Michael Jordan Opposed Chris Paul Trade to Lakers

Michael Jordan Opposed Chris Paul Trade to Lakers


When Michael Jordan was running up and down the floor for the Chicago Bulls during the 1980s and 90s he was seen as one of the biggest superstars on the planet. He helped lead the Bulls to six championships in eight seasons, and controlled the league in a way that hadn’t been seen since the Boston Celtics in the 1960s.

Now Jordan’s role is a much different one. As the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats Jordan finds himself on the other side of the argument. Jordan’s Bobcats have struggled since their inception back in 2004, and have only reached the post-season on one occasion.

Now it’s being revealed that Jordan was one of the owners that pushed to kill the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers last week. While it was revealed last Thursday night that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert may have been the leading crusader in the attempt to ax the trade, Jordan was also on the bandwagon.

According to a recent post in the Miami Herald Jordan explained his reasoning for being against the trade.

Jordan says he opposed the Chris Paul trade to the Los Angeles Lakers because “as a small market (owner) I’m very supportive of being able to keep your star player.”

Still, Jordan mentioned that he wouldn’t be opposed to signing Chris Paul if given the opportunity.

In the end Jordan comes across looking much like Gilbert and the other owners of less successful teams. Jordan has no problem with a trade if it means Chris Paul comes to Charlotte, but doesn’t like seeing Paul go to another team. Jordan, Gilbert and the other owners hide behind a guise of parity and their desire for competitive balance, when in reality they just don’t want to see strong teams get even stronger.

Dan Gilbert certainly wasn’t writing any letters to the commissioner when he traded Zydrunas Ilgauskas to the Washington Wizards for Antawn Jamison only to re-sign him 30 days later after the Wizards bought him out.

This hypocritical behavior certainly isn’t surprising as much as it is annoying. At least if owners like Gilbert and Jordan came out and said they voted against the trade because it was good for their own franchises instead of pretending they’re interested in the well-being of the Hornets they might earn a little of our respect.

  • Greg

    freakin jordan man just lowerin his name.stupid asshole

  • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

    I don’t like Jordan… It’s always something different with him.  He always has to give his weak ass insight.  He just can’t stand to see others do better than him.  I’m sorry, but he has lost my respect.  I’m so tired of his “nobody is better than me” attitude. Grow the hell up!

    • PJ

      What does his supposed “nobody is better than me” attitude have to do with his position on the CP3 trade? Your insight on this matter is pure garbage…

      • Davon

        That don’t wanna see others do better than. Whether it’s titles, players making money or moving for better teams through free agency, or better teams getting marquee player…that’s what she mean.

      • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

        I take it that your a Jordan fan. His “nobody is better than me attitude” has to do with him voting against this trade because he knew Kobe could possibly snag a sixth ring or more than six rings if Paul became a Laker. He does not want to give Kobe a chance to upstage him.  And I don’t care if you agree with my insight or not.  This is what I think, not you.  So, sir, you can go straight to hell.

        • Don_vigil24

          will you marry me??…lol…good lord that was superb

          • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.


    • Arfoster84

      I agree with her! He won’t never say it but he doesn’t want Kobe to get more rings than him! Then he won’t go down in history as the greatest ever, there will be some doubt there. That shit ain’t just about him trying to recruit CP3!!!

  • Joselitoracelis

    Before, I love Mike Jordan to death.  Now, I hate him.

  • Vinny H

    lol the funny thing is who ever choose MJ to be the GOAT

  • Cassel

    Any one find it funny that was coming from miami?

  • chain1

    jordan sorry but yeah u might be one of the greatest of all times but guess what its some one out here thats gonna pass u oneday..!

  • Emma

    Typical. Laker hater! Concentrate on getting your AARP card n stop worrying about whose going to go where idiot!

  • Sonnydc

    The problem is the commissioner, he needs to resign, as long D. Stern is there….things are not gonna change.

  • Fudogchu

    so put more effin money into your team so you can get decent players.  its not like you can’t afford it@!

  • ShadyBrady


  • j-zoom the android

    why MJ needs to be like that? WTF!! his reign is over.. let CP3 decide.. i can feel CP3 is going to be with the Lakers this season.. GO L.A.!

  • Jazanne007

    you know that FOOL
    PJ is a Mr. Jackoff fan!!! everything that lady Diandra M. makes sense!!! just another Laker/KOBE hater!!! get in line bitches and keep on hating!!!

  • j-zoom the android

    why MJ needs to be like that? WTF!! his reign is over.. let CP3 decide.. i can feel CP3 is going to be with the Lakers this season.. GO L.A.!


  • Westsidewarrior1

    Jordan was cool as a player but now he is just another owner. Why does anyone care what his ass thinks anymore?

  • Chungfat1

    The same attributes that made him a champion. You are hating now ?

  • Jamalabdulhawkins

    Jordan’s bitchass dont want kobe getting more rings than him.  PERIOD!  BITCHASSNESS

  • Horace


  • JordanISGAY

    The Bob-queers – must be what Jordan calls them, who knows after what he called Kuame Brown – will never EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER HAVE 17 TITLES!  Fuck off Jordan!!!

  • Rodriguesant619

    NEVER liked Jordan…Now I have more ammo!!!!