Metta World Peace Told Kobe Bryant ‘You Suck’ During Lakers Practice

Metta World Peace Told Kobe Bryant ‘You Suck’ During Lakers Practice


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Last summer, one player that most Los Angeles Lakers fans didn’t want to see go was veteran forward Metta World Peace. Unfortunately, the Lakers parted ways with World Peace using the amnesty provision, and Peace ultimately, signed with the New York Knicks in free agency.

World Peace’s stint with the Knicks didn’t last very long with the team recently buying out the veteran forward.

Earlier this week, World Peace talked with the New York Daily News about quite a few different topics, including Kobe Bryant. Metta said he had plenty of battles with Kobe during Lakers practices and once called out the five-time NBA champion according to Frank Isola:

“There were times when me and Kobe (Bryant) would be yelling at each other,” Metta said. “I once told the greatest player ever, ‘You suck.’ Our practices got intense and the next day we’d go out and take it out on the other team.”

It’s easy to see why Kobe and Metta got along so well during their time together in Los Angeles. Both players were extremely competitive and apparently motivated one another in practice as well as during games.

Unfortunately, a presence like Metta and Kobe is sorely lacking on the current squad. No one seems to have the ability to inspire and motivate like these veterans have in the past and as a result the Lakers are currently sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

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As for World Peace’s future, the one-time NBA champion is looking for an opportunity to win a second ring. Metta is a free agent once again and wants to join a title contender.

Although World Peace is not the dominant defensive force of old, the veteran will likely still draw interest from title contenders from both conferences. The Los Angeles Clippers were rumored to be interested in World Peace, but have just signed Glen Davis and appear to be the favorites to land Danny Granger.

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  • lakers_824

    I Love metta and will never forget his gamewinner vs suns in the playoffs……that 2010 team is by far my fav lakers team ever…those group of guys were like brothers and the chemistry was good i miss them good ol days.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MWP>Wesley Johnson


    I love MWP…..but if he joins miami ill hate him forever

  • guest

    “I once told the greatest player ever,”

    This prove again how lost and not serious MWP is. Why you place news what he says?

    • Chris Lilly

      people get so caught up in saying jordan the greatest. He was overall the greatest on and off the court. To me kobe was just as good as jordan on the court. He’s jus not as popular off the court as jordan. Jordan sells more shoes and clothes. Skill wise kobe might be a lil better. And thats hard earned skill. Jordan only wows me with his athleticism.

      • guest

        Good you say for you, because Kobe never came close to MJ on the court or achievements or domination or almost everything.

        It’s not a matter of popularity, his career was just definitely worse and not only than MJ’s.

        • Hoops Hero

          81 points…

          • guest

            God, one insignificant regular season game. Wow you made my day.

          • gavinr927

            you did say “never came close in domination”.. 81 points is just one out of many times when Kobe surpassed Jordan’s on court dominance. Also Jordan has more achievements due to lack of competition, give me some good defensive SG’s that Jordan played against… Kobe has played against way more elite guards and against more Hall of Fame guards.

          • guest

            I’ve been talking about serious things, not scoring in one single game. Who cares about single RS game when we talk about domination in years, deciding historic games or whole career? Lack of competition? When did you born? 90s was era with most superstars, most physical perimeter defense especially in PO. And why do you ask about SG? Is this the only position, only shooting guards are playing in teams and fight for championships? I don’t touch that there were many great perimeter defenders which MJ faced. So in which aspect Kobe has an advantage here?

          • guest

            You gotta calm down. It is your opinion that MJ is the greatest, it is other people’s opinion that Kobe is the greatest. We’ll never know because they didn’t play against each other. Kobe can do everything that MJ did and even better in some aspects, while MJ was better in some others. Kobe was dominant for almost all his career and has had many performances for the record books. MJ was the face of the league when NBA was getting really big and he’s probably the most commercial NBA player which is why people really tend to overstate his performance. The league grows deeper and more competitive every year with all these new players learning from the past and adding on something to improve their games. As much as you would like to think that the 90s was the greatest era in basketball, there is absolutely no way to prove it.

          • ghost

            @guest lol, by your logic there are also people who consider for example Dirk as GOAT. The difference is that MJ is widely considered GOAT by most people related with that sport, while the only who can consider Kobe as GOAT caliber are his fanboys. In fact every other person knows there are zero reasonable arguments for that. “Kobe can do everything that MJ did” Where are proves of that? How he can do everything what MJ did and even some things better when in fact most of the things he had noticeable worse? You’ve got any proves of it, or just empty words like most things about Kobe? “Kobe was dominant for almost all his career” he was never more dominant than several other superstars in last decade, I don’t even touch the whole history. How is it comparable to what greatest dominators did?

            “MJ was the face of the league when NBA was getting really big and he’s probably the most commercial NBA player which is why people really tend to overstate his performance.”

            It’s Kobe’s fanboys empty words because they can’t accept that MJ achieved incomparably more, dominated incomparably more and kills Bryant by almost any effective and advance statistics.

            “As much as you would like to think that the 90s was the greatest era in basketball, there is absolutely no way to prove it.”

            I’m not going to discuss if 90s was the greatest or not, but saying that Jordan had lack of competition is a joke. In fact you are also unable to prove superiority of todays league and especially superiority of Kobe over many other historic great players.

          • gavinr927

            2005-2006 averaged 35, 5.3, and 4.5.. is that not close?
            Only player in the past 40 years to average 40 points for a month, he did that 4 times by the way.. Not close.. geez cut the hate.

