Michael Jordan Says Kobe Could Beat Him 1-On-1, Not LeBron Reviewed by Momizat on . One of the most ubiquitous sports debates revolves around the greatest basketball player of all time. It's a difficult one because every decade adds or takes so One of the most ubiquitous sports debates revolves around the greatest basketball player of all time. It's a difficult one because every decade adds or takes so Rating:
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Michael Jordan Says Kobe Could Beat Him 1-On-1, Not LeBron

Kobe-Takes-on-JordanOne of the most ubiquitous sports debates revolves around the greatest basketball player of all time. It’s a difficult one because every decade adds or takes something away from the game, making it hard to compare players across eras. We can go back and watch the games, but different players found success against different competition in different ways.

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the best basketball player of all time, but he isn’t nearly the most winningest player of all time (Bill Russell) and trails Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in all time scoring. Then there are guys like Kobe Bryant, who is regarded as the best player from the Jordan era, and LeBron James, NBA’s reigning NBA and Finals MVP.

Jordan was recently interviewed by Ahmad Rashad to promote NBA 2K14, and had spoke about whether or not he’d could be beat one-on-one by today’s superstars.

“I don’t think I would lose,” said Jordan in the interview. “Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.”

Jordan was then asked who he thought the best player in the game right now was, and had some kind word for both Bryant and James.

“In terms of dominance in the game of basketball at this stage, it’s LeBron. Championship wise, it’s Kobe.”

At this stage in their respective careers, it’s hard to go against Jordan’s sentiments. James has led his team to back-to-back championships in the past two seasons, but he still trails Bryant by three in that department.

You can watch the interview here.


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  • Paytc

    Well first off Lebron had to seek out D. Wade who IMO at the time was the second best player in the league behind only Kobe Bryant. A champions heart was used to guide Lebron to champion status.

    D. Wade has a champions heart. Kobe built his empire at the Lakers and never seeked out one of the best players in the world to do so like Lebron did.

    So we just have to” keep it real” without hating anyone.

    Now with regards to Kobe stealing Jordan’s moves….
    I’m not sure about that,but that would obviously be a huge compliment to Jordan for another great player to be influenced by him. You are suppose to model excellence .

    Let’s not forget had there not been Dr.J floating from the top of the key first… Jordan would not have modeled his excellence. Dr. J often credits Elgin Baylor as an influence on his game.That’s what your suppose to do with all due respect.

    I am not sure whether Kobe could beat Jordan or Jordan could beat Kobe if both were in their primes? Or if Lebron could beat Jordan or Jordan beat Lebron if they were both in there primes?

    All that is speculation. All three are great players regardless. I like them all !

    I have more respect for Jordan and Kobe of the three because they have more knowledge and respect for the game and past great players than Lebron does IMO.

    Not to forget Jordan and Kobe won championships the old fashion way with their team not changing teams to team up with someone with more heart and championship experience at the time.

    But I respect Jordan ‘s opinion on Kobe being more likely to beat him one on one than Lebron.
    Perhaps Jordan would know better than anyone else who he would have more problems with.

    Go Kobe !

    Go Lakers!

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      do you get paid to posts these incessant rambles ? or do you really just have that much time on your hands?

      • Paytc

        Both! It’s called balling, and owning the clock when you work for yourself.
        It’s great you should try it. And these rambles pay well too. LOL……
        Go Lakers!

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          I do own my own clock. 2 actually. Notice my handle. I highly n sincerely doubt you are “balling” – if your actually getting paid to post comments – that sounds a bit more like struggling. Anyhow, your comments are actually somewhat intelligent so Im not mad at it. Unlike ur boy daryl.

          • Paytc


            Trust me I would never call it balling if I only had one iron in the fire.
            I should have caught your handle though.Much love,and keep owning your clock.

          • Daryl Peek

            Mad?!? Who gets mad on an internet blog? I just enjoy the thought provoking rambles.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            I specifically stated I was not mad. I was referring to the incident two weeks ago when you said I should go “kick rocks” and “leave” the lakernation because I said I would become a Kings fan if we signed lebron. How is that thought provoking?

          • Daryl Peek

            I didn’t say you were mad. I said I don’t get mad, and I wasn’t mad when you said this “I would become a Kings fan if we signed lebron.”

            Any Lakers fan that says that kinda bandwagon mess will get said response from me. Again I don’t say this in anger, but I’m dead serious.

            I can dig you don’t like LeBron but why would you even say that if your a true Laker fan? I’ve told plenty of fairweather Laker fans to kick rocks who say they like the Lakers but can’t stand Kobe, over the Kobe Shaq beef. That proclamation of yours was thought provoking. It provoked my response, and provoked you to think about what I said, two weeks later you haven’t let go and are mentioning me?

