Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Expects Chris Kaman To Be In Rotation Reviewed by Momizat on . Over the past couple of weeks, Chris Kaman has been dealing with back issues and fell out of the rotation in favor of Robert Sacre. When he was finally healthy Over the past couple of weeks, Chris Kaman has been dealing with back issues and fell out of the rotation in favor of Robert Sacre. When he was finally healthy Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Expects Chris Kaman To Be In Rotation

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Over the past couple of weeks, Chris Kaman has been dealing with back issues and fell out of the rotation in favor of Robert Sacre. When he was finally healthy enough to play, head coach Mike D’Antoni still couldn’t find any minutes for Kaman and he naturally expressed frustration about his limited role.

With Jordan Hill not playing well, D’Antoni decided to play Kaman for the first time in three games. In 16 minutes, the center had six points and three rebounds, including an impressive block in the first quarter. After the 104-91 victory, D’Antoni said he liked what he saw and expects Kaman to be in the rotation according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With numerous injuries, Kaman will finally have the opportunity to be part of the rotation. While most don’t expect the Lakers to win many games without Kobe Bryant for at least six weeks, D’Antoni is trying to find new combinations to keep them in playoff contention.

Without Bryant, the Lakers reverted back to run-and-gun and played with good defensive energy in the second half. While Sacre will continue to get minutes, Kaman provides much needed offense in the frontcourt moving forward.

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  • ironik

    No disrespect to Sacre. Chris Kaman is much much much much more skilled thank Sacre. If anyone falls from the rotation its Sacre. I have no idea what took MDA so long to see that. He’s a former all star and is still one of the best centers in the game when healthy. Not Sacre… So please play Kaman always always always. i can’t reiterate it enough.

    • Paytc

      I have to agree on the value Kaman can provide. It is frustrating to see Kaman sitting on the bench healthy knowing he could be an impact player if played. I don’t know much about Sacre to comment one way or the other.

      But I’m glad it appears MDA has forgiven Kaman for whatever he said or did to fall out of grace with him.

    • GM Jack

      Lakers play an up tempo game. They can not even have one slow BIG under the current regime, how will they have two. CK can get is 12 minutes. J. Hill is more active on the defensive end. So CK is a worthy player but there is no position for him. He would be good to trade for a young PG or if they are still planning to trade Gasol, hang on to him. They told him to “wait it out”.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      Kaman is on a 1 year deal while Sacre i believe is under contract for next year. I think that might factor in. MDA has a history of giving average guys a chance to prove themselves so they are most likely giving him a chance to develop since he’ll be here next year while Kaman will be gone. I don’t think MDA just all of a sudden thinks Kaman is more skilled than Sacre. He was in rotation at the beginning of the year and in contention to be a starter for a while. I think it’s just standard D’antoni mad scientist procedure to shuffle guys around and experiment with different combinations.

  • Daryl Peek

    I don’t think people understand what’s going on. MDA is doing a brilliant job of keeping everyone engaged. He’s also setting things up for players to be seen as good trade chips.

    Think about this also, a player like Kevin Love is definitely seeing the culture being groomed by MDA. The high energy free flowing offense would suit him and many others well.

    Well played MDA, well played…

    • metalbass

      mda for sure is proving that he was the best choice available (given that phil was out of the picture). i don’t undestand who the hell doubters think to replace him with…. remember the awful potato head playing style, please…

    • Zimmeredge

      no question that a Chandler/Asik-Love duo could do a lot of damage in the NBA… with a floor general and good shooters like Meeks, Blake, Young, Henry… that could be deadly.
      but hell yeah he is grooming them to be good trade chips… Kaman, Sacre even Pau (eventho the big spaniard as regain some confidence), they are all trade bait in the making.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike D’Antoni is one hell of a coach and if anyone thinks he is just some bafoon they will be proven wrong.MDA is not going to make you love him right away and trust me their are nights when i am like this is not 2006 Suns we are the 2013-2014 Lakers and we need to play our own way.But on other nights MDA will prove his old system from Phoenix still works.Finding a happy medium is the key with MDA.

    Right now by MDA using Chris Kaman he is proving he is not holding a grudge and things will work out for Chris Kaman at the end.I highly anticipate Kaman to play a bunch of games this season.MDA is doing a good enough job to not be questioned.

    No coach is perfect.TBH i think coaching is overrated to a certain degree and let me tell you all why well a coach can’t shoot the ball or play defense or pass the ball.Coach can only coach a team with the talent he has on it.For example take Eric Spoelstra off the Heat team as a coach and put him as Lakers coach and the results would be right about what MDA is doing if not worse and then put MDA on Miami Heat as coach and the results would be right about the same.Only thing is MDA needs to get the defensive philosophy in order to rank as a champion coach.

    Lakers have talent to play defense every game.Other teams are more talented than the Lakers yet their coach can’t get wins like MDA could with a less talented team,credit that to the D’Antoni system.MDA took the Phoenix Suns to places they have never to before or after him.D’Antoni was cracking over 60 wins with the Suns and they were playing in the Western Conference Finals multiple times.MDA is a credited coach worth building a team around him.Lakers will have cap space and they can do big things.

  • GM Jack

    Good PR! This is not CK said earlier. What a PR mess. All the Lakers should Refrain from talking to the media.

  • jeremy

    wouldnt mind if kaman get more time, dude earn it and i kind of like him playing more then sacre. sacre good but he need more work

  • hoperhetoric

    yeah!We need hill & Pau for a bigger purpose, playoffs! Hill has a history of back problems remember??? Gasol should be sitting like duncan in back to back games!!!!!

    • jeremy

      why should gasol sit? gasol not as old as ducan and doesnt have the miles on his body like ducan does. gasol played 12 years and ducan played 17 with many many trips to the playoffs

    • Josh

      What back problems? I remember a hip injury last year, but I’m not aware of any back problems.

  • celso bacalla

    sacre is not eligibility 2 play in NBA…

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