Mike Brown Stands By Decision to Bench Andrew Bynum Reviewed by Momizat on . Before heading into an emotional game tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center that features the return of Derek Fisher, Lakers head coach Mi Before heading into an emotional game tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center that features the return of Derek Fisher, Lakers head coach Mi Rating:
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Mike Brown Stands By Decision to Bench Andrew Bynum

Before heading into an emotional game tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center that features the return of Derek Fisher, Lakers head coach Mike Brown continues to stand firm about his benching of All-Star center Andrew Bynum in the win over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. This may have been a questionable call by the new head coach, but the right move in his opinion via Brian Kamenetzky of ESPNLosAngeles.com:

“I’m going to coach the team how I think I need to coach it. It’s as simple as that,” Brown said Wednesday after practice in El Segundo. “If I feel like I need to make a sub, then I’ll make a sub. If I feel like we’re not getting production from certain guys out on the floor — production the right way — then I’ll make a change. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.”

Even though Brown’s moves and roster changes have been highly questionable at times this season, it would be hard to argue that he hasn’t done a superb job with the Los Angeles Lakers up to this point. With an impressive 31-19 record and currently sitting in the third seed in the Western Conference playoff picture, Brown has done much better than expected.

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It is no easy task to take over for a coaching legend like Phil Jackson, and there will be no way that Mike Brown can even begin to be compared to the Zen Master, but he continues to keep this team well above .500 and firing on all cylinders heading towards the playoffs.

Despite the criticism given for the benching of All-Stars Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum in consecutive games, the Lakers head coach is not afraid to make bold moves and send messages to his star players. This is an admirable trait of Mike Brown, and should be something that is commended rather than criticized. Only the best head coaches around the league and throughout the history of the game make moves like these and stick to their guns after making them.

There is no telling whether or not Mike Brown will stand the test of time in Los Angeles Lakers like Pat Riley and Phil Jackson, but he has gotten off to a surprisingly good start filling in for a legend and could be in the City of Angels for quite some time if he continues to win basketball games and stand by his controversial decisions.

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  • Bill Russell

    Agree or disagree with Mike Brown, Andrew Bynum’s ego is beginning to get out of hand. His attitude needs adjusting.

  • http://twitter.com/mlwebco Michael Locke

    This isn’t Mike Brown’s problem. This is everything to do with Bynum’s and the Lakers lack of focus. We were playing a D-League team, up by 17 at one point and the Lakers started to lose focus as usual. This obviously had Mike Brown steaming as I was steaming watching the game. Then as Golden State is turning momentum (only trailing by 6 points at this point), Bynum launches a three. It’s not that he just launched a 3 and the Lakers were up by 20, we were letting a D-League team come back on us. That’s why Mike snatched Bynum out. It’s the totality of the situation that pissed Mike Brown off and I don’t blame him. Lakers aren’t going anywhere if we can’t put a team like Golden State away. 

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Brand/1449677612 Kyle Brand

    i kinda agree with the artical, it was a bold move by brown to bench his star players in 2 games but they were for different reason’s. kobe was benched because he played most of the third quarter and was beginning the fourth, and we all know a rested kobe is better than a drained one that already has been playing alot of minute’s this season, it was really jus the timing of a needed rest for him that was bad, but as far a bynum goes he needed to be benched, pulling a 3 b4 the offense was down the floor and set was really crazy…i think gasol shooting three’s is far as it needs to go from the big’s deep shooting. but the positive from all this is it help’s the other players to learn how to keep it close enough so kobe can pull off a W for the team or show them how manage without kobe or bynum in the lineup

  • Neophoenix

    Any new coach the Laker’s hired this year was not going to be in an enviable position – taking over a veteran team that recently won 2 championships under the triangle offense. You think that aging team is going to change their playing style, culture and personality for a new coach under a shortened season. Give him 1 or 2 more new players and he’ll do fine. After all, he was coach of the year in 2009 for a team besides Lebron, had ???

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6U2ZHU7AJD6E7HFK4SRW3ETZNI rigged4fun@yahoo.com

    The question is not whether Mike Brown is a great coach, it’s how he can overcome some bad team personnel habits and quirks to make them a cohesive unit. Phil had his championships to bolster his personna, and Mike has LeBron’s reluctance to finish in a game to his credit. It’s a fine line how fans perceive coaching, winning at first may not be attainable to laying groundwork for future seasons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-James/1278999012 David James

    Its too early to say his decisions are good.  If he would have done that in a playoff game and lost, we wouldn’t hear the end of it

  • Will Anderson

    Mike Brown is just riding talent! FACT! He is a horrible coach and I cringed the moment I found out he was headed to L.A.. How can you go from the Zen Master, to Mike Brown?

    Mike Brown is to the Lakers what Norv Turner is to the Chargers! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XAHJMMQGDSVE5FDR7SCGOPRPL4 linda s

    I am hoping Mike Brown is short-termed.  He is beginning to alienate the players and I think he is getting over zealous with his discipline.  It was embarrassing for him to bench Kobe with five minutes left in the game, after Kobe played well in the first half.  He does not play Goudelock now, he keeps Blake on the floor, who can’t hit the side of a barn.  Now tell me, if he can bench Bynum and Bryant, why doesn’t he bench Blake?  Fisher is better than Blake and where is Christian Eynega and I don’t believe Jordan Hill has injured his MCL.  Fans pay to see certain players and he may as well get used to it.  He seems to be spanking them and putting them on the bench when they don’t perform the way he thinks they should.  The Lakers have never been treated like the coach was their daddy.  Brown is expendable, somebody better tell him that.  He couldn’t win with LeBron and I hope he doesn’t bring that bad luck to the Lakers.  His assistant coach seems to have a better temperament.  Brown is an arrogant and bullheaded mule that is going to get a surprise.  I think he will alienate the players and then he is in for a ride.  He needs to give Westphal a call and let him tell him to be careful how he is treating the players.  I can’t wait until he is out of here.  He is just not the coach for the Lakers and I have said this from day one.  Even if the Lakers were to win under him, I still don’t like him for this team and before it is too late, I hope the Buss’ see what they really have.  LeBron was kind of surprised when he was announced as the Lakers coach, even though he did not comment.  Brown was not allowed to say anything to LeBron.  Jerry Buss and Kupchak needs to school Brown now because I can’t see him being long term hopefully.

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