Mavericks Broadcaster Not Fan of Kobe Imitating Dirk

Mavericks Broadcaster Not Fan of Kobe Imitating Dirk


The Los Angeles Lakers crushed the Dallas Mavericks last night and they avenged the opening night loss they suffered from the Dirk Nowitzki-less team.

The Lakers came out of the gate on fire and it was impressive to see the team respond after its disappointing loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Kobe Bryant finished the game in Dallas with 19 points despite not attempting a shot in the first quarter.

At the 10:59 mark of the second period, the Lakers held a 13 point lead and Bryant put up his first shot of the game. It was a leaning, one-legged shot, something that Maverick Dirk Nowitzki made famous.

Kobe did not make the shot and the Dallas Mavericks broadcast team was not impressed with Bryant trying to imitate Nowitzki’s shot.

“Don’t do that in here,” he said. “Don’t do that in this building.”

Here’s the video of the shot.


  • Realist

    Oh shudd up according to the crowd that’s the lakers building

  • Deividas Juškauskas

    don’t do that in this building? – dont do whut?! he is kobe bryant, what are u talkin about stupid old g**

  • Theash

    everyoneus that shot Dallas ppl are restard there just mad cause Lakers kill them

  • Moochie Mooch

    Karl Malone was shooting that shot before Dirk!

  • Crystal

    Hahahaha hate on it. Does the NBA revolve only around Dallas? Please.

  • Kobe Bryant Kicks Ass

    I bet Kobe did that first. He’s a much better player, more creative and capable. Dirk sucks.

  • Leo Ruiz

    thats 1 more dirk shot then what the maverick fans been seeing this season so far

  • True Lakers fan

    I think they should fire the annoucer, as professional commentator you are not suppose to have favorites.. He clearly favored Mavs over Dallas based on his comment about Dwight and being happy that Kobe missed

    • True Lakers fan

      I mean Mavs over Lakers

  • EL_GEE

    Kobe has more rings than the Dallas Mavs Franchise…He can do whatever he damn well pleases!!! #lakernation

  • Digging that Lakeshow

    Wish Kobe would have just sunk that shot

  • Wayneo

    U mad bros???