Mike D’Antoni: A ‘Long Shot’ Chris Kaman Plays In Final Three Games

Mike D’Antoni: A ‘Long Shot’ Chris Kaman Plays In Final Three Games


Following the 112-95 Laker loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers have three games left in the season.

Injuries hobbled the Lakers for the majority of the season and held most of the roster out of games. Through the final stretch, Chris Kaman has been sidelined while dealing with a calf issue.

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As the Lakers prepare for their last three games, head coach Mike D’Antoni revealed Kaman is unlikely to see any action for the rest of the season, according to Bill Oram of the OC Register:

When Kaman signed with the Lakers in the off-season, he expected to be an integral part of the Lakers’ rotation. The Lakers were hoping Kaman could provide some front court depth. However, as the season progressed, Kaman rarely saw playing time except when injuries left the Lakers thin up front.

For most of the season, the Lakers used Pau Gasol as their starting center. When Gasol went down with vertigo, Kaman finally saw some game action and actually started against the Phoenix Suns. With the rare oppurtunity, Kaman put on a show and played his way to a double-double in an upset win.

Despite the frustration over not getting playing time over the season, Kaman has tried to remain professional as of late. Kaman’s contract is set to expire at the end of the season leaving Kaman to become a free agent. The Lakers will be entering an important off-season and will have interesting decisions to make in the upcoming draft and free agency.
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  • lakerfan0

    No more Bob Sacre please!

    • Chrmngblly

      We all love Bob. What’s wrong with you? Thank God, the determined scrub was there to step-up during all the injuries to the aging journeymen you worship. Are you related to Kaman?

  • Jim213

    Mark Medina, Bazemore on returning to the Lakers: “I’m all about the basketball aspect of things. I don’t want much. I’m not a guy who’s going to chase money on a bad team. I want to win. “This is the LA Lakers. I don’t see many people turning down an opportunity to be here.”

    FO best re-sign one of the best options for next season (all around game!).

  • comrade24

    what’s new? He was a longshot to play in the first 79 games, why change anything now?

    • Sylvia Ross

      The season is over Pringles, or have you noticed ? Why play Kaman now ? I don’t know where Pringles gets his wisdom from.

  • Albert H

    Use that high draft pick and anyone on the roster NOT named Kobe Bean Bryant to get Minnesota to bite on a trade for Kevin Love. Players to resign:Nick Young, Farmar, Kaman if interested, Jodie Meeks and Bazemore if Minnesota doesn’t take them in a trade/sign & trade for Love. Get a few more players on short term contracts see if we can get another big name guy for next off season i.e. Kyrie Irving, Rajon Rondo, Gerald Henderson, among others.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    He wont play Pau + Kaman together – but he will play Sacre + Hill together. solid logic..

    • Moveover Andbark

      He probably see the great comparison you just made. He’s an idiot. Sacre could be good trade material….he’s a big, maybe about the potential of that guy that played behind Dwight in Orlando, then went to Phoenix….oh yeah, Gortat.

  • Moveover Andbark

    D’Antoni should take the rest of the season off, just as he took the start of his tenure off at the start of last season. Kaman can be valuable, why mess with a veteran on an injury ravaged team.

    • Chrmngblly

      All the things I needed to learn, I learned in kindergarten. In this case, “Don’t forget to flush.” We can get some undrafted European rookie to replace Kaman and get a guy with more upside. Of all the guys to worship—Kaman???

      • Moveover Andbark

        a Euro rookie would probably be an outside player…Kaman isn’t great, but he knows the NBA style, he’s taking more shots outside this year cuz of D’Antoni’s game style. If Ryan Kelly steadily improves than he’s worth keeping around, but not as a center, maybe a stretch 4.

        • Chrmngblly

          Yeah, Kelly’s a stretch 4. Not to worry, though, we have Bob Sacre…:-)

          • Moveover Andbark

            Look above, I want to move Sacre if D’Antoni’s “success”or will evaluate and determine if Sacre is worth keeping around or if he’s only worth the towel waver he was his first year. I’ll go out on a limb, and say he’s got more positives now than Kwame Brown DID as a Laker.

          • Chrmngblly

            For his price, I like Bob Sacre a lot. I wonder what his upside is? He grew a lot this year.

          • Chrmngblly

            Also, if the prospect is athletic enough and big enough a face-the-basket center, ala Dirk Nowitzki, is no problem with me. We just have to get rim protection someplace—or at least we need the hope our rookie draft pick could grow into being a respectable center.