Mike D’Antoni Calls Kobe ‘Fan’ After Loss, Kobe Responds on Twitter Reviewed by Momizat on . Following the Lakers' Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday afternoon, Mike D'Antoni was asked about Kobe's tweeting during the game. It didn't seem th Following the Lakers' Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday afternoon, Mike D'Antoni was asked about Kobe's tweeting during the game. It didn't seem th Rating:
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Mike D’Antoni Calls Kobe ‘Fan’ After Loss, Kobe Responds on Twitter

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Following the Lakers’ Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday afternoon, Mike D’Antoni was asked about Kobe’s tweeting during the game. It didn’t seem that D’Antoni was incredibly thrilled with the idea that Kobe was tweeting advice to the team during the game, referring to Bryant as “a fan” in the press conference.

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“It’s great to have that commentary,” D’Antoni said while rolling his eyes.

Here’s the complete D’Antoni press conference.

Immediately after the exchange in the San Antonio press room, Bryant took to Twitter once again.

Well this is awkward. Bryant clearly wasn’t entirely thrilled with D’Antoni’s comments, and let about two million Twitter followers know about it.

Say what you will about Bryant’s tweets during the game, but D’Antoni’s attitude towards those tweets during a press conference following a game is the bigger issue here. Even if D’Antoni has issues with Bryant tweeting about his team, which seems evident, a private conversation is probably the best way to handle that.

What this means for the team moving forward is obviously unknown, but it certainly appears to be a bit of an issue.

Still, Bryant kept it lighthearted after the game.

At least the Lakers always keep things interesting. Nobody will ever argue that.


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  • Edward Harris

    Maybe Mitch can go also! Maybe he should be trying to get Pau/Howard to play off of each other…I hate this season!

  • Eaham

    If you were a coach and you are trying ot talk to your team and they are checking their phone for Kobe’s messages , then yeah I think I would be annoyed too .
    Kobe needs to lay his ass down and look at the stars

    • http://www.facebook.com/DavenJonah Dave Bess

      What The Fuck Are You Talking About? Nobody Was Checking Twitter During The Game.

    • http://twitter.com/jrarangorin Jr


  • Chris Garbiso

    Jimmy Buss has killed my team. Mike Brown, firing the scouting staff then hiring his 23 year old kid bro as lead scout, choosing D’Antoni over Phil to go to “Showtime Basketball” with an old team. Laker management used to be class, now it’s over for years to come. Jim Buss has turned this die hard Laker into a guy who does not like the Lakers. Damn. – Laker fan of 43 years.

  • Crystal

    Hell, Kobe would be a way better coach anyways. D’Antoni is not the right coach for LA. Kobe’s cheering his teammates on, I know it’s killing him that he can’t physically help. Please come back Phil!

  • http://twitter.com/jrarangorin Jr

    Mitch needs to fire D’Antoni… Hear us out. We are the fans and we have standards and clearly D’Antoni is not up to par. He doesn’t know how to coach our team and he only plays 8 players every game. He is a complete joke. Screw D’Antoni. If he D’Antoni doesn’t go then Laker fans will stop being fans. We will stop being fans and move on to the Clippers until you kick his stupid ass out. We believe in Kobe and we can’t have a stupid coach who would say stupid things to the press like turn of his phone and calling kobe a fan is stupid. D’Antoni, you can pack your stuff and get the fuck out of LA. WE FUCKING HATE YOU D’ANTONI….

    • Israel Hipólito

      As much as I want D’Antoni gone I would never be caught dead rooting for the Clippers. A true fan sticks to his/her team through thick and thin.

      • JR


  • sancarrworkout

    We are rolling our eyes as Laker Fans because of the ineptitude
    of the coach the only good thing is maybe that will get you fired…

  • xcvxxv

    We have an Italian redneck for a coach. How good did Mitch think he was going to be? Problem is we cant fire him, firing coaches in consecutive seasons makes our organization look foolish.

  • phuckdantoni

    fiyah the coach please…He’s playoff record is though…he doesn’t know what to do with Gasol or the team

  • Al

    What kind of idiot puts out of shape Nash with Blake on the same line and rinds pick and rolls with your bigs.

  • KcS

    I’ve said it since Day 1 and I’ll say it again. Bye bye D’umbtoni. Lakers need Phil Jackson, period.

  • jody

    D’Antoni needs to go ASAP. This post-season is still salvageable and could teach us a lot about who to keep over the summer too and get things in place for next season. Can’t believe how lucky this guy has been with his teams and players. Get’s Nash (2 time MVP), Melo, Amare, now Kobe, Dwight & Pau. Put him in a lottery team and make him earn his keep just like everybody else or just straight up dump his ass and send him back to Italy. #wasteman #fireD’Antoni #gotKobesback #WeWantPhil

  • knicksfolife

    I never seen so many grown dudes crying at the same time. Bajaha..Lakers fans were all over D’antoni’s nut$ a couple weeks ago. Now he public enemy #1. Get real cry babies!!

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