Mike Brown Believes Kobe Bryant is Being Overlooked in MVP Race

Mike Brown Believes Kobe Bryant is Being Overlooked in MVP Race


This season has been another classic in the Hall of Fame career of Kobe Bryant. Not only is Kobe defying odds by holding off Father Time, but he has fought through numerous injuries and is currently leading the league in scoring (28.1 ppg) this season at 33-years-old. Even though Kobe’s age doesn’t seem on the high side like other superstars (Steve Nash, 38), there are a lot of miles on those legs with the Black Mamba playing in the NBA since the age of 17.

Along with playing in the league for almost half of his life, Kobe has also been one of the few players that have gone to the NBA Finals seven times during his career. That is one more than Michael Jordan and Kobe still has two more years to reach MJ (35) before he retired from the game.

Needless to say, Kobe Bryant is a machine!

There seems to be no stopping the Black Mamba in his relentless pursuit of a sixth NBA championship. Even though there are still doubters saying that Kobe is over-the-hill and doesn’t belong in the NBA MVP race this season with the likes of Kevin Durant and LeBron James, Lakers head coach Mike Brown continues to support his superstar via Janis Carr of The Orange County Register:

“Obviously I’m biased like most coaches would be about their guys,” Brown said. “But I still believe that Kobe should be one of the top guys, the top three mentioned. His name should be bantered around.”

“A lot of people, before the season I felt, had written off a guy like Kobe,” Brown said. “So for Kobe to be playing at the level he is playing now and for the team to have the sort of success we’ve had so far, when you compared it to the other teams and where they sit and their continuity … I believe Kobe’s name should be mentioned right there (with the others.)”

There is no question that Kevin Durant and LeBron James have had MVP-caliber seasons and are deserving of the award at season’s end, but it would be hard to argue that Kobe Bryant hasn’t had the toughest challenge this season of any superstar in the league. Kobe may have his faults this season and shooting 43 percent from the field is a big one, but he definitely deserves to be in the conversation.

  • Lakersfanfromwayback

    Concidering this is a totally different team with a new coach learning a new system and it has no bench to back Kobe up, I would have to say that Kobe should be the leader of the MVP race. Several years ago LeBron James won under circumstances very similar to what Kobe is going through. As a matter of fact, LeBron had a better team than Kobe has now; besides Kobe is the NBA leading scorer and he is the reason the Lakers are in contention. Kobe should be at least in the top three for the award, if not the leader!

  • melubbkeige

    MVPs are awarded to players who takes and makes clutch shots on a regular basis, just like eating peanut. A lot of players make these shots, but nobody does it like Kobe Bryant. He should be the MVP every season. I mean, he’s insulting injury, playing through them and putting up monster numbers, plays almost every minute, saves his team through game-winners. I mean what the hell, Lebron James can never be compared to Kobe Bryant. Even Kevin Durant. Kobe Bryant for MVP!

  • LobeJean58

    Of course Kobe is the MVP!!! When ANY OTHER player leads the league in scoring he is MVP when any other player has a 40 pt game MVP Kobe has had more 40 pt games than anyone else. Shooting 43% what should he shoot UNHEALTHY CONCUSSION WHIP LASH bad SHOOTING hand and playing too many minutes for a 33 year old in the play-offs EVERY post season! Then you compare him to players with a BENCH and systems they have been in for more than ONE SEASON, if Kobe is NOT the MVP get rid of the “Fake Award”

  • Illest_24

    -Torn ligament in shooting hand
    -Broken Nose
    -Leads nba in scoring at 33 years old
    -Having to get used a new system and coach in a shortened season and still top team 5 in the nba

    This guy has to be the MVP, i dont know why everyone is favoring lebron i think durant should be in front of lebron for the MVP. Couple years ago they said kope could not be the mvp because he had a stacked up team. MVP means most valuable player to your team, if lebron got injured for the whole season im pretty sure they would still have a great shot at winning it. Now if kobe got injured then lakers would not even past the second round. Now you look at lebron and he has wade, bosh, haslem, and all these other good role players and they still not the best team in the league. Put prime kobe in lebrons position and they would have gone 72-10. Tell me how you have 3 future hall of famers in their primes and you still not the top team.

    People just dont give props to kobe, nash stole that mvp in 2006 when he dropped 81 and 62 in 3 quarters and he also avg 35 a game. I don’t think there will be another player that leads the nba in scoring at 33years or older.

  • Diana Tiaga

    I agree Kobe all the way especially at the age of 33.  I have been a Laker fan since 1972.  My boys have favorites too.  But they even have told me that Kobe is still one of the best players at this time.

  • Kbvwk

    There is no doubt about who should be the MVP. We have a few guys, yet I don’t believe any of them to be a better candidate than Kobe. This guy has been through everything and is still the leading scorer of the league with his team, the Lakers, playing opponents with only 3 against 5. i.e, the Lakers were playing without a true guard and a good power forward. Nonetheless, the team is in third place

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaymrgreen Jacky Louis

    no way kobe the mvp, he a ball hog, he need to pass the ball to his team mate plus he got no defense , lebron leads the heat in point , rebound, assist, and steal. name me another player who is doing that