Mike Brown Confirms Conversation With J.R. Smith Reviewed by Momizat on . It seems that all of Laker-land is playing a waiting game these days. Some are waiting for the team to learn the offense, others are waiting for the bench to be It seems that all of Laker-land is playing a waiting game these days. Some are waiting for the team to learn the offense, others are waiting for the bench to be Rating:
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Mike Brown Confirms Conversation With J.R. Smith

It seems that all of Laker-land is playing a waiting game these days. Some are waiting for the team to learn the offense, others are waiting for the bench to begin making three-pointers, and some are waiting to see if the team will make a major trade or acquisition before the deadline passes next month.

Apparently, head coach Mike Brown is waiting too. According to J. Michael Falgoust of USA Today, Brown is waiting to see what general manager Mitch Kupchak is going to do with the current roster. The two biggest names being linked to the Lakers currently are J.R. Smith and Gilbert Arenas.

Now, a report surfaced on Tuesday stating the Lakers’ interest in Arenas was nothing more than tepid, but the struggles L.A. has had at the point guard position may force Kupchak’s hand in the end.

In regards to Smith, the free agent shooting guard that has been playing in China since the lockout, he reportedly had a conversation with Brown that he recently spoke about on Twitter. Smith tweeted that it was a “great talk” between him and Brown. Later on, Brown confirmed the conversation.

Still, Brown doesn’t want to focus on players that aren’t currently on the Lakers roster.

“I don’t want to lose focus on what my job is, and that’s to coach guys that are on this team,” Brown said. “If I start worrying what about this guy, what about that guy, I’m cheating the guys already on this team and taking my energy away from something that desperately needs my attention by giving it to issues I don’t have any control over.”*

So while Brown and the rest of the team sits and waits, we will be forced to do the same.


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  • http://twitter.com/Statik_Kill Tony Noel

    Jim Buss and 
    Kupchak are slowing ruining one of the greatest teams if they don’t change things up. It’s the year of the PG, and we are on the short end. Change needs to be done.

    • ricky D.

      kupchak isn’t ruining anything. If anything he’s continously brought talent and championships to LA. ur trippin.

  • http://twitter.com/DeLanoCorleone DeLano Parker

    We need to Bench Fisher and start Goudelock or Morris…
    Kobe can play the 3 and Jr can play the 2..
    With Goudelock and Murphy on the floor…

    You can’t double Kobe or Bynum….

  • http://twitter.com/John_LakersRule John

    Every day that goes by and the Lakers don’t make a move i feel like little orphan annie, the sun will come up tomorrow!.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have to be exited now, a broken player and the other have to play in China. Oh God what a choice have we. 

  • Jgsportstar22

    here is the deal for dwight and kyle lowry 
    La gets: Dwight howard, kyle lowry and turkoglu if orlando wants to unload the contract
    Houston gets: gasol
    Orlando gets bynum, scola, trade exeptions, picks, cash

    if we get dwight D-Will is comin in free agency there is no way he is givin up a chance to make a big three with Kobe and Dwight 

  • Reymanansala

    Howard, Paul, Pierce, Williams, Lowry, Sessions, Arenas, (who else??) and now JR SMith.. NONE OF THESE HAPPENED for crying out loud!! Cut the crap Lakers Nation..

  • LakerLyle

    NO! Don’t prioritize Gilbert Arenas, go get Aaron Brooks and JR Smith first. The Gilbert Arenas deal should be made later afterwards Aaron Brooks and JR Smith are signed officially. Gilbert Arenas should back up Aaron Brooks, then Goudelock, then Blake. Fisher should retire already. JR Smith should back up Kobe, or even Matt Barnes or MWP.

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