Mike D’Antoni Compares Kendall Marshall To Jeremy Lin

Mike D’Antoni Compares Kendall Marshall To Jeremy Lin


The Lakers snapped their six-game losing streak with a 110-99 victory over the Utah Jazz. Kendall Marshall made his first start for the team and had a double-double with 20 points and 15 assists.

Marshall was thrust into the starting lineup after Jordan Farmar went down with a torn hamstring in the last game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to Serena Winters of Lakers Nation, head coach Mike D’Antoni compared Marshall to one of his former point guards in his time with the New York Knicks:

Lin had a string of strong games after being signed from the NBA D-League for the Knicks in the 2011-2012 season that sparked the team to a seven-game winning streak. Marshall was signed on December 20, 2013 from the Delaware 87ers of the D-League. It was his fifth game with the Lakers and his second game in double digits. He helped the Lakers end their losing streak and earn their first win of 2014.

Marshall started the game with a three-pointer and never looked back the rest of the night, finishing 8-12 from the field. He became the second Laker to score at least 10 points and at least 10 assists in his first start. The 22-year-old played 41 minutes and infused the Lakers with an energy that had been missing in recent games. Marshall also turned the ball over just one time and paced a Laker offense that scored 110 points.

D’Antoni now used six different starting point guards and 18 different starting lineups in 33 games. Barring injury, Marshall should be the starting point guard for at least all of January, as Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Farmar are not expected back anytime soon.

The Lakers end their homestand against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday and Marshall will try to repeat his performance.

In case you missed it, Nick Young pretended to be Kobe Bryant before Friday’s game.

  • Simon Says

    With all due respect to Lin i think Kendall Marshall is a much much better player!

    • Andy B

      Lin has scored nearly 40 a couple of times and can score 20 in his sleep. Marshall needs to have more than 1 good game before we make any sort of judgment call about him. Getting close to 150 points in his first 6 starts while keeping the assist numbers high and turnovers low would be a good start.

      • Simon Says

        Whoa no problem Andy B i noticed you are a huge Jeremy Lin fan.I didn’t mean to talk any BS this is just how i feel about our Lakers guy Kendall Marshall.I also am a North Carolina Tar Heels fan since i was a kid so i have my reason to love kbutter5 aka Kendall Marshall.But anyways everyone has their personal favorites for a reason.The China Man Jeremy Lin is a good player IMO but i have noticed he has not lived up to his hype in Houston.

        • k.smith

          You must not watch any HOU games. Lin’s been playing off the ball since he signed with HOU and has an extremely low usg.

          Marshall struggled in PHX bc he was forced to play off the ball. It’s good that he won’t be doing that in LA; he’ll have the ball in his hands a lot. If Marshall had Lin’s role in HOU, he’d be in worse shape than Lin.

        • GM Jack

          To compare Marshal to Lin is insanity. Lin is a starting point guard that can score 20 5 5 easily if Harden was not taking all the shots. Lin has been in the NBA for 4 seasons.

        • Your worst nightmare

          You are a f…King moron! You don’t need to make racial comments to express your opinion. Go back to your hell hole asshole!

        • Your worst nightmare


      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I disagree… LIn maybe a better shooter… but Marshall is a better PG… his court vision is extraordinary… and his composure under pressure was a sight to behold… I thought, the team on the floor got a sense of ease when he was in. I felt it in the second half. He was just steady and commanded the offense excellently, like a seasoned general. And one thing more… his handle and decision on his passes was just on point… no frills but just pure good pass. Hence the low turnover rate for this game. That cannot be said about Lin who almost always had 4-6 TO per.

        • Daryl Peek

          Slow ya roll mayne. One game, it’s way too soon to be reading all that into things. Lin proved his in NY under MDA and in Houston last season. It’s one game man.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            yes, it is just one game… but the intangibles are there… I am not talking about him starting a thing like Linsanity in LA.. but he indeed has a better over all court vision than Lin. It will remain to be seen if he pans out to be better than Lin moving forward… but as far as court vision, handle is concerned … Marshal is way better

          • Daryl Peek

            Can’t roll with you on the court vision just yet. The sample size is too small. Teams will start to scout him going forward. What happens when they check his tendencies and start to force him to shoot in the PNR? He shot well the other day but his shot has always been suspect as a shooter.

