Masked-Mamba Plays Mind Games With Heat Guard Dwyane Wade Reviewed by Momizat on . httpvhd://youtu.be/QD088jc6Uu4   Mr. Wade, feel free to take Kobe's words at 'face value' if you'd like.  As an individual that has literally watched every httpvhd://youtu.be/QD088jc6Uu4   Mr. Wade, feel free to take Kobe's words at 'face value' if you'd like.  As an individual that has literally watched every Rating:
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Masked-Mamba Plays Mind Games With Heat Guard Dwyane Wade



Mr. Wade, feel free to take Kobe’s words at ‘face value’ if you’d like.  As an individual that has literally watched every single game of his professional basketball career, I can tell when Kobe is being guarded and selective with his words.  In fact, he learned the ability of coming up with the perfect retort from the ‘master’ himself, Phil Jackson.  Jackson routinely dropped one-liners and digs towards opposing coaches/players with such regularity that it became difficult to decipher the true meaning behind each quote.

Max Kellerman of 710AM ESPNLA often references Kobe’s claim of LeBron being today’s “Oscar Robertson” as a perfect example of Kobe’s cold-hearted subliminal assault.  For those unaware, Robertson was a player that put up unprecedented statistical numbers ( Robertson career stats), but was only able to win one NBA title.  In fact, although Robertson was still a contributing member on that 1971 Bucks Championship team, Lew Alcindor (officially changed to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the day after winning the title, May 1, 1971) was the dominant force on the team.

Now, take another look at Kobe’s eyes and smile as he’s speaking in the clip.  Consider that ‘pause’ and eventual response when the reporter asks if his relationship with Wade is positive due to he and Wade sharing the same “killer instinct“.

“Well, he’s a…nicer guy than I am, to be honest with you [sly smile]…”

Translation: Yeah, he’s good, but don’t put him in the same category as me.  Which, if anyone has been paying attention over the last 16 years of basketball, is stone cold accurate.  Love him, or hate him…Kobe is going to remain the same.  He’s a calculated, cold-blooded player that, as Michael Smith of ESPN recently said on Around the Horn:

“Wants to score 50 on his (own) mom”

The rest of the panel laughed, but no one disputed it, because it’s about as certain as the sun rising tomorrow, that it’s true.  With plenty of speculation about how much Kobe will try to score, I would much prefer to see a game similar to the one he most recently played against the Minnesota Timberwolves (31 points, eight assists, seven rebounds).  While I definitely want the entertainment value that will come from one-on-one battles with Wade, I would prefer that Bryant pick his spots to ‘dance with Wade’ and feed Bynum/Pau against Miami’s small front-line.

Will it all be about the personal battle vs. Wade, or will the Lakers bring a balanced attack and full-team effort against the Miami Heat?  While it is easy to point towards Kobe’s eventual culpability in this matter, it will actually go a long way towards determining how viable a contender this Lakers team is, simply by the effort/energy his teammates can generate against the most dominant team in the Eastern Conference.  Sunday afternoon (12:30 Pacific) will undoubtedly be quite the show.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JGCFBZDY4VDTXAPCRQQQBMUFQY GM of The Year

    without viewing the video:  i dont expect to see kobe an dwade brawling sunday, but i do believe some type of message may be sent.  but not sure by whom.  kobe cant get into any scuffle wit the busted nose and the refs im sure will be watching anyway.  i think matt barnes or maybe metta will get a shot in and maybe draw a technical foul (as a lakers fan i hope so anyway. the lakers need to defend kobe the way marty mcsorely defended wayne gretzky back in the day).  

    i believe wade intended to intentionally foul kobe hard.   at the player introductions, kobe had a pretty serious look on his face.  no smiling.  he looked like he wanted to win that game adn i think he got the point across to the rest of the west squad.  blake even said during a sideline interview later in the game that the west wanted to have fun, but wanted to win the game

    i think the east squad just wanted to showboat and look pretty.  when they realized the west was intent on kicking their asses, they got butt hurt about the game and started committing fouls.  i believe wade fouled kobe intentionally and i do not believe he was trying to wrap him up.  i think it was a deliberate hack

  • chase

    Wow, for somebody who claims to be able to be familiar with Kobe well enough to read his mind, you certainly have a poor understanding of the subtext of his conversation with the reporter–  Allow me to give you the PROPER translation, paraphrasing what was actually said while writing parenthetically what was being implied:

    Reporter: “Do you relate to Wade and Melo because of a shared killer instinct.”

    (“Kobe, this is a golden opportunity for us to get you to take a veiled shot at LeBron and to get a story from it. If you just answer “yes,” we’ll do the math on our own and conclude that you identify with Wade/Melo because they do have killer instinct, and you don’t identify with LeBron because he doesn’t.”)

    Kobe: “Well, he’s a nicer guy than I am, honestly”

    (“Seriously, buddy, do you think I can’t see what you’re trying to stir up here? So I’m gonna take the question a different direction so that I can still say nice things about Wade but avoid saying anything that can be twisted into sounding like a dig at LeBron– not ony because I’m above that as a professional, but we also have a game coming up against the Heat and I don’t want to provide them extra bulletin board material.”) 

    Kobe’s sidestep of the reporter’s landmine: exquisite.

    Author’s comprehension of basic subtext: lacking.

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