Mark Cuban’s Constant Complaining Provides Off-Season Entertainment Reviewed by Momizat on . This is probably the toughest time of the year for NBA bloggers. With free agency now far behind us and training camps still a few weeks away, it's tough to com This is probably the toughest time of the year for NBA bloggers. With free agency now far behind us and training camps still a few weeks away, it's tough to com Rating:
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Mark Cuban’s Constant Complaining Provides Off-Season Entertainment

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This is probably the toughest time of the year for NBA bloggers. With free agency now far behind us and training camps still a few weeks away, it’s tough to come up with stuff to write about. There are only so many top-10 lists one can come up with that readers have any interest in. If it weren’t for guys like Shaq and Mark Cuban being unable to keep their mouths shut with a microphone in front of them, I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be.

Just last week I wrote something about whether Kobe would be justified if he declined to participate in Shaq’s jersey retirement. Even though I stated that I fully expected Kobe to be there, the point of the story was that Kobe would have ample excuses if decided not to. That didn’t stop the commenters from basically calling my story a waste of time. One commenter even accused me of trying to reignite problems between the two. I’m flattered that anyone would think I’d possess that much power.

But then Shaq had to go on and open his mouth yesterday and talk more smack about Dwight Howard and now Lakers fans hate him again. Funny how that works. Shaq wasn’t the only one to open up his pie-hole with thoughts on the Lakers or their players. Mark Cuban used the press conference to introduce the Dallas Mavericks new players as an opportunity to spout off on the Lakers new additions.

Here’s what Cuban said:

“The Lakers have done this before. Gary Payton and Karl Malone and Kobe and Shaq were all together, and it didn’t work. It takes great chemistry. … It takes guys wanting to be there. I don’t know if all their guys want to be there. It’s going to be interesting. Look, they’re going to have a great team, but I remember when we made our run, we weren’t supposed to win any series. Remember the Lakers were the defending champs, and we swept them and they had everybody back. A lot of teams do a great job of winning the summer, but I never get so antsy about what happens over the summer. I just want to know what happens during the season. As long as we keep on getting better and we’re healthy going into the playoffs, then anything can happen.”

The first thing I thought of when I read his quote was what Cuban told a Dallas radio station before the start of the 2009-10 season when he was asked about the Lakers replacing Trevor Ariza with Ron Artest after winning the championship:

“I tell you what, now that they’ve got Ron Artest, I couldn’t think of anything better. If you would have said, what one player — and I’ll get killed over this — what one player would you like to see on the Lakers? Ron Artest. Could you imagine? Ron Artest has got the ball, and Kobe’s standing there, ‘Throw me the ball.’ Thank you, Ron Artest. I think he’ll add some character to that team. Whether it will be positive or negative will be interesting to see.”

Not only did the Lakers win the championship in Artest’s first season but you could make the case that nobody hit a bigger shot in the NBA Finals than Artest. And it came on an assist from guess who? That’s right. Kobe Bryant.

I get that Cuban was just trying to save face. The Mavericks managed to salvage what looked like was going to be a disastrous off-season after they struck out on Deron Williams. Perhaps Cuban was trying to send a subliminal message to Dwight Howard since he can’t speak directly to him.

Whatever the reason, I just wanted to thank Mark Cuban. Not only for giving me something to write about but for being the first of what I hope will be plenty of bulletin board material the 2012-13 Lakers can use as motivation.

Let’s hope history repeats itself.

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About The Author

Andrew Ungvari is a Los Angeles native and a Lakers season ticket holder since 1989. Follow him on twitter @DrewUnga.

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  • WaynesRCWorld

    I don’t bother listening to Mark Cuban nor read what he says, except this time cuz its September and LakersNation wrote it.

  • Bryangela18

    Hey Mark! Your just jealous of the Lakers! STFU!

  • Mafia_myc088

    MAKE YOUR FUCKING TEAM A 5-Time Champion Before you said non-sense thing! STFU

  • Guhan

    Every time when dallas loses in playoff look closer to cubans eye its gotcha be a kid crying for missing of choclates

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7XVGLV5JW6BTO2WZFDLE57VPKQ Joe B

    Cuban has always been a whiney b%$@&.  I hope his ONE ring lasts him because that’s all he’s ever gonna get.  If LA was so bad, why did he decide to come to LA…All we need to do now is shut shaq’s fat ass up.  He’s so jealous of D12 it’s sickening.  I hope D12 wins multiple rings with the Lakers to shut his ass up….Like him or not, he’s now part of the family, and I believe he will be here beyond this year.  It’s so funny the hating that’s going on from pundits (bucher, broussard), who were soooooo sure he wasn’t coming to LA….to everybody else who wanted Dwight.  If he get’s healthy, the wins will take care of themselves.  If Kobe can deal playing with shaq, payton, and malone, he can surely play with D12 and Nash.

  • BigMarcus

    LOL… Haters make my day! Mark Cuban could ca$h all of your broke down asses and make pocket change.  No one can questions this dudes common nor business sense… Period! Now then, he is correct in stating that basically having a cast of “All Stars” does not equal automatic Championship! Now I will be the first to congratulate the lakers for acquiring Howard and I also give props to Mitch! Dude is a genius and the lakers can’t pay him enough. I give props where props are due. And I also give ridicule when it’s due. Considering that Cuban went “all-in” and lost his ass (losing out on both D Will and D Howard) but still managed to assemble a “younger and statistically stronger team” than the same 2011 Championship that swept yall’s asses right off the floor, arena, block, city, etc (you forgot about that huh?) with the addition of some solid veterans AND rookies ready to contribute at this level. Don’t Hate… Congratulate!

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