            The two parts of a PG’s game go hand in hand when it comes to being an effective floor general, especially if you’re gonna say he’s better than someone already proven. It’s what made Nash so devastating. Again it’s too early for all that mayne.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Daryl, I didn’t say Marshall will be better offensively or his shooting will be better than Lin. I mentioned only 2 things that he plays better… court vision(knowing where the tean mates are and how the defense reacts to the offense.), and handle. I believe, Lin is still the better scorer with a better shooitng fundamentals.

          • Daryl Peek

            My point was the entire overll game goes together therefore KM is not better than Lin in anything yet. Court vision included. Give me a bigger sample size I may be swayed….

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            you only have to extent the sample size down to their college days and see what I mean. But whether he will be better than Lin in 2 years is still a mystery.

          • Daryl Peek

            His poor shooting bit us in the azz tonight. He did another great job passing but was a complete liability with his shooting. The Nuggets went under screens and let him shoot. I don’t care about a college sample. I need to see it on this level.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            The offense was not the problem this game… it was the offensive rebounding by the Nugs that did the damage…you are reading way too much into KM’s shortcoming instead of reading the performance of the two teams on the floor and how each players presence affects the whole game plan of each team. Come on Daryl, You can do better than that. Marshall’s poort shooting 3-10, is not the main reason that bit the lakers in the azz this gamel

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            17-9 offensive rebounds is a lot… convert that to 2 points each… and their you have the game.

          • Daryl Peek

            Hill has lost his mojo. Sacre is a great effort guy but lacks the talent we need out on the court. I still can’t understand the Kaman thing when it’s clear some nights we could use his services.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Agree… I have always maintain that Jordan Hill should not command a starter minute playing time… his style of play is only good in short burst… very hard to maintain such level of energy on a night in night out basis….

          • Daryl Peek

            The offense was not fluid tonight. The energy was out of sorts because of it. That effects the other side of the ball also.

            I’m not blaming the kid just pointing out a deficiency that will be exposed. This is why I say slow ya roll on the Lin comparisons til we get a bigger sample size.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Disagree with you on the offense not being fluid… it was fluid… they got into their spots and shots were open and in the context of what they were doing. 115 points??? hello? It was how the Nuggets attacked the offensive glass that depleted the energy of the players on the court, specially toward the end of the 3rd Q and the 4th. Faried and Arthur were just phenomenal on the glass during that stretch.

            58-38 rebounding differential…

          • Daryl Peek

            When your playing absolutely no defense you can score 115 in a game your opponent drops 137 on you. Come on man. The Nuggets put up 99 shots. Our offense was tight in the first half but was completely disoriented in reaction mode in the second half.

            The Doug Moe Denver Nuggets were the highest scoring team in the NBA for years in that era for the same reason.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            we still got the shots we wanted in the second half, I cringe every time FAried and Arthur got to the ball ahead of Pau every time. Pau was just too slow on the defensive glass during that 3rd to 4th Q stretch… the nuggets got a lot more shot at the basket with the offensive rebounds(10 more shots)…

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed on the rebound plight but I can’t completely blame Pau. He was basically manning the boards by himself. Hill only had 3 rebounds and Sacre only 5. Williams was working hard on the boards but MDA went away from him because he was really off with his shot. We can’t expect Pau to have 15 + boards a night. Pau does need some help. Marshall was our second leading rebounder with 6.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I can’t disagree on Pau giving a good effort on the glass… but he was still too slow for Faried and Arthur tonight… and the other guys just werent giving it their all on the defensive glass… Young and Meeks were just standing around and often times lost their man on defense when the ball was tossed in the air. Kendal Marshall was the only one who boxed out his man aside of Sacre,…

    • Daryl Peek

      Slow ya roll mayne LOL

      • Dumont


        • Daryl Peek


          • hookedonnews

            I’ll bet that’s the first time you’ve been called a creep. Some people are overly sensitive I guess. Got a laugh out of that one.

          • Daryl Peek

            I get a kick out of it also man. BOLD are they in the digital world.

    • gfdgdf

      he’s suppose to be anyways. 13th overrall vs undrafted.

    • GM Jack

      After one game! Lin is a very good player. He is shadowed by Harden. On nights that Harden does not play, Lin is just as good as Harden.

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t think many people would agree that Lin is as good as Harden.