            90s had most superstars? Ummm nope, name all of them

            I ask about shooting guard because when you play basketball the person that is guarding plays a huge factor in how well you play. Also if you play against trash SG’s you don’t have to use much energy on defense because they SUCK.
            Prime example: Look at the Lakers three peat. Who did Kobe guard, Reggie, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd Three Hall of Famers.
            Who did Shaq match up with: A bunch of no names.
            Notice before the finals their stats were about equal, and they had played against better teams in the western conference. That shows you that although teams play a role in your stats, individual match-ups play a bigger role. If the other man can’t hold you, your stats will increase no matter the team effort.

            More competition leads to lower stats, more competition means less awards, more competition means less championships.

            Kobe has better footwork, better shooter, better passer, more moves in his arsenal on offense.
            Jordan was more athletic, and drove to the basket better.
            Kobe is the better one on one defender, and Jordan was the better off ball defender.

            I guess its more of what you value in them that will help you decide who is better shooting or driving, skill or athleticism, on ball or off ball defense.

          • ghost

            @gavinr927:disqus Scoring is not enough, yeah that season was great but he had no more impact that many other players in single seasons in post-MJ. Let’s analyze adv. statistics. “90s had most superstars? Ummm nope, name all of them” Just look on dream team, you really had to born not a long ago if you don’t even know that players.

            “I ask about shooting guard because when you play basketball the person that is guarding plays a huge factor in how well you play”

            It got some factor, but because of team defense and overall teams (the whole game aspect) it depends on many other factors and players, so it’s definitely not enough to just think about SG. Your next is also fail because defense is not only m2m, but the whole team defense. We can also assess player effort so competitor is second fiddle here.

            MJ in finals played against much better superstars than Kidd, Reggie and AI – like Magic, Clyde or Stock with only guards, in fact these teams from east finals in Lakers 3-peat were extremely poor for final or championship caliber teams so which of them had lack of competition?

            I also disagree about Kobe shooting, because of his lack of shot selection, ineffective off-shooting nights, often failing in most important moments and don’t trust teammates what was the reason of many fails and losing games. Better passer, more moves? Why it was not ever translated even in comparable production? And I’m not talking about MJ here even, but even other superstars in modern era.

            About defense you’re just making me laugh, Kobe was elite man defender in his youth, but still had no so impact as MJ had in his best years. And that’s all positive about his defense, because he’ve been poor defender for many years, spoils team defense, lazy help defender where even at his prime he wasn’t comparable to MJ. In fact like in offense we can carry on any debates, defense is completely on Kobe’s disadvantage.

          • steve

            @guest, @ghost, @gavinr927
            To come out of the west is a lot harder to do rather than to come out of the east, just look at Lebron. I’d sure love to see Lebron come to the west and I can assure you he would be having trouble just live Kevin Durant.It’s been that way for years. When MJ played the east was weak just like now. For that reason we will never know.
            Its most of the games playing against elite teams compared to playing most games against bad teams.
            You play 4 games against each team like Spurs, Clippers Thunder, Golden State, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Denver,Utah even Minnesota this year, compared to the east which is and has been Indiana, Miami, Toronto, Washington, Brooklyn, Charlotte,Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Boston, Orlando, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.
            In my opinion if you play 4 games against elite teams every year it will take out a little out of you by the time you get to the playoffs which we should consider too. Playing in the playoffs against elite teams every single round, compared to playing against teams with team record not comparable to the west in the playoffs just like Lebron right now.
            That’s why it will be easier to compare Lebron to Jordan at the end of his career because they will be going against the same type of competition all year long.
            Mj was awesome in his time and Kobe is great in his time, but consider their conference when looking at stats.
            Team defenses improved with time, but we have to consider rule changes too.
            So, just enjoy their game and say they were both great.
            Mj will always be considered the GOAT because of popularity but we will never know if that’s the case.
            It will have to be a matter of personal opinion nothing else.

          • gavinr927

            Agree 100%. every time I debate people I say Jordan is the GOAT and Kobe is the BOAT in my opinion.. It makes debates a lot more interesting :). But I must say worldwide the margin between Kobe and Jordan is a lot closer than here in America.

          • ghost

            @gavinr927:disqus I remember cause I have an answer, but it’s not important if it disappeared 😉
            @steve: LeBron don’t play worse against West teams, they might be more greater teams, but It’s not so important, level is very equal and rs games are often not so important. There is no argument in comparing, we assess how player performed overall against teams and MJ or LBJ did it historically good and all-time great production. And how do you take it that east was weak when MJ played? There were many great teams there also.

            It really makes me fun how KB fans still try to justify why their idol was not able to equal to MJ, LBJ and many other
            players standard. And they have more and more reasons why, trying to make black white and so on. Why just can’t accept that Kobe was not so good as greatest player been, and accept it? He is still a legend, great player from top 10-15 and it’s really a great achievement too.
            MJ will be GOAT as long as his achievements, statistics or impact won’t be match or chase. There will be some day probably somebody who will be able to do it, but with all sure Kobe was not good enough to be.

          • ghost

            @gavinr927: Your post disappeared?! :) It’s a pity, cause i was answering it:)

          • gavinr927

            Awww man lol, I don’t even remember what I wrote last night.. lol

  • Jesus

    The Lakers suck because the don’t believe in me.

  • guest

    More like he wanted suck up to him.