Mike Brown Dismissing World Peace’s Comments A Positive Sign for Lakers

Mike Brown Dismissing World Peace’s Comments A Positive Sign for Lakers


You may remember last week when Metta World Peace referred to Lakers coach Mike Brown as a ‘fat-ass’ in his exit interview. World Peace was joking, of course, but whenever a comment like that comes out there’s always a brief cause for concern just because you never quite know how people will take those comments.

Mike Brown, however, had no problem with the comments. When told about World Peace’s remarks, Brown laughed them off and dismissed it as nothing more than playful jabbing.

According to Mark Medina of the L.A. Times, Brown wasn’t too concerned with the comments.

“That’s cute,” Brown said with a hearty laugh.

While this is essentially a non-story, it actually goes a little deeper than that. It shows that Brown’s ego is anything but inflated, and that he’s not about to let something small and childish create a bigger problem.

We’ve seen this with Brown before, as he will quickly try to diffuse an escalating situation, even if it comes at his own expense. While there are times this might not be the best approach to take, in many situations it’s a good thing. Brown wasn’t worried about World Peace’s comments, as he knew they were nothing more than playful jabbing between player and coach. World Peace didn’t mean any disrespect, and Brown deserves credit for not taking it the wrong way.

Brown has done a good job of killing drama before it begins, which is one of his underrated skills as a coach. When dealing with all the egos that fill an NBA roster, it can be difficult to find a medium between them and keep things on point. While many feel Brown coddles his stars more than he should, thick skin and level-headed rationale are two very good traits for an NBA coach to have, and Brown possesses both.

  • Moveover Andbark

    Lawrence, Amnesty who??? Walton’s already gone. Look we need a lock down defender who can defend a variety of opponent types. Artest still has it, with his quick strong hands, he’s been able to create turnovers which kept the lakers from being swept out of the OKC series as bad as they were. It could have been worse, but Stern likes that television revenue. He got healthy as the season progressed and his play showed it. From not even jumping to celebrating a dunk (and he’s 6’7″!!!!). Barnes plays the same role, good defender, but he does it with speed. He’s been vastly underpaid to play for the Lakers and the Lakers owe him some money and time on the court. These players. their career time frame fits in the “Kobe” window which has 2-4 years left in it. Bring back as many as possible, add a player or two that aren’t afraid to shoot, JR Smith would have been perfect this previous (for the Lakers) season. The Lakers can not rebuild like the Sonics. (OKC doesn’t deserve to be recognized)…that team never should have been allowed to move. OKC is good because of 2 things, they were horrible and had a few good draft years and because they drafted the right players. The Lakers are not in the same situation. Their #60 pick will not bring them a ring. Use the players they are going to keep more effectively (Josh, Goudelock, Ebanks), bring back players that want to come back and that they want back, Odom, (sniff the “Fish”…dangle player/assistant coach in front of him…with talk of future grooming into GM mode), Ariza (only if it’s a freebie. The team needs speed, they have plenty of size. Anyone who comes into camp out of shape, not NBA game ready should be addressed. Darius Morris…who is he, what can he do??? The fact that we do not know…doesn’t that bother you?