    • Dan Cohen

      Well, if you want real comparison than you have to do 2 things:

      1) let’s see how he does in this span of 3 weeks. Dantoni is known to give any rookie pg chances so it’s his chance to try to see what he really got in these 3 wks. (just like how Jlin showed what he got after dantoni gave him the chance). (remember, Lin set a record for the first 5 games with 20 pts and 7 a.. plus most points scored or something similar.)

      2) You will have to put Kendall in Mchales no pg (or all ‘supposed’ pg) system, and let harden overshadow him. See if he can do as well.

      Even though both mchale and dantoni system is similar in terms of the high octane offense, the coaches Mchale is actually opposite of D’antoni.

      Mchale hates Pg and thinks pg is a non-important role..his thinking is Center position is the most important and offense should be through the center which happens to be his former position. All pgs esp rookies will never really shine in mchales system..unless you are already proven veteran like chris paul. (thus harden gets the touch since he is the veteran). Mostly threes and just move the ball and go to the center for low post moves. Not much pnr.

      D’antoni, on the other hand, loves and thinks the pg position is crucial and things run through the pg, not the center position.. All pgs regardless of being a rookie or veteran has a chance to shine big under his system if they are good. Dantoni is also a former pg himself. There is a lot of pnr which makes sense and threes and low post moves for anyone who has the skills.

      With mchale, the system is generic.. you don’t need a pg because you just move the ball and not much play make.

      With dantoni, the system MUST have a good pg for it to work who knows how to play make. bottom line is a player with good play making skills will be display in d’antoni system…

      So there you have it.

      • hookedonnews

        I always think of McHale as a power forward, not a center. I agree that D’Antoni’s system requires a good PG. I think that has been obvious in the games where there has been no real PG on the floor. I am not surprised that Marshall is beginning to play well in this system because he was an excellent passer in college. Now if he can just stay healthy…………………..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I love the way Kendall Marshall plays the game of basketball.He has everything the Lakers were looking for in a Point Guard.Kendall is a great passer and he will go down in history as one of the best assist men in NBA history before he retires hopefully 15 years from now.His courtvision and steady handles are elite best of the best and his IQ is that of a 10 year All Star veteran Point Guard

  • Daryl Peek

    Fate has intervened. KM would likely have been released if Farmar and X had not got hurt. Someone upstairs wants KM to get his shot.

    • kobe24

      Haha I guess thats a good way to look at it. With this game (although its too fast to tell) KM got trust of fans and MDA (which is important for more playing time) too early to tell but he seems promising (hope he isn’t like X and inconsistent although I love him seeing play)

      • Daryl Peek

        I like his poise. His set shot worries me tho. Steady ball handler. I see some Nash in his step. Just no where near the shooter.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The only @lakers to have 20+ pts, 15+ ast and shoot at least 65% in the same game in the last 25 years are @kbutter5 and @magicjohnson.

  • Daryl Peek

    “Our only hope is if Pau can somehow flip the script and play out of his mind like he did the month of April last season, and Kendall Marshall makes me a liar by balling out of control starting tonight. Other than that its time to tank.”

    A quote of mine from earlier today. So far both Pau and Marshall lived up to the only hope solution. Lets see if they can keep it going…

  • The Hype Man

    Kendall Marshall drops dimes like what.Any player is going to love playing with Kendall since is such a great passer and also he has great court awareness.Nothing bothers Kendall Marshall he is so poised and on his game when he plays.

    The fans wanted a point guard and Jim Buss and North Carolina Mitch delivered in a big way by signing the second coming of Tony Parker in the name of Kendall Marshall.Yes things always happen for a reason and man we needed Kendall badly and that’s the reason he is now in the fame game.kbutter5 will be the best point guard you all have seen in 25 years.Mark my words he is legitimate.Mike D’Antoni will have fun finally as Lakers coach,he has a Point Guard he can rely on finally.

    • hookedonnews

      Not sure he’s going to be the best PG I’ve seen in 25 years. He’s never going to surpass Steve Nash and not only because he’s never going to be the shooter Nash is. And then there’s Chris Paul and John Stockton. He’s doesn’t have to be the best in 25 years. He just has to be good. Last night was a good start.

