Matt Barnes To The Lakers On Instagram: Your Run Is Over Reviewed by Momizat on . With sports, it's nearly impossible to predict the future. You can play the odds and percentages, look at rosters and coaches, and take a look at historical tre With sports, it's nearly impossible to predict the future. You can play the odds and percentages, look at rosters and coaches, and take a look at historical tre Rating:
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Matt Barnes To The Lakers On Instagram: Your Run Is Over

NBA: Preseason-Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles ClippersWith sports, it’s nearly impossible to predict the future. You can play the odds and percentages, look at rosters and coaches, and take a look at historical trends — but the best anyone can muster up is a prediction. However, for every educated guess, there is a team, player, or breakthrough in strategy that boosts a team expected to live in the basement standings past the team expected to win it all.

This year is no different. Looking at the Clippers roster, they pass almost every eye test. They were a phenomenal team last season, and look as if they could be even better this season with the shooters they added to their bench. They’ll likely finish with a better record than the Lakers, and it looks as if a year atop the divisional standings is getting to their head.


Although Barnes wasn’t totally off in his post, one particular passage from his comment stood out. “Your run is over, 16 titles is amazing & the Clippers may never surpass that, but like I said, stop living in the past[sic].”

If you look at all of the numbers and the respective roster for each organization, the Clippers are clearly the better team this season, but again, for every educated guess, there is an unexpected surprise. That unexpected surprise may not be the Lakers this season; in fact, you should bet against it. But in sports, and especially basketball, we won’t know if the run is up until the season’s been played out.

The Lakers will see the Clippers on opening night.


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  • Alex

    Matt Barnes secretly wishing that she’s a Laker.

  • Smush

    yeah Matt, people should get out of the past so they won’t remember how awful you played for the Lakers. All I remember is how you constantly missed an easy layup. But kudos for you for playing well with the Clips –which I don’t understand why.

  • Paytc

    Even if the Clippers were the best in LA that means nothing unless you win an NBA championship.
    I will give you an edge now that CP3 has Doc Rivers leadership.But we still have Kobe, and I’ll ride with him and the Lakers through good and bad. And don’t be mad when all your family and girlfriends are Laker fans even though your with the Clippers :) LOL……

  • Jim213

    LOL… MB=8 teams since 2003! this fool doesn’t even make the Lakers top #100 list. He’s just venting given he’s tired of switching teams every year or two. Note to Matty, the only thing the Clipps have going is CP3 as it took a deal to be shot down by dumb Stern to swoop in and get a decent player since the Clipps don’t have the brains to make their own deals.

    Congrats on hanging your ONLY BANNER (Pacific Division Champs).

  • richard

    What Barnes said leaves a bad taste among us LAL fans and will also be something the players will not pass idly by… it is IMO unethical for a player to say such things against another team…. history aside.

  • Matt Williams

    Matt Barnes will never be a champion. Even if he left the Clippers, they’d probably win a ‘chip because he left. He was a failure last year and even the year before when he was a Laker. So continue to be a failure on any team you’re on Matt. Continue to be ringless.

  • Jim213


  • Lex

    Matt barnes you a straight bum you hatin.. No rings bum keep your mouth shut dumbass… Los Angeles belongs to the Lakers

  • Butthurt barnes

    Enjoy your division title..

  • Qing Zhang

    I am 100% sure and I will bet my life on it that all NBA fans that are still alive, all living in the present, but all talked about the past. Of course, glorious past will be talked more than miserable past, so again, no one alive is living in the past, we only talk about the past.

  • FUCK BARNES !!!!

    Melf Barnes is a scrub he has never done anything in his career wow JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP CHUMP OVER PAID BENCH WARMER . LAKERS4LIFE !!!

  • Jack

    Every team lives in the past in some way. Technically the heat talking about their most recent championship would be living in the past. The clippers just have no past to live on at all, and won’t be winning a ring this year, so why take an unnecessary shot at the lakers and bring championships into the conversation? Cmon little matt, even you’re better than that.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m not gonna hate on Barnes. Do I agree with him? HELL NO!! But Matt was very loyal when he was a Laker. He’s been that way with almost every team he’s played for. The one thing I’ve always admired about him. He’s very passionate and will fight at the drop of a hat for his teammates!

    It didn’t workout for him as a Laker. He was hurt we didn’t give him a chance. I was one of many who thought we gave up too soon on him. He’s the enemy now so EFF him!! *looking* But I respect the player he is. #Lakers

  • Jim213

    Hate so say it but expect more “haters 2 hate” if management fails to put forth a competitive team in the future that will contend.

  • ra

    Barnes is calling out the Laker fans. Not the Lakers. He obviously misses the fans. Too bad.

    So, since he’s calling us out, here’s my response:

    Y’all Barnes, y’all get out of the past. Your run is over. 0 titles is
    disappointing, and the Clippers may not even get one title, but like I
    said “Stop Living in the Past”. It will never be your time whether you
    like it or not. LA will always be a Laker town. And in your run with
    the Lakers, you blew it. You could have played for the Lakers like you do
    with the Clips. Both the Lakers and the Clips will be fun teams to watch,
    whether they make it far into the playoffs, or not. But you will never be
    on a potential championship bound team again. Deal With It.

  • Guest

    I’ll take any comment from him, being a true champion, all-star, 1st Team, 2nd Team … wait, he’s NONE of that. He’s just messing around. Good luck Matt.

  • Lama

    I’ll take any comment from him, being a true champion, all-star, 1st Team, 2nd Team … wait, he’s NONE of that. He’s just lucky to be on the Clips roster. Might even get traded again …

  • Michael

    Laker fans, no need to worry that one of our former players is bashing on the Lakers and our fan base, he never was really a Laker to begin with. Do not be mad as it adds more fuel to our tank. Let the Clippers, cross-town rivals, hate. The Clippers best season was a first round exit, while the Lakers worst season was a first round exit. Let them celebrate first round exits while ‘Big Bro’ worries about re-loading in 2014 and to chase those rings once again in the future. It is what it is.


    matt man am sorry ur not a laker u left laker nation u werent a bad player but guess what ur a clipper and its not ur town because one season u get a better record and u com off the bench umm and i bett my life that that the lakers will win another ring before u even step foot in an nba championship game lakers baby

  • prodigalpen42

    What is going to say when he get traded to the Bob Cats?

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    At least it’s better than having no past to even remember.

  • Lakersgirl8

    Matt, I like you and all but STFU. Lol I’m glad he knows that LA will ALWAYS be Laker town! Know that!

  • John Combs

    Barnes is just mad cause the Lakers let him go. To make a statement like that when the slippers played their best season ever, versus the Lakers playing their worst by way of two bad coaches, diva12 drama, and an enormously depleted roster due to injuries, yet both got bounced in the first round. Is just hateration and silliness. Even the WNBA Soarks have 2 championship banners at staple center, yet the slippers claim to be better. That’s laughable at best. Maybe they should change their name to the drippers because that talk is water down the drain.

  • richard

    LN, what’s the update on Ryan Kelly? It’s now 6 weeks since he was diagnosed on July 11… Any news on his recovery and how he is preparing for the upcoming season?

  • hookedonnews

    At least we’ve had a run.

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