Metta World Peace Calls Nick Young Altercation A ‘Dance Off’ Reviewed by Momizat on . As the player at the center of the biggest brawl in NBA history, The Malice At The Palace, former Laker Metta World Peace knows a thing or two about fights in t As the player at the center of the biggest brawl in NBA history, The Malice At The Palace, former Laker Metta World Peace knows a thing or two about fights in t Rating: 0
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Metta World Peace Calls Nick Young Altercation A ‘Dance Off’

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Metta World PeaceAs the player at the center of the biggest brawl in NBA history, The Malice At The Palace, former Laker Metta World Peace knows a thing or two about fights in the NBA.

Recently, Nick Young got into an altercation while facing the Phoenix Suns. Young threw a punch in the altercation and was suspended for his actions. Although things clearly got out of hand in Phoenix, World Peace thinks it was nothing more than a “dance off” and broke down the fight through a series of hilarious tweets in classic Metta fashion:

After breaking down the fight in hilarious fashion, World Peace takes a shot at the media for blowing everything out of proportion:

Although Young would likely beg to differ with World Peace’s point of view, this breakdown of the “dance off” was entertaining to say the least and makes Lakers fans miss the never ending antics of the veteran forward.
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  • Devon Murray

    I have to agree, Nick said “it was 5 on 1″ hmm lets look at he video one more time… one of the Morris bro tried to help him up…, the other Morris Bros, pushed Nick TWICE!!! No other sun did anything! What did Nick do, did he go after the guy that knocked him down, no… did he go after the morris brother that pushed him TWICE…no…. Nick walked away from the dude that put hands on him TWICE and punches a guy who had nothing to do with it, (Drogic) because Nick was like I think I can take this guy…he’s small… Then gets mad and said if his teammates would have gotten in the middle of it he wont have thrown a punch at Goran… whaaa??? Nick should fought Morris THE GUY WHO PUSHED HIM TWICE.. the guy Nick ran from…with that being said YES his guys should have been there to help Nick and I’m sure they let Kendall have it in the private team meeting because when Kendall ran over to help his guy up nearly knocking over Wallace thinking something was going down again… some of the guys were chuckling at it on the sideline..so Kendall lessoned learned…

    • bhaggen

      Nick shouldn’t have retaliated at all! James Worthy is wrong. You don’t “just” react; unless of course you’re a young thug like Young. I just saw West pull the same thing on Griffin. Griffin backed away like “WTF?” West gets kicked out of the game. Griffin gets free-throws and keeps playing. THAT’S how you play the game! You’re in the Pros, save the attitude for your homies in the hood.

      • 5xob

        A thug? “Must have been a white guy who started all that, make the gas face to those lil white lies” – mc serch yell

        • bhaggen

          Same plays, harmless but flagrant fouls. Young throws a bitch punch, gets suspended. Griffin steps back with a smile, still playing. End…of…story!…Duh

          • Tyrone Von Gilyard


          • Hampton


          • Lakers4l1fe

            Same plays? You have to be mentally retarded! Gtfo

          • bhaggen

            Same although not identical. Did you see the play I’m referring to Saturday? West clotheslined Griffin under the basket but Blake didn’t retaliate. West was ejected and Griffin went on to a big win. That’s how a pro retaliates! You outplay em….with class. Young’s not a class act yet.

          • AllStar1290

            bhaggen you disappoint the lakers nation…. -.-

          • bhaggen

            Clippers-123, Lakers-87. Jim Buss is a weanie. I miss Jeanie. She was great. Don’t see Phil hittin that proper.

          • Laker lifer

            Ummm. The clips got beaten by 20…

          • bhaggen

            actually it was by 14. I was thinking about the Knicks game Friday, my bad.

          • lakers72

            forget the play.. did you even watch the game? griffin went onto a big win alright… lol

          • janvee

            a big win? you are indeed a retard! INDY won that match!

          • bhaggen

            My bad, I was thinking about the Knicks game Friday. Sorry, I didn’t take my meds yet!

    • Joseph Apohen

      What I don’t like is Young gets clocked on the head and lost his cool That was definitly a flagrant foul, 1 or 2 does not matter. It’s easy to say that NIck should have realized that the team is short handed and he is the biggest scorer on the team. He cannot be kicked out as the team needs him. It’s easy to say that, but when one gets clobbered the instinct is to retaliate. It probably not intentional but the nobody on the Phoenix team got a valuable player thrown out and the team lost 16 points, Nick’s average. That’s a good strategy by the Suns. They can afford to lose that guy because he is not that valuable to them as Nick is to the Laker. When an injured player cannot shoot free throw, the other coach has the choice on who should shoot the free throw. It’s usually the guy with the worst average, like D12. MDA should have had the choice on which Sun player should have been thrown out of the game. Maybe we should have Stern install that rule. We just can’t allow some goon take a pot shot at the best player hoping he loses his cool so he gets thrown out. LMAO!!

      • bhaggen

        When you’re a pro, you’d better put your team ahead of your instincts. So you’re saying that when Bynum committed that flagrant foul the opposing coach should’ve been able to pick which Laker got ejected? You’re a fool.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    LOL MWP is a certified nut job.But we still love him for game 7 against Celtics.THX!

  • johnny

    World Peace is like a ex-girl friend ya miss after she gone. Good luck N.Y.!

  • Jim213

    Dancer by heart…

  • e3bonz

    MWP, the wisest of us all….

  • Jan Rey

    ryan kelly the tall white guy… hahahaha

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