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            I would say that because signing him would be counterintuitive to the historic Lakers culture of cultivating our own talent – rather than picking guys off of other team that have already won championships. I think Kareem was the only big name player we signed that had won a Chip before. And that was against the Baltimore Bullets. Horry with the Rockets but he’s not of the same caliber. Im a 3rd gen laker fan – my pops played ball with Magic at the YMCA when he would go to work on different shots in the offseason – also attended some of Dr. Buss’s parties in Palm Springs – I bleed purple n gold thru n thru. Not because I will blindly follow an organization – but because I truly love the special brand of basketball Dr. Buss has established over the years and the lifetime Laker players it has produced. It is the same sentiment I displayed when the O’Malleys sold the dodgers and we went in the wrong direction for years.

          • Daryl Peek

            I can respect that. I too am not one who subscribes to this new age player collusion. I prefer the oldschool way of beating your comp like Bird, Magic or Jordan did, and we all know Kobe is cut of that same mold.

            Times change. As a franchise we are deep into the midst of change, top to bottom. I would rather Kobe have the chance to beat LeBron head to head in the finals before he’s done. But given the inevitable theme of change, I’d have no problem with the best player in the league (right now) joining Kobe. I doubt that happens but whatever it takes to secure the future, I’d deal with it as a fan.

            My preference is the FO leave Melo and LeBron alone and go after younger less touted players like Gordon Hayward, Kyle Singler, Lance Stevenson, Greg Monroe, Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner, Alexey Shved, Patrick Beverly, Toney Douglas, ETC… and refocus on Jerry West like drafting.

            The P-Jax Lake Show lost sight of that. Hopefully the D’Antoni signing indicates a throwback rebooting. Mitch seems to be hinting that when he speaks on free agency.

    • victor

      Bleed Purple and Gold… Smarts words man Go Lakers!!!

      • Paytc

        Thanks! I do enjoy posting here. For the most part the vibe and excitement for this coming season has been more than any hater can stop. It just feels like the Lakers are about to “STEP UP” and recapture our crown. Like Kobe’s consistency,I’m sure it’s hard for them to take. But I’m sure it’s enough of us to keep it coming.

        Go Lakers!

  • Daryl Peek

    “I don’t think I would lose,” said Jordan in the interview. “Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.”

    I absolutely love this line by Jordan! The haters try to run left with it “Aw, Kobe just be copying MJ” but why would striving to be like the G.O.A.T. be a bad thing? “Like Mike, if I could be like Mike” Most kids grew up in that era doing just that, trying to be like Mike. Kobe just happened to be good enough to come as close as one could in doing so, and he got five rings for his childhood dream. Not bad for a copy cat if you ask me. LOL

    They are different type of players but I agree with MJ. Kobe would compete with Mike one on one. LBJ has no chance against Kobe or MJ in that style. I’m old enough to remember the time Kareem played Dr. J one on one on TV. Kareem destroyed Doc! I’d bet Kobe would do the same against LeBron. Kobe would compete against MJ but like Phil said, the difference between Kobe and Mike is the hands. That coupled with MJ being stronger. Kobe’s only shot would be getting hot shooting, IMO. Kobe is a better shooter than MJ. MJ was a BEAST in the post.

    It would be a great battle!

    • Marcus

      Could they do like Spike TV’s Deadlest Warrior simulation and put up Kobe and Jordan both in their prime? That would be dope!

      • Daryl Peek

        That would be interesting.

  • cj

    dj prime:
    athleticism= 10
    shooting =5
    passing =6
    defense= 7
    total =28

    mj prime:
    athleticism= 9
    shooting =7
    passing =8
    defense= 9
    total =33

    kb prime:
    athleticism= 8
    shooting =9
    passing =8
    defense= 8
    total =33

    lb prime:
    athelticism= 10
    shooting =5
    passing =10
    defense= 7
    total =32

    so jordankobe >lebron >dj

    kobe is so close to jordan its not even funny i wish we could have seen a prime kobe on a good lakers team and not wasted on scrubs like brown and parker

    • Daryl Peek

      Kwame was awful to watch but I always thought Smush was decent. His numbers were better than Fisher’s as a PG for us but he just didn’t fit the triangle. He didn’t have the championship intangibles of Fish either.

      We lacked a true second scorer in that era. Smush was never gonna be that. LO Parker and Mihm were the only other players scoring in double figures. Smush was our third scorer at 11-12 points a game. Bynum, Sasha, Walton, Cook and Turiaf were not ready to fill needed roles yet.