  • joe

    its one game lmfao yall think hes an all star after a single game if he does this for at least another 5 ill give him props

  • Marvin Pineda

    Lakers should assign Nash as trainer for Marshall Farmar and Blake, not anymore as player. Farmar and Blake wont be healthy soon and will most likely be re-injured when they return. Reduced minutes will be beneficial for these two. Also, Lakers should get additional medical staff. When XH JF SB regains good health soon, Lakers are going to make win streaks. Who knows the western current leader may be headed for injury themselves. Healthy=Playoffs

  • GM Jack

    20 points 15 assist is no fluke @ NBA level. Even for one game. Gasol played like all star. Like all big men, they need a point guard. Lakers don’t look as hope less. If both Gasol and Kobe would have accepted mid level Veteren Salary for next year, then Lakers could have signed

    Bosh and Melo for next year.

  • GM Jack

    Lakers were doing well before Kobe came. When he comes back I hope the managements talks to Kobe to slowly inch into the line up. This is too big for D Antoni. It has to come from the top.

    • Paytc

      It’s funny how the team can roll off 7 losses in a row without Kobe, and his name is hardly spoken? Then once we win one game over perhaps the worse team in the league and the” if Kobe would not come back and try to play too well we would be better off nonsense” creeps into the picture.

      The Lakers are still Kobe’s team. So haters,doubters,naysayers,and critics like it or not have to accept it. They will also be a much better team with one of the leagues all time best than without him.Whoever doesn’t like Kobe coming back to provide the heart and soul plus veteran leadership can just root for the Clippers or Heat.

      We are one team and Kobe is the team leader period. If Kobe is healthy and playing, or not, we are still one team and Kobe is the team’s leader and best player.

      The owners and F.O. have already spoken by signing Kobe’s extension.
      Deal with reality or pop a pill or two and move on to another team until Kobe retires.

      ( Good job Kendall Marshall. I know you are your own player and there is no need to compare you to Lin or anyone else. Keep doing you) !

      Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to the top and more Laker championships against all odds. Thanks Kobe for all you have done and continue to do for the Lakers and the game of basketball. So many of us appreciate you. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • Im not a hater

    Huge difference. Kendall went to one of the best basketball programs. He was also drafted in the first round. Lin went completely unnoticed. I think Lin’s story is way more impressive

  • Drew

    As a long time Chapel Hill resident I love seeing Kendall succeed. I thought he left school too early and it turns out this is true. But now he has gotten the seasoning that a couple years in the D league gives. He’s not going to have these kind of games every night but if the Lakers are patient and develop him he will be a keeper. I’m a GSW fan but I found myself cheering for the Lakers last night!

    • UTH

      A couple of years of D League? You must have meant a couple of weeks.

  • http://www.ANTHONYPOLANCO.com Anthony Polanco

    he said “I’m not making any comparison” and the title of this article is “Mike D’Antoni Compares Kendall Marshall to Jeremy Lin” haha. and now everyone is talking shit on DA for saying it. he didnt say ittttttt.

  • chester

    Marshall could be a blessing in disguise

  • Taha

    Anybody who thinks K. marshall is a better pg than Jeremy Lin has feelings that are way too irrelevant and need to calm down or they’re nothing but delusional junkies. J. Lin has better vision, is faster, has a much cleaner shot, and knows a few more secrets of the game that I’m not gonna specifically state. Hahaha, Lin had 14 pts in the first quarter against the Knicks on Jan 3rd. Obviously these K. marshall fans haven’t been following any HOU Rocket games. Look at the stat sheets.

    • Dragon7s

      I don’t think that anyone is saying that KM is better than Lin at this point.

      The allusion is to a vague similarity between the two situations, i.e. a PG barely on the roster excelling in MDA’s system when given an opportunity.

      Granted, it’s only one game but you have to admit that KM looked good in significant minutes running the Lakers’ offense.

      Now will he continue to shine? None of us has any idea but in a season bereft of much to cheer about, KM’s performance last night was definitely encouraging.

  • Trek Life

    Poor journalism. The entire statement made by D’Antoni was how Lin played poorly in his 1st few games then all of a sudden had a really good game his 1st start.

    Hence the reason he said “I’m not making any comparisons”

  • 3339

    and what happened with lin? oh ya he played well then Melo and amare came back and dantoni was clueless and quit.

    • UTH

      Melo didn’t like sharing the spotlight. Linsanity was the headline and Melo did what he could to take back his team instead of embarrassing the craziness and momentum.

  • hookedonnews

    Another cast-off finds success under Mike D’Antoni. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Mike Hunter

    I remember Chris Mihm’s 1st game starting for Lakers and he had like 25pt and 15reb and everyone was like who needs Shaq…