Mike D’Antoni Calls Himself An Idiot For Comment About Fans Reviewed by Momizat on . Following the Lakers loss to the Phoenix Suns, head coach Mike D'Antoni was asked if he was discouraged with the Lakers. Citing the team's propensity to work ha Following the Lakers loss to the Phoenix Suns, head coach Mike D'Antoni was asked if he was discouraged with the Lakers. Citing the team's propensity to work ha Rating: 0
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Mike D’Antoni Calls Himself An Idiot For Comment About Fans

Following the Lakers loss to the Phoenix Suns, head coach Mike D’Antoni was asked if he was discouraged with the Lakers. Citing the team’s propensity to work hard despite the season’s challenges, D’Antoni said that he was not discouraged with his team. He then went on to say that if fans were discouraged, then they should, “find a new team to root for.”

Naturally, those comments weren’t met with wide-ranging enthusiasm from Lakers fans as they called out D’Antoni for ostensibly taking his frustrations out on the fans. Following today’s practice, D’Antoni recognized his mistake and called himself an idiot for bringing the fans into the team’s frustrations, according to Serena Winters.

While it’s easy to see where D’Antoni is coming from. The Lakers haven’t been at full strength all season, and every time the team gets a bit of momentum, someone else has gone down with an injury. Despite the injury problems, the Lakers are still hovering around .500 with a favorable schedule over the next five games following their Christmas bout with the Heat.

Regardless of what D’Antoni meant with his comments, the way the message was crafted was unjust for a fan base that has been following the team long before D’Antoni was a part of the organization.

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  • e3bonz

    He did get beat up for his comments. I think a loss just gets us all frustrated and we say or post things maybe we shouldn’t. Beat the Heat!!

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed. I know I’d say some regretful ISH if I was in his position.

      Think about all he had to endure as Lakers coach in a very short time, none of which is his fault… “We want Phil!!” Pundits all saying he’s the wrong guy for the job. Howard calling for his head. Being forced to sit Pau so Howard could shine. Having to try and keep Pau happy in the midst of that and now having a fractured relationship because of it. Wanting to run his system but not being able to because of injuries again. A young team that was showing signs of growing but stumped by the accumulation of i the same injuries also. Losing is the tipping point. After a cool down period I get that. But I still say he’s got to be better than that as a long tenured HC who’s not in his first volatile big market job.

  • Gregory Choa


  • Rigged4fun

    I’m torn between whether Mike D’Antoni is just over exuberant about supporting his team, or just a popinjay. After a little thought I think he was responding in a moment of frustration and trying to watch his players backs. It still doesn’t change my mind about his coaching abilities.

  • jhernandez1981

    fuck this guy. he’s a damn hack and a place holder

  • LakersHeatBeef

    SMH at the comment Mike D’Antoni said last night.No coach in the history of the Lakers ever said something so stupid to the loyal Lakers fan base.This is uncharted territory that this idiot went into last night.Unforgiven comment from him.

  • BigEngII

    DAntoni’s comment was exactly what he called it today…idiotic…some of us have been laker fans since childhood while he’s only been the coach for a bit over a season…in still think the Lakers need a coach capable of adjusting his system to his talent or better itilizing his talent…Charles Barkley on the other hand is just bitter because he never won a title…he used to be nicknamed the ‘Round mound of Rebound now he’s just round…Kobe will be back I just hope he can stay healthy when he does…

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t know why this is a big deal. So what? There are a group of fans who are going to slam D’Antoni no matter what he does. I read their comments on Facebook every day. The guy is human. He is notoriously candid in his remarks, and I for one don’t mind that. I’d rather have a coach like that than some phoney. He was defending his players. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Gregory Choa

      It’s true – like it or not, Mike D’Antoni is just one of those guys who is candid to a fault, human to the point of being vulnerable to unfounded hatred. So, he’s not the Zen Master…he’s not Phil, who was perhaps the best ever at being coy with the media and manipulating it to his, and the team’s, benefit. Mike is a filter less guy, who wears his heart on his sleeve and deep down knows how lucky he is to not only coach the Los Angeles Lakers, but also be entrusted with the task of developing these young players within the scope of his system. He rolls as his team rolls – I, for one, find his take oddly refreshing.

  • hookedonnews

    One more comment–I think some fans take themselves too seriously. Most haven’t exactly done anything to ingratiate themselves with this coach. Maybe they should try showing him some respect. It’s a two-way street after all.

  • Jim213

    blah… blah… best thing to do is to start winning to shut critics and naysayers up which goes for myself too.

  • Truth for life

    Congradulations to the real 2002 nba champions the Sacramento kings !

    Lakers only won from getting league assistance from the league because there in LA and they wanted ratings and revenue . Having Sac in the finals would of meant far less revenue and ratings . Tim donaghy claimed the league ordered 2 refs ( Dick bevetta and Bon delaney ) to make sure LA won game 6 no matter what , a lakers elimination game and it was the worst officiated game in nba history . The fbi confirmed tim was telling the truth .

    • Jose

      First off learn to spell!! Second, 2002 wtf??? If the FBI was involved why is D. Stern not in jail? I guess they are still building a case right? Go back to your Sacramento Queens and leave the Lakers page alone!!

    • AnIngloriousBastard

      Yeah, the same team who chocked away game 7 on their home court is the real NBA champion. Who are you trying to fool? When it all mattered, the Queens chocked. You want to give them the NBA trophy over the resilient ones who beat them on their own floor in game 7? No. Idiotic Queens fans keep bringing up game 6 and leaving out game 5, when the officials gifted them the game. I actually love the controversy because it hurts these Queens fans even more. Enjoy your Pavifyc Division banners. And Merry Christmas.

  • Matt Williams

    Mike D’Antoni…..

  • ra

    MDA obviously doesn’t know about LA fans. We had to suffer 2 football teams up and leave here. We don’t have a home football team to root for.

    We have the Lakers and the Dodgers (Angels & Clips are .. well .. don’t need to even mention). Oh yeah, Kings too.

    Anyway, Lakers fans don’t even want to root for the Clips (in general). Lakers fans are ‘just for the Lakers’. We don’t want to root for another team. We want our Lakers, or bust. And also, ‘Lakers fans understand Championships’. Call us spoiled, but the Lakers Organization has always been at the forefront of shoring up talent, both players & coaches, to get to Championships.

    We understand ‘down’ times too. There have been a few of those.

    But never … never … EVER call out Lakers fans. EVER. It is then that you become a Persona Non Grata. I’ll live with a diminished team, and an insufficiency for landing a championship, but just for now. At end of year, all responsible for calling out Lakers fans will have to pay the piper. The chickens will come home to roost.

    We’ll forgive MDA for now, but with 2 conditions:
    1) NEVER call out Lakers fans again (while you are here in LA)
    2) Redeem yourself. Win some more games, esp. Heat.

  • ersliva

    HE IS AN IDIOT…hes finally admitted to something right…just wish he would admit that he doesn’t know squat about coaching a team…and simplies walks away….but hes just like little jimmy…they both don’t know squat about running an nba franchise team…

  • red

    Doug Collins is available.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    Well I’ll be the first time D’Antoni and I agree on something,he’s an idiot.

  • roseducanna

    Shut up LAKERS’ lame duck coach.

  • Harry Belafonte

    Of course D’Antoni is an idiot.Working for two proven idiots like Jim Buss and M. Kupkacke will make you automatically an idiot.

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