      Devean George was the big disappointment IMO. He was the one holdover vet from the previous championship era, who had the potential to produce. If he could have given us 15-18 points a game instead of the 6-7 we would have made more noise in 05-07.

      The trade of Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins to the Wizards for Kwame Brown and Laron Profit was a huge mistake by Mitch! Butler and Atkins would have been perfect along side of Kobe. Butler was a budding young star who was a gritty defender that could have been our second scorer. Butler would’ve been Kobe’s Pippen with LO playing the role of Horace Grant. Atkins was a good off the ball PG who reminded me a lot of BJ Armstrong. His numbers were identical to BJ’s Bulls production during that 04-05 season with the Lakers. Mihm was a decent center. He would have been a younger version of Bill Cartwright, production wise. Cook was fair off the bench also. I could easily have seen Kobe, Butler and LO being a defensive trio like MJ, Pippen and Grant under Phil is they had not been traded.

      Mitch and Phil pulled a MJ looking at Kwame as the center piece. That trade really set the team back!

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard


        • Daryl Peek

          We’ll disagree on Smush. His PG production was not that bad the two seasons as a Laker. He just didn’t fit the triangle. Given we had no other scorers besides Kobe and LO, who was never truly a second option as a Laker, Smush was needed to do more than he was ever capable of. He overachieved next to Kobe, because of Kobe.

          Again, it was all about the Kwame trade. Profit did absolutely nothing! I’m still pulling hair out just mentioning the name Kwame. I’ve never seen a pro who couldn’t catch a pass or missed so many wide open layups?!? I can still hear Stu Lantz’s flabbergasted commentary over Kwame.

          Smush was an extremely athletic PG. He was more of a SG playing PG if you ask me. I still remember him attacking the rim on some vicious dunks! Kobe threw him a ton of alley oops. Phil liked his size at the 1, and he was a really good perimeter defender. Smush got as many steals a game as Kobe. Keep in mind this was #8 Kobe, at the inception of his Black Mamba stage.

          Again, Smush was just awkward in the triangle. He and Kobe fell out. His failure to latch on elsewhere speaks volumes about Kobe making his teammates better. I SMH at Kobe haters who call him ball hog and say he didn’t make his teammates better.

          • Daryl Peek

            Lets not forget everyone besides Kobe and George were brand new to the triangle, on those 05-07 teams. Kobe and Aaron McKie were the only vets with more than 6 years of NBA experience also. Most were rookies, 2nd or 3rd year players. Phil never had consistent rotations. It was just a hot mess overall.

  • Mcado

    Jordan was the best during that generation of NBA players.
    Kobe has been the best over the last 13 yrs of NBA players.
    LeBron has not proven ( to me ) that he is the BEST of the BEST in this generation of NBA players.

    He hasn’t.

    Durant is a Monster! –
    Melo is a Monster! -
    and √ Kobe is a Monster! – (17 season still avg 27 ppg!)

    By the way post up moves, fall-a-way jump shots and flying high on dunks are not Jordan’s moves!
    What nerve MJ has thinking he invited basketball moves!

    • Paytc

      Yeah Jordan is pretty funny :-) But I’m sure he has much respect for the way Kobe took the torch from him and represented. It shows because Jordan and so many past greats respect Kobe enough to give him the nod of approval.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        agree.. just like what MAgic said about Jordan… “he took the torch from me and Larry…and said give it to me!”… Kobe did took the torch from MJ himself and represented NBA and Basketball in general with flying colors, one that the greats are much proud of… IMO James is almost there… if he can still dominate this year and the next, he should take that mantle from Kobe and represent NBA before the world just like Kobe is doing and those before him.



    • cj

      i agree 100% kobe got the moves from mj, mj from dj and so on. i honestly believe if kobe had talent around him in his prime years kobe would have 7-8 titles going for 8-9. duncan would only have 2.

    • Daryl Peek

      I totally feel you on this! Kareem is so disrespected in the G.O.A.T. argument. I argue this with folks all the time. Unfortunately, and as much as I hate to admit it, MJ is that dude. The consistency in his career numbers is only rivaled by Wilt. 30 points a game career average is ridiculous! I absolutely hated MJ in 91 when the Bulls beat our Lakers. MJ’s finals numbers were even more ridiculous. He willed those Bulls teams to greatness. If Jordan had not retired mid prime, and if the Bulls would have kept the team together beyond 98, Russell would not have the most rings and the Celtics would not own the longest championship streak. That team would’ve been winning championships into the Lake Show era.

      • Mcado

        Mj always had Pippen!

