team to root for.D’Antoni needs to find another team to coach.Maybe the Sparks?We need to find another coach.No D Antoni will never get us a championship.Let him finish out this season and replace him with B. Scott.Mediocrity is not acceptable to Lakers fans.

  • Reggie B

    It’s the Laker BRAND Mike DaAntoni!! Not you or how you feel about the fans. Fans like me have been a laker fan for 45 years. Mike DaAntoni, you are just passing through. Now start coaching and earn your money.

  • Levyluvlakers

    Seriously Mike? I thought you were smarter than to say that to the fans!!!

  • Thomas Dease


  • roseducanna

    History of basketball never have a coach say the fans looking another team like coach M.A(Fuck).How the owner think?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    D’Antoni i am discouraged with you’re comment.I have lost all respect for MDA.

  • Barbara Schweke

    Yaay. Mike D’Antoni finally realized he’s an idiot. What about getting George Karl?

  • Wizkid

    This is just not correct to say from a head coach of a great & historical franchise such as the Lakers org.. It’s just sad not only for him but most of all for all the fans around the globe, I’m pretty sure. However, it doesn’t mean that we’re giving up on our team win or lose, The thing is, if you think you’re not doing a good job then it’s time to throw out the towel & let someone take over the team coahing, in stead of rushing into this stance against the fans. There are different types of fans but the bottom line is we all wanted the team to succeed because we’re used to that type of atmosphere particularly for this highly regarded franchise. It’s such a high standard per se. That’s all I’m saying. Go, Lakeshow!

  • GM Jack

    Mr. Mike, Lakers fans will never find another team. But, Lakers coaches come and go rapidly. Only Phil Jackson and Pat Riley have any resume among the coaches with the Lakers, the rest all come and go or are demoted to assistant ala Del Harris (that was horrible, how did he become head coach with the Lakers at all).

  • GM Jack

    Dear Miss Jeanie: Please address this issue at once. Never will a coach, or a player or anyone in the business organization ask fans/”customers” to go to another business.


  • Race Hinnen

    Maybe he should find another team; You don’t say that to your fan base PERIOD! sounds to me like he’s the frustrated one. Oh, it’s the fans fault for being passionate and not settling for average, or lack of consistency. Yes the injuries are a major reason though. However I don’t, and never have felt that He or his system is the right fit for the Lakers organization.

  • lakerlifelonefan

    Talk about kicking a fan when they are feeling down? I would have never expected this to come out of the mouth of the Coach? If we went somewhere else; you sir would not have a job. That sort of reckless behavior could potentially cost the organization lost revenue.

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