Mike D’Antoni Explains Why Pau Gasol Was Benched in Fourth

Mike D’Antoni Explains Why Pau Gasol Was Benched in Fourth


The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fourth consecutive road game Friday night in Memphis, continuing with their winless streak outside of Staples Center.

The Lakers had a chance to win the game down the stretch, but they could not make the right plays on offense or defense. Kobe Bryant was doing what he could to keep the Lakers in the game, but Pau Gasol was not contributing to the team at all. That is because, well, he was sitting on the bench.

After the game, Mike D’Antoni spoke to the media and Kevin Ding of the OC Register tweeted what the coach said was his reasoning for benching his star forward.

Gasol finished the game with just six points on eight shot attempts, a plus/minus of -23 and only four rebounds. Gasol’s backcourt mate, Dwight Howard, had a poor game as well as he only scored seven bounds and grabbed a mere four rebounds.

The Lakers need better effort from their big men in order to win games and the coaching staff is hoping its benching of Gasol in the fourth will fuel him to play better Sunday against Dallas.

  • http://www.guoxjason.com/ Jason Guo

    PHIL JACKSON!!! Get him before he never comes back!

  • Manny

    We want Phil!

  • keenanjen

    Phil’s not walking through that door


    Not gonna happen……..Phil is already part owner of the Lakers…….In his contract to come back he tried negotiating a higher ownership percentage and clearly rubbed the Buss family the wrong way.

  • Just a Laker Fan

    Stop with we want Phil. Come on Laker fans one loss and allready complaining reason we are loosing is because ceartin players aren’t doing what there capable of plus umm hello Nash isn’t playing yet so relax and be PATEINT.

    • Brad Cordova

      2 losses and 1 was to the freakin Kings!!!!

  • Herb Woods

    With no disrespect, The coach use of the two big men is just plain senseless. Why in the hell would you allow the two big men to play away from the basket? A high and low post would be more of better offense for the team.. Gasol needs to improve on his vertical jump for rebounds. he refuses to jump more than two inches. Howard needs to get more pratice at the free throw line. Listen coach “D”, enough talk. You need at least a half dozen plays for the team. Where the hell is the defense. I have been a Lakers fan for 40 years, and this team is not working together. Stop talking about Nash’s return, there is no telling when that may be. You are not going to win your division, so you better start playing smart enough to make the play offs. I also think Gasol to sixth man is a good idea. The big men are waiting for each other on defense, this is not good. Some one had better come up with a better plan, currently as is this team will struggle to make the top ten. There is still time, but it is a wasting.

  • audie

    I think Pau is out of gas, with him playing in the Olympic, take a lot of his body.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=856104382 Flemming Taylor

    Fans tend to forget the last game Phil was with Pau he was poking him in the chest during the Dallas series. He’s passed his prime and we need to dump him ASAP. Kobe is past his but still plays at a high level and has the no-trade clause.We cant bog down 4 other players because he’s sensitive and soft.

  • Guest

    swap Dwight and Pau’s position.. Pau should be center because he can’t defend the new breed of power forwards now

  • Leo_go_Lakers

    OK, Last game Pau Gasol was 3-8, and Kobe was 7-23…why is the finger being pointed at Pau?! This is D’Antoni’s run and gun offense – which does not suite this roster, as I told earlier. We have post-up game players. Gasol is not used properly. Neither is Howard. The back-up center position – coming from the bench – could be a solution for Pau.

    Gasol is more a center than a forward. You should remember how he outplayed Howard and Magic in the finals. He was a center not a PF. Gasol has excellent offensive moves in the paint, gets many rebounds and can score (and hit free throws unlike Howard). He is not a PF.

    D’Antoni plays a cheap game now: needs excuses for the losses and convicts Gasol. Very cheap. He could equally blame Howard or Kobe… or himself having no idea at all what to do with the bigs in the paint. Poor coaching and poor character…

  • hookedonnews

    Maybe Pau’s problem is the fact that he expended so much energy in the Olympics that he needs some rest. Don’t really believe NBA players should play in the Olympics.

  • Jose Armando

    We can all blame the coaches or staff but the truth is the Gasoft is a very talented player but he’s not always there I mean sometimes he’s a beast and others he’s a lama with his head in between his legs !!!

  • JohnC

    Remember poor Kevin Love and T. Chandler struggling against Pau in last summer´s Olympics… imagine Pau in NY Kincks, Miami, Oklahoma, or even Timberwolves, Boston… and LA Lakers says GOOD BYE to this year’s championship too. If I were Pau, I would move to any of those teams with good perspective for the Play-offs, close the LA era for good and TRULY battle for a third championship.

  • dimps

    put dwight at 4 and pau at 5