        Pippen a HOF player.
        Pippen shot 48.7% from the field.
        Rodman avg over 20 rpg.
        Rodman and Pippen first team ALL-Defensive Team.

        So I disagree that MJ would have won 8 or 9 times.
        MJ never had to work hard on defense for had other people to do that.
        Just like Lebron is today MJ was a very good help defender.
        MJ had the right team at the right time.
        Remember when MJ left the bulls Pippen still got the Bulls to the playoffs without MJ!

        in 98 and 99 MJ looked Bad ; He was slow from smoking and drinking.
        When the Bulls beat the Lakers MJ avg over 25 shots per game and shot free throws 2 out of 5 times that he had the ball. With those things in your favor its hard to get beat.

        MJ is all THAT and a BIG BAG of chips! But he’s NOT the GOD of basketball.
        Nike made people think that he could fly. Really.

        The players of 50, 60 and 70 were challenged – slow, not athletic and mostly white.
        So its hard to put a lot of judgement on those times. Bill Russel is one of the few players that would be able to play in todays NBA.

        • Daryl Peek

          Of course he had Pippen. I did say if the Bulls would’ve kept the team together, right?

          MJ scored 29 points a game in 98, he upped that to just under 33 in those playoffs. MJ never had to work hard on defense? He averaged almost 2.5 steals and 1 block a game for his entire career. Couple that with over 6 rebounds a game. I think you’re a tad bit off on the defensive thing. Jordan averaged 8 free throws a game, LeBron averages just under 9.

          98-99? MJ retired in 98, he did not play in the 98-99 season. As a matter of fact, he came back four years later (with the Wizards) at the age of 38 and put up amazing numbers… 23 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1.5 rebounds and .5 blocks. His numbers slightly dipped the next season which was his final one.

          Why would you reference him as someone calling him a god? I know many practically worship him but I’m not one of them. Barring injury, that Bulls team would have kept winning championships, if kept together. Rodman was only there for the second three peat. I’m sure they would have found other players to help them win. MJ’s production would have remained. Pippen also. No one saying MJ did it all alone. No one does. But the superstars always gets all the credit. You don’t hear Pippen being credited like MJ for 6 rings. That’s just the way it is.

          Again,I’m not the really a Jordan fan. I disliked him because he was a Laker rival. I’m just giving credit where credit is due. The dude did some amazing stuff in his career. Your argument seems to be the same one many Kobe haters try to use against Kobe?

          • Mcado

            I’m a BIG MJ fan.

            However, I’m a BIGGER LAKER FAN!

            I never MJ had a bad game or that MJ is NOT GOAT of his generation.

            MJ is a GOAT. PERIOD.

            Im just stating some simple truth about all of MJ fans forget. MJ never won a NBA title without Pippen. Kobe normally doesn’t play his best during the NBA finals. So hands down MJ played very in the playoff’s. History is a great story teller.

            The only point i’m trying to make is that each generation has its best player.

            In Life most people can’t think of there BEST day – when they did something that was thought almost impossible.

            In the NBA every GOAT player has had a that day – there best Game!
            Who in the last 25 yrs had had the best games ? Lets not count David Robertson’s I saw that game ; the other let him get those points in a meaningless last game of the season to win the scoring title.

            In my opinion more factors should be used when saying who is a GOAT. That’s all.
            Over all Career
            Consistency (High level)

            Best Games
            Impact to the Sport
            Team Mates (who they played with)


            All of these should be factors.

  • ra

    Wow! MJ even suggesting (officially) that Kobe could compete with him. This is an absolute first. MJ always preferred Kobe over LBJ, and this is no exception. In fact, this is clearly a statement about LeBron.

    MJ would not have explicitly called out Kobe as a possibly ‘evenly matched’ competitor years ago. But now he’s not holding back in saying these things. This is to remind everyone that the media and other haters should ‘not’ pass over Kobe as the greatest of this generation, and keep extolling LBJ. LBJ still has many years to go.

    Kobe went through so much adversity during his reign (i.e., the prime years). It was not easy, and he experienced tons of criticism. MJ is helping with Kobe’s legacy. Kobe’s not finished, but this is a good time for a statement like this from MJ.

    • Paytc

      Yes sir, you are right with your post ra ! Kobe does deserve some major props. That is why I have been checking anyone who unnecessarily places unjust blame on him.

      The sad thing we often do in society is only appreciate folks after there gone. Kobe is one player Laker fans at least should thank and acknowledge for all he has done , and is still doing for the Lakers,NBA,Nike,Kobe Brand,fans, etc…

      But lately we have seen quite a few ex players giving Kobe the nod he has earned.

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