Mike Brown Responds to Magic Johnson’s Comments

Mike Brown Responds to Magic Johnson’s Comments


On ESPN last night Magic Johnson had some bold words for the Lakers and their head coach Mike Brown. Basically, if the Lakers lose this series to the Nuggets after holding a 3-1 lead, he believes Brown and several key players will be run out of town.

Now, Brown has responded to Johnson’s comments via Mark Medina of the L.A. Times.

Brown’s concern right now seems to be where it should be – focusing on Game 7 rather than what the talking heads are saying in the media. However, Johnson’s obvious connections to the Lakers organization makes this a little more surprising than if the comments had come from someone more disconnected from the situation.

  • Veronicarojaslopez

     omg noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo keep him

  • John White

    Pau and Bynum have to come up big tonight if we want that W

  • acreole1

    WOW.. I thought Magic was Better Than That… Mike B is Right, Magic has a Right to say what he WANTS to say.I guess Magic feels he did not last long as a Coach he can say that..Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and other coaches Lakers have had came in with a Plan for Lakers to Win a Championhsip, Brown’s plan was defensive which is what was NEEDED. If guys can not follow or Choose NOT to follow it, it is not Mike’s fault. Mike B came into a half season of DISASTER, how long have players been there and failed to Win. Players need to STOP depending on Kobe. Give Brown a chance. How many years have others  had and did not win a championship in their half season? I would  think Magic and Laker Org is Better Than That.

  • Theklb

    This team is not what Brown is used to personnel wise so he’s trying to get them to adapt to something different than what they are used to doing. I think his ego got a little inflated when he got this job, but clearly someone else should have gotten the coaching job. Bynum & Gasol both need to wake up. If they lose “easy” will be spoken a bunch of times in Laker land that’s for sure. What arrogance to make a statement like that & what immaturity. Kobe alone can’t do it, maybe during the regular season, but this is winning time. Good luck Lakers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000087001999 Tony Sherman

    Mike Brown is not the coach for the LAKERS. Brian Shaw should have been the coach and this would not be the topic now. The Lakers will win tonight but Brown be under the microscope if we don’t win title this year

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000779441995 Sharon Shirley

    Magic can back his talk with 5 ring,What does Mike Brown have to prove. Let’s see took the team to the Final-Fail.Coach the team to the Eastern Conference Finals against Boston in 2010 result Fail in game 7.

  • Anthony Dixon

    Mike Brown is not on the court,Kobe and the whole team has to play harder,cause even if they win this series they still got OKC!! and them boys ain’t bullshitting!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000607338221 Steven Wu

    To be Honest I agree with Magic because Kobe is playing amazing while hes sick or not but the lakers bigs haven’t score to total as much as Kobe himself so yeah if they don’t win tonight its over for Mike Brown, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum….. Lets Go Lakers Metta coming back tonight Hope Lakers win tonight come on Lakers you can close it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Redbirdgal

    Pat Riley had exceptional talent and won. Phil Jackson had exceptional talent and won. Does Mike Brown have exceptional talent? He has one.

    Get off of Brown’s back! Give him a minute. 

  • Bob Schutz

    Mike Brown’s getting outcoached by George Karl, regardless of who wins tonight.  George Karl raves about the glorious Kobe’s 44 points, etc. all of which encourages Kobe to try to do it on his own.  The Lakers have an advantage under the basket without intense doubleteaming, as Denver is doing to both Gasol and Bynum.  And they are not defending the perimeter and getting killed by open shots by all of Denver’s guards and Gallinari.  Laker bigs are not positioning themselves for rebounds and there goes the Laker advantage.  Karl is dictating the pace of the game, not Mike Brown.  Lakers need more half court sets, fewer open floor shots by Denver … plenty of adjustments by George Karl, none by Mike Brown.  It ain’t about effort if you are putting 100% into a plan that isn’t working.

  • BouBear

    Mike Brown is not the problem, the players are…….listen to what Kobe said after the Game 6 defeat against Denver when he scored 31 points on a bad stomach.  Using the return of World Metta Peace, he called the team out and agreed with what Coach Brown said about his analysis of his under performing bigs.  I don’t see this team getting past OKC, because I have seen players open but neglecting to shoot and when they do, the ball clangs off the rim and the big 2 played like chumps.  Denver sent them back to Los Angeles wearing their pink panties; this excludes Kobe. Magic can say all he can, but isn’t this mostly the same team that blew a big lead in game 1 of a playoff series against Dallas and got swept……..hmmmmm; now who was the coach? Oh yeah, Phil Jackson……this is Brown’s first season and I do agree he should do some things like get in Bynums face when he doesn’t join the huddle but Bynum acts like a big kid at times and I certainly would not regard him as the future franchise player of the Lakers; but this isn’t about the coach, this is about Laker players, their pride, a passion for winning and if you have to lose, go out fighting and not roll over and check out of basketball games which I have seen many of these players doing (excluding Kobe)……..people may not like Kobe as a person much, but my respect comes from what he does on the court and he comes in night after night to fight because he is passionate about the game just like both MJ’s (Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan) and until his help feels his same passion, desire and commitment of winning especially in big games, like Kobe and the new coaching staff, we have no choice but to accept humiliating defeats. In closing, Magic can say what he can and I certainly respect him because he was a winner, but didn’t he campaign to get a Laker coach fired who actually brought them a championship and with the team Pat Riley took over, I think anybody could have been a successful coach, because many of the players had talent and a desire for winning.